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Possibly, but There really isn't much to a Mini. Plus at this point Apple should be getting industry leading discounts. Intel can only discount on volume and it looks like Apple is doing good in that regard.
There would be good reason if Apple addressed a few short comings with respect to iPad. I'm still rocking iPad 3 waiting for Apple to pull head from ass and deliver a proper update.
We already know that it won't. Large cell phones are a niche market that is already in decline. Just look at the trouble Samsung is having with its bricksI'm waiting for Apple to pull a rabbit out of the hat and deliver a large screen cell phone that is a folder. The idea being to make it pocketable.
Well I'm waiting on one to upgrade to. The only reasons I haven't already are the lack of touch ID, no RAM and no flash upgrades. Fact is Apple got greedy with the last update.One other thing would help too. Include a second USB port and support common drivers especially USB to serial. IPad would be a fantastic platform for field work if it could communicate easily with a variety of hardware. MiFi sucks in this regard, it is a program that does more harm than good.
You might not like what they do, but it has gotten to the point that Apple will have to do something with the Mini. With these new chips that aught to happen sooner rather than later.
That is certainly how it appears to be, however I'm hoping that public pressure or awareness of waht consumers want will cause Apple to rethink the Mini as their lowest performance platform. With Todays chip technology it has very real potential for being a performance machine at a decent price. Something that comes in below the Mac Pro in performance yet doesn't get blown away by Apples laptops.This is true but when Intel fails few jump ahead.ARM and Apple have...
I could see an ARM based Mac Book as having potential but there is zero chance that the Mini would get what it needs out of an ARM based solution. Or maybe better said what I want to see in the Mini which is far better performance. Having an iPad though makes me see the value of an ARM based laptop.Apple would have to create at least two processor branches, one for the portable devices and one more suited for use in a laptop. The primary need in a laptop is far...
Stop thinking that way. Imagine instead Apple offering up a standard interface where you can mix and match components at will.
Design change might be interesting.However let's have none of this regressive thinking. The Mini needs to be faster with far better GPU performance. If anything the Mini needs to support a higher wattage processors.
Yep that is the point, by the time they get 14 nm up and running they might as well release SkyLake. The funny thing is Global AMD Samsung will not be far behind with 14nm. 2015 will be pretty interesting.
New Posts  All Forums: