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I have to laugh at this desire for GPS just to record a workout. For decades I had no problem taking off on a bike ride or a day long hike sans any sort of electronics. Or anything else for that matter. Sometimes fitness activities are improved by throwing off daily expectations and stress, that is the mental component of relaxation requires you to divest yourself of the things that put you under stress.Well some wouldn't be satisfied with a nuclear power source that...
I would think that this would be high priority and until that happens we will only see minor changes to the watch. The question then becomes do they go to 14 nm or hold off for a sub 14 nm process.It is an interesting question because at some point they should be able to completely replace the iPhone as a communications device.
Adding colors to existing products isn't exactly a sign of life. IPods, especially the Touch, need real overhauls to address performance and feature issues. Gaming for example is an important activity on Touch but the SoC hasn't been updated in years so many titles can't even run properly on the platform.
At times it appears that Apple is hell bent on making sure iPod Touch fails. I waited for years to see a decent upgrade come to the machine and have given up on it happening. For one thing the platform should have gone 64 bit a year ago so that it would support the growing raft of 64 bit only apps. As you note Touch ID would be valuable also.Instead we seem to have a whole line of iPods coming that are focused on colors. I hope this isn't true but the leaks aren't...
Very valid point! I was really hoping to make it to SkyLake before my old machine died. So going out and buying a new MBP 13" felt like a bit of a disappointment but after having the machine for awhile I'm pleseantly surprised. The performance is pretty good most of the time though I would love to have quad cores at times. Still overall performance is many times better than the old machine from 2008!If somebody came up to me and said they are thinking about...
He is no more right or wrong than this leak until Apple actually ships a product.Have you tried ignoring Kuo if she gets you this worked up over nothing By the way most of the reports coming from Kuo are in the form of might or I think this will happen.
Bingo! Apple is known to have many revisions inflight to evaluate the devices potential.Also it should be bloody obvious from history that Apple tries to reuse the basic chassis in the following year after a new form factor release.
I had to laugh at the "affordable" statement.In some of those contries those affordable rates would be a small fortune.
Every one of the tech site has demonstrated some form of bias over the years. At times it is pretty obvious and sometimes more subtleThere is no where to go, every site that I've visited over the years has demonstrated bias. Your only recourse is to take the info with a grain of salt.Sometimes being oriented to a specific device results in more focus and less of a need to fabricate reality.Uh let's be honest here, little was researched in this case.
First let me say that this will be one very interesting quarter!I see this as the most interesting unknown at this point. That is how did Mac sales do. I say this because there is supposedly a big glut of unsold PC out there right now.All indications are iPhone sales will be huge this quarter relative to the year ago results. As I say I expect the report to be interesting.
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