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The only context I have here is my iPad 3 and my 13" MBP. In that regard the iPad is far more portable than the Mac and usable in far more places. One can use the iPad easily in a car, the plant floor and a host of other places. Using something as large as a MBP in these cases is just awkward.The awkwardness of these devices is why I suspect the focus will be on professionals that can leverage the larger device to their advantage.
That is an optimistic price though I have to admit the whole product line needs a price adjustment. If Apples goal is to focus on the professional market with this device I suspect that they will have problems because iOS 9 simply isn't a big enough step forward for professional use.
They are effectively a newspaper with a range of articles some with more research than others. DigiTimes certainly isn't the publication of an Analyst. I really wonder if the people complaining about DigiTimes have ever taken the time to actually read the publication as it has far more value that the crap we see from many analysts around here.
People would better understand context here if they would actually read DigiTimes. There is a lot of value in the publication and decent separation of rumor from more credible content.As for initial orders I could see Apple being very careful at this time. There is good reason behind many wanting a larger iPad but I don't think it is a universal desire on the part of all iPad users. One of iPads big pluses is its portability evefectively the same as a book, you don't...
There is if Apple could reimagine what a hand held computer is potentially useful for. Apple seems to be missing the boat here as there are many industrial/commercial applications for a handheld computer without cell access. It is really just a matter of adding the right feature sets to iOS and providing an unobstructed access to specialized hardware.Lets look at it this way, the music player market is in a nose dive. There is nothing especially bad about that but...
It is amazing how few don't understand simple English!On the other hand widespread testing is good thing. I'm actually happy that Apple is engaged in broader beta releases, we just need to learn to ignore the people out there to stupid to understand what a beta is and the users responsibility with installing and testing it.
They could have easily done that last year. To go another year is just abusive of the know legible customer base. Seriously all one has to do is look at what raw flash is going for wholesale and realize how badly Apple is raping customers here.Right now everybody gets a raw deal. Is that good for business? Right now you can buy SSD with 256 GB of flash for $111 - retail Obviously the cost of flash wholesale is a bit cheaper and with Apples machines the cost to...
The man has a point, not everyone wants a phablet in his pocket. Some of us suffer from pants that are fairly full already!  😆😆Beyond that a flip phone wouldn't be a bad idea at all if Apple could manage a folding screen that lasts long enough.It is the definition of a phablet. It is excessively large to be a phone for everybody and frankly the desire to carry these large devices around is a fad.
Windows is what drove me to Linux after issues with 95 and then NT. The day that Apple described what would become the new mac OS I was overjoyed that it would be Unix at its roots. Having multiple Windows machines at work I can honestly say the platform really hasn't improved much over the years.Beta applications are no problem, just uninstall them if they don't do it for you.Exactly and frankly this is what Apple advises.If your computer is making money for you...
You wouldn't install it if the computer is used for work outside of development that is for certain and frankly Apple strongly suggests not installing it on production hardware. However beyond that El Capitan has been wonderful and is already a strong upgrade over Yosemite. I'm running it on a new MBP 13" and I have to say it will be well received when it goes stable and is released. iOS 9 on the other hand has a long long ways to go.
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