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Really don't be a complete idiot with this no more love nonsense. All you need to consider is when will AMD and Intel have viable chips for an upgrade. At this point there is nothing worthwhile in the pipeline.
Shotgun shells come in a range of performance values depending upon the intended use. There is a massive difference between a trap load and a load for goose hunting. On top of that you have a laminate of different materials all layered together.
It all depends upon the iPad the file and the editing to be done. If they are making use of the GPU then there is a good possibility that the app is indeed fast.
It is really sad that these companies are tying software to services we don't want and especially don't want to pay for.
Actually this would be fantastic if one of the screw on power sources was an automobile power point plug. This would give you a mobile hotspot capability that would not need a "battery". Well except of course for the big lead acid battery in the car. It would be great for people that travel a lot and for business people and sales reps.The big question would be how much demand would there be as most people are going the iPhone route for this functionality.
As has been mentioned they have done this for years, especially when the updates aren't as extravagant as some would like. Further these are mature product lines so time is saved at WWDC for newer products. There isn't infinite time available at the keynote so they have to choose carefully. This especially when the focus of the keynote at WWDC should be software and developers.The only really surprise here is that SkyLake is real far off in the future apparently. ...
Here is a little blurb on AMD's HBM: http://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/software-technologies/hbm. Why it is in a directory called "software-technologies" is beyond me. Obviously this has little to do with SkyLake today but I can see Apple adopting such chips as soon as they can. There are benefits beyond performance, one being smaller GPU "boards". A SkyLake based iMac paired with one of these chips would be very nice indeed. If AMD can build this into their...
I hope people don't get me wrong I love the new features in both iOS and Mac OS, I just don't like the massive performance regressions that at times are difficult to understand. As far as iOS goes Apple needs to stop painting the shingles and get to work on the interiors. By this I mean many of Apples iOS apps need more compatibility with the functionality seen in their Mac counterparts.As for Mac OS like, I said address some of these unexplainable performance...
Interesting timing there, maybe a chip or two for the Mac Pro.
It really is a buyer be aware situation. This new MBP is certainly a nice upgrade in many ways but don't expect it to be on the market long.
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