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Lucky you! That is not the norm however.You do realize that in many cases the smallish SSDs are significantly slower than the large ones right?That is my whole point, most installations go far beyond 50 GB for system files and apps. When I frst got my MBP I thinking I had used up 70'GB of space before the second day just doing app installation and the like. Add on a couple of VM's and you have effectively plugged up the HD if you are running only a 128 GB drive.
I really hope so! It is sad though that your post is the first mention of the Mini in this entire thread. Interest simply isn't what it was for this machine. This is why I'm expecting a major overhaul.
Skimping on RAM is bad, everybody knows that. However you seem to be awfully dismissive of the importance of A suitably sized SSD. Generally if people spend the extra $800 on that 1TB SSD they have a good reason to do so. It is surprising how much space some apps take up these days. Even more surprising at times is the number and size of the intermediate and temporary files that software generates these days.Obviously usage dictates to an extent how SSD space will...
You can't be serious! 256GB these days is a minimal hard disk/SSD size. That with ITunes on a separate disk. It is extremely short sighted for anyone to consider the purchase of a machine with only 128 GB of storage. You can easily run out of room with a disk of that size.
With the A8 reveal you have to wonder just how far away an ARM based Mac is. If they can double the clock rate and add two more CPU cores I could see a very very nice low cost laptop being powered by these SoC.
It isn't so much a lie as it is reacting to the reality that all it takes is somebody getting a bug up their ass and wanting to cause Apple trouble. It could be some clerk at the FTC, a VP at PayPal or somebody's grandma. Once someone in the federal government sees an opportunity to take a complaint and run with it to advance their pay grade, Apple could have significant pressure to open up the system. This if they don't demonstrate the intention to open up the...
I have to agree with your statements and this is why I think they are careful to say for a year. However privicacy might not be the right word to use here, it could rather be an issue of security. I can see Apple denying access to Pay Pal and Google if they see a security problem with their approaches.The reality is this, a poorly written or conceived app is a huge threat for Apple and the consumers perception that Apple is keeping them secure. This is probably the...
Combine that possibility with Apples attempts at standardizing the system and I suspect any restrictions on the use of the NFC are temporary.
The only thing that really counts here is getting the NFC readers updated to support Apples approach. That shouldn't be a problem as apparently the NFC readers used in the USA support multiple systems. It isn't like the readers are dedicated to Apples system. I guess it would be possible to have a reader dedicated to Apple Pay but vendors or merchants if you will wouldn't settle for that.What are you whining about here? Even with all of Apple clout it will take...
Possibly for a year or so. However I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Apple is already working with banks outside the USA. They seem to want to set this up as a world wide standard so I don't see the lack of support in Japan being a long term issue.
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