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This is so simple to understand that I frankly don't see why people are so defensive of the iMac. It is great if it fills you personal needs but otherwise crap.I've seen this suggesting of just using an iMac and hiding someplace mentioned several times and just have to laugh my ass off when I see such posted. People have no idea how much of a problem it is to waste space to support a computer you don't need. i don't work in the audio industry but in the industry I...
A policy I will never understand as all it does is keep potential customers from buying new hardware. I have zero interest in buying an iMac as I don't buy into the all in one mentality but more so I don't need a big screened machine for where I'm likely to use a Mini.If it wasn't for my hate of the constant tinkering to keep a Linux based system running I'd go that route again. Frankly it has been six years since I dropped Linux for a Mac and in that time linux has...
Maybe, it depends upon the implementation. As to SATA Express you are still implementing excess logic that impacts latency, power usage and die space. I can see the day when no SATA logic at all is included in Intels chip sets and I truly doubt we will ever see it in Apples "A" series no matter how it evolves.It isn't just the chip set. You need for the SSD to implement fast flash which few M.2 SSD do. Beyond that I'm not seeing a lot of hardware out there...
Baloney!I just put my glasses on to look at the screen of my iPhone 4. No pixels seen. And yes the glasses are kept up to date and are properly prescriptioned.
I believe they thought about it. I don't see the market for a smart watch and I doubt Apple does. They could easily be working on something different. I just don't see iWatch doing anything useful for me and frankly some of the speculated features could be seen as harmful.It would be like giving a rope to somebody that is suicidal. Or in modern terms giving a text capable cell phone to a new female driver.
Why not? Everybody on Star Trek basically had the same communications device. Today Apple can't even be bothered to introduce two truly new iPhobes a year.These days people customize their expensive electronics with cheap but expensive rubber. Most people aren't that vain these days.
Track record! Seriously you can only be wrong so many times.You make an assumption here that he has information. Further he may have other motives for his comments, he does work in an industry with deep ethical issues.Hey it is a free country. You can even believe that he has his hands up in the air to surrender. If you want to be gullible go on with life as you are.We don't even know for sure they have a watch planned.
They being management at Apple. The fan base is pretty ho hum when it comes to watches.
First thing that came to mind.
I see several problems with your thoughts here. First: old technology doesn't make it bad technology! The push button is old technology yet most electronics have at least one button. Sometimes simple and relaible trumps newfangled and quirky. Second; you seem to imply that iPhones need less I/O but I'd argue against that. Cell phones in capability and performance are effectively computers. As such they age less than gracefully as technology advances. With a...
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