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Yep and leaving a very negative impression. He really should be more thoughtful with respect to his public image, once trashed it takes forever to fix.
The fact that these new cameras allow idiots to take photis and do so farly well, is why the attitude of "its the cameras fault" exists. Many simply dont even know what adjusting the eposure is
I really doubt Mac Book is a significant factor here. Airs and MBPs are still hot sellers.
This isnt a question that is straight forward to answer. What happened a few nodes ago was that leakage increased significantly so chip makers had to make significant changes to processes. Effectively the new process are not ditectly compatable to the old processes.Now we have this new technology in the teen processes that is dramatically different yet again. FinFET is just one difference that again makes direct comparison between nides impossible. In fact there is...
A good portion of the Job site radios I mentioned previously will do this. Look for modern versions that can act as chargers for the tool systems they support and have Blue Tooth built in.The other option you have are audio Blue Tooth adapters. These are no bigger than a thumb drive and can be plugged into any radio with an AUX port. Of course then you have a battery in the adapter.
That depends upon the battery and charger technology. You can't assume that with today's batteries (many different chemistries) that they will fail like NiCads use to fail.
There are certainly better options out there for portable sound. I mentioned one example in a reply to sog35, which is the now popular job site radio. These probably aren't the first solution people think about on this forum but you certainly get a lot more for your money.
This might be from out of left field for you but take a hard look at construction / job site radios. My preference is Milwaukee but there are a variety to choose from as DeWalt, Makita and a bunch of others now offer these "rugged" radios. Some include Blue Tooth and almost all include AUX in. Many of them act as battery chargers for the companies tools and can run off the same batteries. So you end up with an AC power Blue Tooth speaker that is also an AM/FM radio,...
Yes but Intel really hasn't made any progress with Micro Servers either. It is a problem of marketing not understanding customer needs more than technology failing. Servers will get smaller for the same reason everything else electronic has. The question is how do you package up a Micro Server to make it useful to those that would buy it? It is interesting that the Mini has had some success here but that is due more to a static size (fixed platform) than...
Because this is an opportunity to put a large number of Americans to work. Right now we have far too many unemployed people and need the industrial expansion to bring some balance to our current economy.
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