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So far, talking minutes here, performance is much better on my iPad 3. More importantly Safari hasn't crashed yet on on A I forums. 😃😃😃😃😃
CPU wise it isn't a huge leap at all, GPU wise it is a significant leap forward. The CPU does gain some improvements but it isn't really discussion worthy.If it ever ships. At this point there is no reason I can think of for it to not be shipping so I have to think Apple is up to something with a new model. I still have this idea that an ARM based machine is in the works to completely replace the Mini and target a slightly different market segment. The rumors of...
You have issues, Mavericks doesn't. Sure there are flaws in Mavericks but taken as a whole it is the best OS update Apple has ever kicked out. It has closed more bugs and tied up more loose ends than it created.The facts indicate the opposite, they actually fixed more things than they broke. By a long shot this is the best Mac OS update released so far, this based on running the platform since 2008.Sounds like you knew the bug existed before you even created the...
I think so! It looks like the ones the IT departments I s buying now.They perform ok for what they are used for at work. Note however that they are not running Iris graphics in the base models. I'm not even sure if Iris is available. Also doing SSDs on SATA is quickly becoming a mistake as SATA can't keep up with PCI Express based machines. That and 180 GB is simply not enough these days.
This is true, Optical drives just aren't a big deal anymore for the majority of users.You can service the drive, the SSD just plugs in. For RAM you are trading reliability for upgradeability. Frankly my experience with laptops is to favor reliability in the design.Realistically if you need an external drive most likely you will never have a suitable internal drive. We are talking about laptops here, but I've yet to see a shipping laptop drive that is big enough. In...
True dreaming about things can lead to getting those things through innovation and creation. That however is a personal accomplishment, dreams won't drive Apple to build the machine you desire. With Apple it pays to be cautious because getting too wrapped up in the idea that they can deliver what you want will often lead to disappointment.
Lonovo makes a nice compact desktop PC.
This made me laugh! A sad laugh really because there may be truth in your statement.
Information is hard to come by. The lack of OpenCL has me wondering it the GPU architecture simply doesn't support it well. I've never much like the idea that these companies think it is wise to keep documentation locked up behind NDAs.To the best of my knowledge Apple makes use of NEON and other ARM features for most of the math libraries. Obviously the GPU is used extensively in iOS for graphical acceleration but as far as I know nothing beyond that.In some ways the...
I'd laugh if we find out that Apple has an alternative use for all of this sapphire.
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