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Actually I thought PA was where Pages, Numbers and Keynote are developed. Seem to remember something about a software development team someplace in PA.
Perfectly expressed!
Any major corporation embarking on a major project makes use of contingency plans and works from a set of desired capabilities.
Technology marches forward, they would likely pay the same price for the new camera as they do for the old one. This is the same as what we see with CPU chips, performance increases almost every year at the same price point.
I dont know about that. It is similar to somthing i imagined some time ago. Slide over should be very useful in a number of situations.
The problem with cloud storage and streaming tech is that it negatively impacts those that buy the low end hardware due to economics. In many cases people end up spending far more than the cost of the flash upgrade in "cloud" charges and bandwidth costs. IPhones with small flash storage capabilities are not in the consumers best interest.
There are exceptions to every rule but in the end Touch screens on laptops are not ergonomic. The problem is for those that are exceptions to the rule touch screens can be useful.As a side note there was a complete lack of hardware introductions at the WWDC keynote. On the other hand it was a rather long Keynote but well done in the usual Apple manner. This makes me think that the only really opportunity for Apple to reveal innovative new hardware this year (until...
You should be good. The previous split was due to hardware support or sometimes firmware support, from what I understand.In any event they specifically mentioned that IOS 9 ( will work on all devices supported by iOS8. This isn't the Mac of course but I think it highlights that Apple isn't going out of its way to obsolete old hardware. Ultimately though it may be an issue of RAM that negatively impacts installs on old hardware. Right now I'm downloading the beta...
Maybe!The problem is I didn't see a lot of focus on performance in the discussion. Lots of new features of course but some of the things discussed with respect to performance where no brainers. Take the 4X speed up in Preview, that isn't exactly a great achievement when you consider Open Source PDF viewers are much faster. I'm hoping glossing over performance was a result of simply not knowing how good the improvements will be at this time.
I would imagine Apple will need an OpenGL layer for just about forever as some programs won't give it up either because of legacy software or the desire to be platform independent. That is OpenGL though, I'm not sure vulcan has much of a future at all, it smacks of a reaction to everyone giving up and going their own way.Nothing slimy at all about this. Further most developers would be writing to higher level Apple libraries (API's) anyways
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