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I suspect iPad has absorbed most of the demand for the 11" machine. If ultra mobility is needed it is a far better choice than the 11" machine. If extreme mobility isn't needed I suspect most people would opt for a bigger less cramped machine.I still like the idea expressed above of 2" increments starting at a 12" machine. Some of the new LCD technologies should allow for much smaller borders around the screen so the hope would be bigger screens in similar sized...
The economy is getting far worst every month. Businessman have to keep tabs on what is happening with the economy both domestically and world wide. As such I don't think they are seeing a pretty picture.As you get older even a 15" can seem a bit small. Of course that has lot to do with not seeing well. At my age I can admire the 11" Air and at the same time know that I'd never be happy with it as my only machine.
If Apples new hardware line up went 12", 14" & 16", I could see a lot of people getting behind the product line as the sizes would better suite a wide array of users. This especially if the new screen technologies allows Apple to control the physical size of the machines. That is ship a 16" machine that isn't much bigger physically than today's 15" and the same thing in regards to the 14" vs today's 13".Given that I still have this idea in my head that the 12" device...
Either way a pee break is required every 2-3 hours.
Eventually Apple will be able to embed the phone in your skull cavity. There are always two directions with electronics as processes shrink. One the hardware becomes more powerful or two it becomes more efficient. Of course there is a middle path where they meld the two to deliver both power and efficiency.I often laugh to my self when I see people posting about iPhone being powerful enough already. Too me that is baloney, anybody with a little imagination knows that...
I take that to mean that Apples demand at times exceeds the capacity of the dedicated plant.On a side note this is speculation about nothing. It is pretty obvious they don't know what Apples plant was retooled for and make no mistake it was retooled. They could be making displays from unobtanium for all we know.
The obvious thing here is that they have built a huge factory to produce this stuff. It appears that the factory has excess capacity relative to the needs of Touch ID and camera lenses, so that material has to be going someplace. For mystery fans it certainly is something to speculate about. Given this the materials has many potential uses that are ignored by the press. Everything from heat spreaders to substrates for electronics are a possibility.
Sadly a lot of problems with this article! Many have already been pointed out but I will add one more. The Melburne Design Center is not related to the finger print sensor company. It is my understanding anyways that Melburne is focused on advancing Apples GPU chops. As such they have hired away many AMD engineers The general idea expressed in the article is correct, Apple is rapidly advancing it's design capability. Frankly this is to an extent that few...
that would be nice!
Maybe because I don't want to look like an idiot with a gigantic phone in my pocket. I would imagine you have a fanny pack for your big phone, but we all know what fanny packs are associated with.Nobody said that. Personally though I use my iPad when it makes sense because no matter what you do with a phone it will never be big enough to do what can be done on an iPad.Which would be totally useless.
New Posts  All Forums: