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Interesting question, currently the iMac uses desktop processors. Or it did have, the iMac is my least favorite Mac so I don't follow it much.If this processor actually exists and comes in a six core variant, I could see Apple going that route for the 27" model. It would have to be a model that doesn't require a GPU. I assuming here that the XEON would be GPU free, which isn't even a given anymore.
Intel is saving info on that chip for their next conference! Given that it would be nice those Apple bring back a large screen machine with a sox core Xeon in it. One of the worst things about the 17" machine was the high cost for little more than a large screen. Give a 16-18" screen portable, a laptop Xeon with real benefits and it might be worth the cost.You still have the problem of suitable volume for a niche machine but giving the machine real functional...
True but then I'd be spending money on something with no future.
Actually it makes lots of sense since so many of the new OS features are ideal for iPad.
It better be soon, the battery in my iPhone 4 is really on its last leg.
You would be right. The only positive thing here is that the plans are apparently shared across devices. On the other hand it appears that they Nicole and fine people with additional fees.There are pay as you go plans in the USA but often they include very little. Frankly the situation is so bad in the USA I'm thinking about giving up one of my data plans. I just don't know if I really want to give up on iPhone vs my iPad. I use a lot of data on my iPad and a...
A lot of people don't realize these days how deeply into Linux IBM is. It is a good thing for the Linux and UNIX communities.
Now if only Apple would make a decent t stand alone display that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for us laptop and Mini users.That 26 billion could be going to a lot of dramatically different machines so it is hard to guess the impact on the iMac. That being said it is about time the platform went through a major overhaul. For one I would not be surprised to see a fanless iMac 21" machine soon. It would take a new approach to the back shell where the aluminum...
Seriously how in the hell would anybody in this forum know the answer to your questions? We can guess and speculate but that isn't answering your question unless you don't understand the difference between speculation and facts.The machines get a bump every year of some sort or another.
Which is pure baloney. I bought my first retina Mac early this year and frankly I'm not going back anytime soon. The text legibility is really splendid and frankly if you use up you Mac for anything more than a toy retina is highly desirableWell this is certainly true as we can hope for hardware based on DDR4 RAM and other performance tweaks. Done right we could see a major performance improve the across the board in the iMac lineup. You likely won't get more CPU...
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