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The vast majority of Intels mobile processors don't support more than 16 GB of RAM. This isn't an Apple issue honestly.
You will like the track pad. Force touch seems to work really well for me on the 13" MBPRumors to that effect have been active for months now. However those SkyLake chips where expected mid year but it looks like Apple could wait that long. I suspect they wanted the best upgrade they could manage for the back to school shopping crowd as that starts right about now.I could imagine a few VP's at Apple getting extremely heated under the collar over Intels long drawn...
You have to imagine that Apple is a bit upset with Intel right about now.Tired would be the polite way to put it.Actually it will be pretty interesting to see how these new chips work.Probably new screen technology. The GPU might be more power efficient too.
We do you feel the need to pay taxes to a state where you have no representation and never set foot in. Further the sale wasn't made in your state so it has no valid claim to taxes.
Sounds like Apple is getting ready to introduce new hardware, possibly Mac Pros and video screens.
What I'd love to see them do at WWDC is to announce that the next years worth of development at Apple will focus on bugs and performance issues in Mac OS. Especially the Apple supplied apps that come as part of MacOS. Some of these apps like Preview for example, just suck performance wise. Maybe this will mean rebuilt libraries and apps, some of them rebuilt in Swift.As for hardware I'd be surprised by an Apple TV update at WWDC. This isn't impossible of course but...
They may phase out the non retina 27" model if they have manufacturing under control. I suspect the primary reason for having both is to moderate any ramp up issues they might have.I really doubt that Apple will drop TB anytime soon. TB and USB-C serve different needs entirely, especially in "PRO" hardware. The fact that many here don't understand that doesn't mean that Apple doesn't grasp the issue. If anything we might see TB 3 hardware this year.
Zero! If a Broadwell based MBP comes this week we won't see another revision until late fall at best. If this is in fact an upgrade to SkyLake we won't see another release at all this year.Beyond that why do you say Unibody is phased out?
Yes waiting and seeing is in order. However if this hardware is announced Wednesday we then have to wonder what is planned for WWDC. Maybe a major Mac Pro upgrade or something to replace the Mini. WWDC isn't far away and frankly it is fairly common for Apple to debut updated hardware just before WWDC
I wouldn't buy anything until after WWDC, mainly due to the hope that Mini gets re engineered. It is about time it got a major update.The rumors about new iMacs and MBPs Wednesday, offer me the hope that they have something different planned for release at WWDC. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, but usually there is something hardware related at WWDC.As for the NUC's, not a bad choice if you want to run Linux. I wouldn't buy the hardware to run Mac OS though.
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