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More interesting technology news: http://www.edn.com/electronics-blogs/tech-edge/4438712/Photometallization-allows-one-step-production-of-touchscreen-circuitry?_mc=NL_EDN_EDT_EDN_consumerelectronics_20150225&cid=NL_EDN_EDT_EDN_consumerelectronics_20150225&elq=3add5ee4385d42f2a3c3712309521699&elqCampaignId=21794&elqaid=24467&elqat=1&elqTrackId=8595a07966b84148814011e60cb700bb If that link pasted right, the report is about a new way to place met alizarin on plastic and...
What's the issue? People not understanding the gifts of others. I can't say I'm a big fan of her music but that doesn't mean I don't understand the drive and effort required to get where she is now.
I don't know why but at times as a mental distraction I imagine car designs in my head. Apples problem is that the world does not need another me too sedan. They need a fresh approach to family vehicles. There are all sorts of one and two seater commuter cars that have been designed of late, which is great by the way, but a similarly new approach is needed for four seaters or family cars.In the end stuffing an electric design into a conventional sedan design just...
Sometimes I just have to shake my head.I really doubt that Elon would try to do that.I can't read Elons mind but the basic technology behind electric cars has been around for decades now. Motors and solid state controller have been used in industry for decades now. The goal of the controllers might be different but in the end the hardware is very similar. The problem with electric cars has never been motors or controllers. The problem has been and still is with the...
I look at it like this, Broadwell has been delayed several times, however test silicon has been available for some time. Given the lengthy delay, the fact that Apple has been so slow debut the new machines just smells a bit.with all of the extra engineering time available to them shipping an AIR on time should have been a tight priority.
I sometimes think spinning off Global Foundries was the best thing AMD has done in a long time. Now if we could only get Apple to plow some of it's chip making into GF's US based facilities.
Good question! Obviously somebody has gotten their rumors wrong. Personally I see this as Apple dropping the ball, especially with Broadwell. Let's face it it took Intl so long to get Broadwell out the door that Apple could have designed 20 new laptops around it.
They did start out with a price premium but that didn't last long. Realistically Apple did lead the market into Retina screens in mass produced products.I have to agree here, Apples laptops are still best in their classes. They have continued to improve them. People need to realize that these are mass produced machines that aren't designed to meet their particular special interests.
Apple Pay was certainly discounted way to much upon its debut. Everything I've seen tells me this will be huge for Apple.
The lack of imagination sometimes is stunning. However it is even more perplexing that facts like the advantage seen by the 2GB of RAM in the new IPAds is so completely ignored. Just adding more RAM to an iPhine would be reason enough to want the next rev. It isn't just imagination here there are real features iPhone needs.Funny thing here is that my LTE service, on my iPad, is often faster than many of the so called WiFi hot spots around town.
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