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The problem here is that a random price increase here or there do nothing for quality. In some cases it can actually lower quality. That would happen by lowering volume and under utilizing your production infrastructure.
Trust nothing human. Apple is ran by humans thus can not be trusted.For many things you don't need the RAM as the vast majority of apps run fine. It is only when you try to do certain things or use demanding apps that you have problems.However if you are like me, I assume you are as we both are running iPad 3's, you buy hardware expecting to hang on to it for awhile. So at this point in time we are at the point where more RAM will be needed if you expect to keep the...
At least you have German to get rusty. Wizard is just rusty from old age.All my knowledge of German has come from trying to read manuals, code and prints for machines sourced in Germany. It is amazing what one can accomplish with Google translate.
It is probably even less for Apple. Generally you get your discounts based on volume and I can't imagine anybody buying more cell phone RAM than Apple right now.I'm not sure what you are asking here. The iPad shipped with the same amount of RAM. If you are asking about data path width then i don't know for sure. However I believe it is the same as on the iPhones.
Understand that I'm one that is chomping at the bit for more RAM, just realize that many of Safaris problems have nothing to do with RAM. Sadly even in the iOS betas it is demonstrating to have lots of bugs. The other thing is that sometimes Safari is doing the right thing with the reloads. I'm just afraid that people will go out and buy an iPad with 2GB of RAM expecting miracles.It is my understanding that Appl has merged the desktop and mobile code the best they...
Err no! I'm talking about devlopers that have ran into memory issues and are waiting on an IOS device with fewer limitations. The problem is that if that extra memory does come to AIR and only Air we then have a reduced market for these more demanding applications.
It all depends upon the technology they implement. This is the thing that made iPad possible and has allowed improvements every year. Moored law is still a reality and will be for at least a couple of more years. They could have went to 2GB last year if they really wanted too.
It is pretty obvious that the designers of iPad saw it as a personal device not a shared device. As such there is no clean way to multi users at this point in time.Frankly all the people whining about multiple users can dive head first into a frozen lake for all I care. The device simply was never designed for multiple users nor should it be upgraded to support multiple users.The use of Touch ID just further highlights that these are devices designed for personal use.
Interesting even if it doesn't make sense to me. I'm an original iPad customer so what happens to the Mini doesn't bother me too much. This may infuriate software developers that want to bring new capabilities to all platforms though. Beyond that RAM is so cheap these days It wouldn't make a big dent in platform costs. This does make me wonder though if the AIR will have a higher performance A8 implementation with a wider memory bus. That would do a lot to eliminate...
It is hard to say what Apples intentions are here. It seems to be pretty obvious that something went wrong with the product line and Intel could be the culprit.Some version of Broadwell will run cool enough for a fanless design. However those chips are not fast enough to go into a Mini. Even with the low power Broadwell chips you would need careful thermal design to get them to run all out the way you would want fan less.Those low power chis are due to ship soon in...
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