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I detect a general lack of interest in iWatch here due to the spare number of comments.
No to what? The petition or the smaller iPhone?Frankly I want a modern but smaller iPhone, something between an iPhone 4 and a 5 in size.
That is true but has more to do with the Alpha nature of Swift. I'm left with the impression that Apple underestimated how far they have to go to get Swift solid.However long term Swift should do a lot of good for developers. It will do much to eliminate whole classes of programming errors that are all to easy to make with C, Objecive C and to an extent C++. It is sorta like C# for the Mac except that Swift produces machine code. By that I mean modern...
It is all a matter of desire and fast broadband. Slip an A8X into an Apple TV and you will be close to some of the older gaming systems, go A9X with DDR4 RAM and you could easily get the same performance levels as today's gaming systems. You wouldn't be able to support mass storage and would likely have to buffer games like Apple TV does movies. However $150 is very doable for similar performance.
There is nothing stopping the usage of Apple Pay on web sites. Like wise PayPal can be extended for in person payments.
How was that spam?
Obviously those that know can't say and those that do are speculating. In any event I suspect that one Apple goal is a dramatically lower price on an entry level laptop. As for the iPAds I'm starting to loose hope that their vision is in alignment with mine. By this I mean that they need to loosen up with respect to the MiFi program and the inability of to leverage the iPAds I/O port in low volume applications.IPad certainly has a different use case than a...
There is no need for what is being discussed here but a Swift should make developer lives easier on all platforms.Actually people should look at XCode and decelop an understanding about how the IOS emulator works. If they understood what is going on in XCode most of this discussion wouldn't be happening.
IPad Air 2 is already pretty attractive but that doesn't mean people will drop everything to buy one. When 50 to 75 percent of IPad buyers are new customers that pretty clearly indicates that there isn't a strong need to upgrade yet.
IPad Air 2 is vastly improved over most of the iPAds that exist today. I suspect that if most current owners were to try an Air 2 out they would desire it strongly. Your problem is looking at the sales decline as a negative, it really isn't when you consider the mad rush of adoption first seen with an iPad. IPad will find a natural sales rate that mixes well with customer needs.The reason to buy shouldn't be any different than those for a laptop or a desktop Mac. ...
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