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Last I knew Global Foundries was not part of Samsung. They have been two independent companies.In that regard I'm certain that each A series chip is designed against multiple production processes. For Apple it is all about covering your ass. You can't design for the bleeding edge without having hiccups from time to time. In other words 14 nam class tech isn't a sure thing from anybody anymore.Talking out of their ass maybe? In the end though I'm certain that Apple...
Apple has never been reluctant to kill off a product with the introduction of new devices. I suspect the new Mac Book is why Apple doesn't do hybrid devices, you have all the power of a desktop in a device that could pass for a tablet.
if they are part of the 5000 person limit, Apple has screwed up in my mind. I have nothing against programs for youths but lets face it there are thousands of programmers that won't get a chance to attend WWDC this year due to the 5000 person limit. These are people with real jobs, not 13 year olds breaking into the craft.
For those interested Anandtech has their review up of this machine. They make up some excuses for performance issues but also dive into other interesting technical details. It is an interesting read even if they engage in some questionable benchmarking.
First off you can't believe everything on the net. More importantly yield issues reflect problems with the design, the design is Apples responsibility. They certainly could try to pull production from Quanta but a poor design won't run well anywhere else.
That Blackmagic camera sounds really hot. It should be rather popular. The addition of remote control via model airplane controllers is an interesting development.
Yes you detailed the problem. I'm not sure why people have problems accepting this.Which makes sense from a corporate perspective, you can't "tax" those that can't pay!People need to realize that the telcos have been on a building binge for years now. This isn't cheap and even after all of this effort network speeds can often slow to a crawl.This is why I'm trying to warn people that net neutrality will end up causing them to pay by the bit. We may even see off peak...
I find that insulting people often gets them to think about the non sense they post. The courts are important but they are not the place to make laws. Nor is the presidency a place to make laws. That is the domain of the legislative branches.The is no law authorizing the FCC to regulate the Internet. This is a big problem for this country.
Obviously you can't read for content!The Middle East was fractured well before any of the recent presidents took office. To believe otherwise is a denial of history. However this president created the mess that is now thereWhy? In most locations the local communities set up the monopolies, it makes sense to demand change with these community leaders. So the question is if politicians are as easily bought off as you imply how will we see a positive result from more...
This president through his in action in the Middle East and several other fronts has lead us nearer to a new world war than any president before him since the last world war. That is pretty ignorant behavior especially in a world with multiplying nuclear capabilities.The man has been wrong on so many issues it doesn't even pay to list them all. Frankly he has the mentality of a third world dictator and as such should be accorded similar respect.
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