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The problem is there is little truth in what you say here. Using a credit card does not improve your credit rating. I generally have one card active at anytime, a card i avoid using yet i have a high credit rating.Frankly cash works really well these days.
That should be obvious! This chip is already good enough for a laptop and if they can extend the performance a bit with a clock rate bump could power an Air like laptop no problem. If they can deliver 14 nm chips next year we could see another massive increase in performance.
Rumor has it that Apple has hired many of AMDs GPU designers so what you are wishing for inst impossible.However do realize that GPU reliability issue has a lot to do with the competition between AMD and NVidia for the performance crown. They really haven't tuned their development to target reliability. GPU cards have been for years throw away items that get used for a couple of years and then upgraded to the latest and greatest. This has caused both AMD and NVidia...
I'd love to see a tablet running Native LINUX without the Android crap. Such a tablet would make a far more viable alternative to Apples devices than an Android based tablet. Here by alternative I mean significantly different in concept.The thing here is I love my iPad, it is my go to communications device. However I really don't like the lack of accessibility when trying to do non mainstream things. This is where a tablet with good access would be valuable.
I would never keep a woman from her beauty rest. I actually fell a sleep last night before writing this, old age setting in.
Wow!Not sure I want to quote this, looks like somebody has a future writing the replacement for War and Peace.Work hardware doesn't count.It isn't like I will ever need a Swiss bank account.Why would he thing that. Besides most house wives are surfing for porn. After all how much can one actually buy on line.Sweetness around here comes with a handle called Relic.So now we are building custom furniture around the computer hardware.You know a report on those new iPads...
I just had a bit of a laugh here because in my entry lifetime I've personally owned one (1) laptop. That is it. I have had two IPads so far though. Apple certainly got a few features right in iPad as it is a lot more convienent for travel, web surfing and the like.So this brings up the question just how many laptops can you realistically keep in play at anyone time? That is how many get used as opposed to sitting on a shelf somewhere.
You know being an old guy I use to think that before I got my iPad 3. Let me tell you from experience retina screens are easier on the eyes even if at times you have to wear glasses. I think it is the result of your eyes not trying to focus in on something that is always blurry.The Mac Book Air could be seen as reasonably priced. In fact I have a hard time even finding anything that is actually cheaper and also in the same performance class.
Well you have a point there. However with this release it just looks a bit awkward, the high end machine does not significantly improve the CPU/GPU over the midrange model. I believe that is due to Intel just not having the solution Apple wanted.Let's face it a lot of Mini users could have easily justified a quad core. I mean with sound technical reasoning, not some of the techno lust we see here. On the flip side there are way to many that would chase after a...
Well yeah but they can't even get Broadwell out.
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