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Considering how Apple financed Sharp through bad times they pretty much own Sharp now. If not Sharp the plant that the displays are built in. In fact in some of the trades it has been suggested that the management at Sharp has been trying to regain control of the plant.
They may not move to USB C connectors but there are lots of advantages in doing so for the consumer. This especially if Apple became a bit more open with I/O on the IOS devices. Seriously which would you rather have a well supported interface that is likely to be used for decades by all manufactures of electronics or an Apple proprietary jack?It is probably wishful thinking at this point to beleive that Apple would migrate to a standized interface but realistically we...
The speed of the flash has little to do with the value of faster I/O. This especially if that I/O can handle several channels of data transfer. Also don't forget that you can read data pretty fast on these devices, decompress it and send it someplace as some sort of video signal.The other aspect of this is high spped data transfer that never hits the storage flash. A classic example here is a digital oscilloscope device connected to a USB port. The trick here is to...
Why? IPad has always supported an external keyboard and frankly has done well with that support.Actually I'm hoping that Apple pulls head from ASS here and considers the needs of users. A port, accessible to programmers without the MiFi program, would allow far more application to be built. Especially the one offs so common in a modern plants.
These days even 32 GB in an iPhone is nothing. To solve your marketing problem all they need to do is move the second model to 128 GB and the upper tier to 256 GB. As for cost, the 16GB chip in iPhone goes for less than $9. Considering Appplesvolumes probably a lot less.
The problem is or was that you aren't paying $99 for 64 GB you paid $99 for 32 GB of extra Flash. With the latest line up things are a bit different but you get the idea.A ripoff is a ripoff no matter how wealthy you are.Not really, in the end the market determines value. It would actually be interesting to know what Apples mix is with a 16GB unit still in the mix.
Why is it that everybody assumes this is an Apple Watch focused event? People willing to buy the watch or even the IPad Pro will not have an issue with disposable income. Beyond that a slow roll out is better than having production jammed up for four months like it was with the iPhone.
The only way it is remotely possible is if they are going after something new technology wise. Other wise screens that size are a done deal.
To blame it on the display is really reaching as it is. It is hard to imagine something unique about the display causing issues. Retina is pretty much a done deal in this size screen.
I suspect the day isn't too far off that we will loose interest in the GPU in these devices. In Qualcomm 820 for example they are adding cognitive computing hardware. In Apples case the move to 14 nm offers them a lot of die space for other functionality even while improving the CPUs and GPUs. It will be interesting to see Apples approach here.
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