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One interesting aspect with sandpaper is that "sand" paper comes in many forms and grit materials. Some of thes abrasives are far harder than the flint sandpaper common with wood workers.
I'd like to see FM support myself. There are still to many places in this world where you can't stream decently. Besides radio stations are very effective at getting critical news to local populations fast.
People do underestimate the iPad and iOS.Mac OS! In a nut shell that is a big feature for people that know how to use it. Having both a Mac and an iPad I'm often torn between which is the best for a task. Needless to say I suspect others have the same conflicts, in that case a Mac OS based machine is a safer bet for a one machine user.Now if Apple would only deliver a Mac OS driven ARM based device.These are questions many of us would like to ask Cook and others at...
USB-C is certainly an open standard but I just think Apple wasted a very good opportunity here. Imagine if every time you docked your Mac Book, at your desk, you hooked up your external monitor, backup disk and whatever else.
One more comment! I think this highlights one reason why I would like to see Apple go tomARM in at least some of its Mac products. Given access to the silicon, an interface like is can be integrated right into the SOC. In the case of the Mac Book that would shrink the motherboard even more. Another way to look at this is that we may be seeing much higher performance out of flash in the next iPads.
It doesn't on mine. That is a model with a 512 GB SSD. Apple could of course use NVMExpress cards on other variants.
First fruits? I don't buy that at all, I was under the impression that the original purchase of Anobit was to drive support of flash in cell phone chips. In fact it was my understanding that Apple was using this technology before they decided to buy Anobit. Beyond all of that Apple has had many patents granted for flash related technologies to engineers in California. It is just a jump to far for me to credit Anobit with this chip. It could be sure, but we don't...
Or that there is a massive performance difference.
Sure you can. The fact that Aple has these two companies competing for production kinda proves it.It is certainly a more expensive approach but Apple is one of the few companies these days that can afford it.Well I would hope that no one gets to wrapped up in what the analysis say, however I surprised at the disbelief expressed here. For one Apple does I fact design it's A series with the ability to be built on more than one process. I don't see how they could...
That is true but it doesn't mean that Sansung owns Global Foundries.That is an old argument that doesn't hold water in my mind. For one Apple is obviously not going after high performance with their processors racing along at rather sedate clock rates. Security NS even if there where notable issues with performance, Apple has multiple devices that will need these chips so performance can be slotted into the device that is a good fit.It is more a question of what they...
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