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I'm not sure where you get that idea. The 27" iMac largely sells to professionals. As such this machine is a huge disappointment.Baloneey. Beyond that adapters to deliver and old style USB port would be dirt cheap. Even worst Apple just upgraded Keyboards and other devices and failed to transition to the new port standards.Unfortunately it is the Pro user that least needs these upgrades.
These would have been passable machines if introduced in the Spring of 2015 but they are a bit of a joke now.
I'm rejecting your rejection! If you pay good money for the high end model you should get something for it. That would be two 8GB DIMM modules which are actually trivially priced these days. It isn't like the machines introduce modern memory systems either, over all a pathetic update.
I can't imagine many honest and glowing reviews over this "new" hardware. Read the specs and it is pretty obvious the bean counters have taken over at Apple. The "new " storage solutions are pathetic to say the least. This especially if the intent is to offer up hardware to support the video processing markets.
No USB-C! That is asinine for a flagship desktop. Makes you wonder who's driving at Apple. My initial impression from the spec sheet is that there is nothing to write home about here. It is almost as if Apple engineers on the iMac team don't know what is happening on the Mac Book, iPad and other hardware lines.
Obviously you don't know much at all about physics and what is acceptable to claim something as fact.
The use of gag orders is in some ways more troubling than demanding access to encrypted devices. Gag orders directly attack the concepts laid out in the bill of rights. This is one reason I oppose all activities of this administration that undermine our freedoms, be it gun control, attacks on individuals and organization via the IRS, suppression of free speech or any other nasties that have come from this administration.
I really doubt that the port count has a significant impact on the weight of the 15" machine. This mainly due to Apple using all available space inside the enclosure for something. If a number of ports are not available then the space freed up would go to battery or other functionality.That being said I really don't think you can have a successful Pro model without several Ports being available. Ports are simply an expectation in that market.There seems to be a trend...
As such we can expect an Apple update soon.Baloney! If somebody copies your designs the next rev can't possibly be considered a me too design. All it is, is a rev to that was copied.That being said USB-C and other technologies will allow Apple to deliver a very compelling upgrade in my opinion, I'm expecting a significant rev to the hardware. The question is this, is all that new technology ready. In that regard I'm not sure because I would have expected more form...
EEven $30K is too much. For electrics to take off they need a compelling reason beyond being electric. Cost is a big factor and frankly i think Tesla is starting to see this. Expensive cars that dont go very far are problematic.
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