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IOS and the devices it runs on, will advance anyways. At the very least I'd expect to see more RAM and expanding multitasking capabilities with iPad hardware this year.Things like file manager access is why I'd want a Mac OS derived operating system. It would be a snap for Apple to support tablet apps on an ARM based laptop.That is basically what I'm asking for. Touch would be taken care of initially via iOS apps running in a separate environment.I do find iPad a bit...
It isn't a totally dumb idea if the technology was there. A watch that completely replaces the cell phone in your pocket would be nice. I just don't see it as possible with today's technology. At least not in a watch people would want to wear.
Leave it to somebody from Switzerland to have an endless supply of watch photos. Deleted a billion watch pics.
This has been a huge problem for all of Apples new products.
You guys have missed the obvious here, it is a hall for the dancing girls. Haven't you read how strip clubs and call girls are making a killing in the Silicon Valley due all the socially backward men working there. This is just Apples way of coming out.
The problem here is that the machines aren't close in performance and frankly the screen means very little. Remember people purchased the old MBP in droves even if retina wasn't a known quantity. MBP get purchased for their professional qualities, including performance.Screen size is a factor but remember external screens are well supported in Mac OS.The problem here is that software, especially Xcode, has become more demanding of hardware over the years. You...
Running iOS apps would be cool but it would need more of an iOS to be useful to me. The problem right now is that I use my iPad and MBP in two different ways. As such an iOS based laptop wouldn't replace my MBP and thus wouldn't have a valid reason to exist. At least for me.Give me an ARM based laptop though that has the flexibility of Mac OS based machine but can run iOS apps well and I might have a different opinion. The big issue for me is the freedom to use...
To be honest I've never like the XCode / Interface Builder environment. It has always rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. I was actually hoping Swift might turn me around in this respect.Sounds familiar. I often have this feeling that the Cocoa developers came from another planet and do things in unconventional ways.I have a few ideas for apps so maybe I ought to look at the new technologies. In the end though Apples policies are more of a problem than the...
It isn't that simple. If the product is an extension of iPhone it almost has to debut with iPhone. Beyond that the September reveal has never been just iPhone, I'm expecting a bunch if iOS surprises.
Baloney! How many duds did Apple have with Steve Jobs running things. Forgot about all of those didn't you?
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