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I take that to mean that Apples demand at times exceeds the capacity of the dedicated plant.On a side note this is speculation about nothing. It is pretty obvious they don't know what Apples plant was retooled for and make no mistake it was retooled. They could be making displays from unobtanium for all we know.
The obvious thing here is that they have built a huge factory to produce this stuff. It appears that the factory has excess capacity relative to the needs of Touch ID and camera lenses, so that material has to be going someplace. For mystery fans it certainly is something to speculate about. Given this the materials has many potential uses that are ignored by the press. Everything from heat spreaders to substrates for electronics are a possibility.
Sadly a lot of problems with this article! Many have already been pointed out but I will add one more. The Melburne Design Center is not related to the finger print sensor company. It is my understanding anyways that Melburne is focused on advancing Apples GPU chops. As such they have hired away many AMD engineers The general idea expressed in the article is correct, Apple is rapidly advancing it's design capability. Frankly this is to an extent that few...
that would be nice!
Maybe because I don't want to look like an idiot with a gigantic phone in my pocket. I would imagine you have a fanny pack for your big phone, but we all know what fanny packs are associated with.Nobody said that. Personally though I use my iPad when it makes sense because no matter what you do with a phone it will never be big enough to do what can be done on an iPad.Which would be totally useless.
It is the same as slightly square but since this reporting comes from the left coast where nobody wants to be square, it is slightly rectangular!
I would hope so. Apple would make me a sad Panda if they wasted a bunch of land mass for all of those solar panels.
Drop the discreet GPU and you come closer to the price of a Mini. I think your prices highlight though the futility of building your own for a cost savings. It is great fun having built a few Linux machines in my time, but even back in the day it wasn't a huge savings in the final cash laid out.One thing to look out for is that the smaller SSDs can see a huge performance difference between them and something like a 512 GB drive.Don't forget shipping! If you can't get...
This machine is so pathetic. Not so much the RAM but rather the processor chosen for the machine. Soldered in RAM is actually a good thing for reliability, coupling it with a slow poke of a processor isn't a good thing at all. Maybe Apple is looking down the road towards Broadwell in this machine. One other thought, Safari for Yosemite should be a massive improvement in performance so maybe this machine won't feel so bad for its primary usage. Even on iPad, Safari...
Completely no but i can see them offering an iOS based device that s. cross between an iPad and a laptop.That isnt accurate at all, thoug it is very dependent upon the code base. For many developers, using good practces, it is a matter of throwing a switch and having XCode target a new archtecture. in the case of iOS we are effecitvley already doing that. build an app to run on Apples simulators and it is essentiallynrunning i86 code.Most certainly! An iOS based...
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