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If we where lucky the move to Samsung would be for low power DDR4 RAM. It would be something to see next generation RAM technology in Apples IOS devices. Even if it is used just in iPad AIR.
Write an app to interface to a device to put that device on the net. Write an app to run RepRap or other small CNC machines. Shove the iPhone into some stereo equipment as an iPod replacement. I could go on an on but there are a multitude of potential uses for iPhone if one could easily interface it to the outside world free of the MiFi nonsense.What is very sad here is that Apple plays up to the green flakes out there but doesn't seem to realize that the best thing...
So? Really going too thin can be just as troublesome as being too thick. It is like sizing a handle on a power tool, gun, saw or any manually operated device. If the grip ends up too small it impacts usability for all users. An iphone would be too thin when it imoacts durability and the users ability to handle the phone.Well on the good side there are far worst things to be mental about.Even with a laptop there is a point at which getting thinner will negatively...
I suspect that this is all about getting ready for Yosemite with no intention of delivering new features.
If that was true Samsungs massive phones would be selling like hot cakes. They don't. Even Samsung has admitted to this.
I'm glad you aren't running Apple!If so you must be aware of what has happened to Apple in the past when they tried to sell overpriced hardware.They are already making a killing. More so there are clear indicators that some of Apples products are grossly over priced which has artificially cooled demand for iPad Air and other products. It is difficult to find the optimum price for hardware but I think Apple is in danger of repeating the mistakes of the past. The scale...
The problem here is that a random price increase here or there do nothing for quality. In some cases it can actually lower quality. That would happen by lowering volume and under utilizing your production infrastructure.
Trust nothing human. Apple is ran by humans thus can not be trusted.For many things you don't need the RAM as the vast majority of apps run fine. It is only when you try to do certain things or use demanding apps that you have problems.However if you are like me, I assume you are as we both are running iPad 3's, you buy hardware expecting to hang on to it for awhile. So at this point in time we are at the point where more RAM will be needed if you expect to keep the...
At least you have German to get rusty. Wizard is just rusty from old age.All my knowledge of German has come from trying to read manuals, code and prints for machines sourced in Germany. It is amazing what one can accomplish with Google translate.
It is probably even less for Apple. Generally you get your discounts based on volume and I can't imagine anybody buying more cell phone RAM than Apple right now.I'm not sure what you are asking here. The iPad shipped with the same amount of RAM. If you are asking about data path width then i don't know for sure. However I believe it is the same as on the iPhones.
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