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I'm not sure I buy that. I see the lack of any hardware releases as crap if you can call the lack of something crap.
Do you really want to come back? Alaska is one of those places I've always wanted to visit.
Well an hour and a half until WWDC and I will be working through the show. How do you spell frustration? 😁😁😁 I'm very much interested in what is new in the pipeline. And yes I'm expecting much in the way of new hardware and software.
I'm not worried, I suspect there will be lots of developer tools available to support new hardware. Yes I expect new hardware of some sort. Possibly an AppleTV on steroids to replace the Mini. Maybe a Mac Pro lite to fill the desktop void left by the departure of the Mini. I wouldn't be surprised to see new I devices too.
See I find this strange also because if you after after technologist Boston seems like the smart place to be. New York City is rather a dump of marketing people. It would have seemed to have been in Apples best interest to go to Boston.Given that I'd rather see an event held in Las Vegas, that way everybody can work in a vacation and everyone ends up happy😜😜😜😜.
Why would they do this? Any new products will debut at WWDC or later which clues in the consumer. If the consumer needs more detail they have the net and the Apple stores.About the only thing I see Apple needing to do is to expand developer outreach. It is rather pathetic that these shows actually sell out so fast. Not for Apple obviously but for all the developers that can't attend. Apple has addressed this somewhat but they need to go further and support a wide...
England and to some extent Ireland.The logic escapes me. I'm from the US but have traveled to the other side of the pond and frankly it makes reading literature, papers or whatever very strange and troubling. I've yet to hear a good explanation of the form myself.
For most users this is certainly the case. However don't pursue to think that everybody can get buy with the performance of a three year old computer.See here is the flips side if you can run a 2008 Mac and not have performance complaints then you have extremely modest requirements.
It depends upon how you use your machine and where your performance bottleneck is. In general though upgrades simply aren't as valuable as they have been in the past. With the way software has evolved these days, if you buy enough RAM upfront you should be in good shape for years.Well I don't know about sickening but maybe a better word is stupid. Even then you can't say with 100% confidence that it is stupid, rather you have to consider the users needs.Why should...
Actually the whole problem with the cable world is the excessive fees charged, $40 a month for an Internet connection is highway robbery. Taking on things like HBO just blows the bill out of proportion to the value it supposedly has. If Apple could attack how theses services are structured we might actually end up with something people would feel is worth the money. If you think about it you can go to a movie once a week and save a large chunk of change over the...
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