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I'd actually like to see the entire iPad line move to USB-C and most importantly free up the access to the port and some common drivers. I can not over stress just how stupid and hostile Apples Mifi program is to developers. This especially if you want to implement hardware for limited interest markets.Yet many people still can't imaging an iPad being used usefully in business. You just ran through one productivity use and yet people will still not see it. For...
I don't see this correction getting fully resolved anytime soon. Right now there is too much focus on China but it is really a world economy problem, there are countries in far worst shape than China. For the average person the economy has been shit for decades now, and I think this has finally caught up to many people.
What is the new Mac Book? Capability wise there wouldn't be much difference between the new Mac Book and this device if Apple actually implements the ports needed. In fact with an A9X-Pro, it might actually outperform the Mac Book in a number of ways. An iPad, with a rational way to support a keyboard, isn't a bad idea at all. In fact it opens the platform to a far more user interaction and makes any app handling text far more user friendly.
If the core isn't revamped then there would be no reason to call it an A9. The lack of any Force Touch hardware does undermine the idea of force touch coming to the iPhone. However this is an old chassis and most likely those parts would mount in the chassis. I do wonder if the phone is bootable like it is. Like others I'm holy interested in the installed RAM and flash allotments.
So true! This correction could rival the Great Depression, more than rival really turn very very ugly. The coming World War won't be pretty either.
What is worst this recent run up of the stock market was built on a shaky foundation. Further there are other more troublesome economies out there. It isnt simply china it is a worldwide condition.The funny thing us that i pointed this out a couple of weeks ago and all i got was negative comments. There is a very very real possibility of a world wide depression within a year.
I like the idea of the Mini or Nucs, that is very compact PC's that don't waste much space. The biggest problem with them, at least in the past, has been the lackluster GPU performance. The GPUs have been so bad in some models that they effectively couldn't stand in as a HTPC. As the iGPUs have improved this has become less and less of a problem and these new SkyLake Chips pretty much eliminate the GPU as an issue for many uses.So I would expect to see more and more...
It isn't impossible but I'm not sure Intel will put high end chips in the Nuc.People has suggested I'm nuts for advising people to hold off for SkyLake but the reality is these GPU improvements are very significant. It means that something like a Nuc or Mini will be viable for many years. Well that is if these machines get the better SkyLake chips.
I never even thought about simultaneous use. Now I have to wonder if it is possible. If it isn't my hate of the Mac Book will only grow.My thought here is to have the charger sitting at the work desk more or less permanently. Ideally the charger would have a video port of some type, a network connection and probably an additional USB port.I guess that would be a solid alternative and effectively serves a similar purpose. Of course that means being stuck with an...
That has never stopped them before.
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