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Interesting, I have not heard that but then agian my interest in laptops is mostly focused on Macs. As far as being cheaper that is likely something any company could accomplish given IBM's business structure.
Actually most states have fairly strict rules about lunch (meal) breaks. In NY it is one hour for lunch and there is a defined range of time. Interestingly there is nothing mentioned of breaks.It would be ideal if people would sit down and actually read the labor laws, understand them and understand who they apply to. Every state is different and sometimes the requirements vary widely.
It is my understanding that Apple has hired more than a few AMD GPU designers so you might get your wish. I suspect thought that the GPU would be image Tech compatible.
I have to wonder if Apple has long term goals here. By pushing developers hard to move to 64 bit they can then rely upon a large base of software that is 64 bit. At that point they can start to design 64 bit only processors further reducing complexity and thus transitor count. That leaves Apple free to reduce power further. This would give Apple very lean processor cores.
Even Marvell is in the game with an applications processor. What is most interesting here isn't how these people are doing when out up against Apple but rather how they are doing when put up against Intel. It is Intel that has demonstrated pathetic accomplishments with low power processors. It is very much an ARM world still even if these designers are behind Apple.
This is so true and a huge problem because it is innovation that leads the industry right now. People don't want to admit that it is innovation too.Apple is on its second rev, actually you might say third as there are huge differences between A8 & A8X.In the end you can't find better cell phone hardware in the physical sizes Apple ships. This is huge. This is also why I beleive that that 4" sized machine rumored recently is real. Apple will ship it when the...
I really have to suspect that AppleInsiders claim here that such a feature is in hot demand. I really don't see it as that big of a deal. Mass transit systems really aren't that hard to figure out really, it isn't like the rails get moved around on a regular basis. Even if we talk buses here they still run very fixed schedules. Beyond all of that the vast majority of people using mass transit are at best lemmings anyways, recycling the same route day after day...
My thought is that the next revision Phi could replace the Xeon system processor in the Mac Pro. The update is suppose to be solid enough that it can realistically serve as a system processor. There are negatives going that way as core performance running integer codes isn't that great but on the other hand you have sixty cores. Since so much of what the Mac Pro supports is multi threaded software that can leverage lots of cores it would seem like a good fit. ...
It would be nicer if the chroot wasn't required. This is the problem with a machine that sort of runs LINUX via Chrome, it is sorta like the locked down IOS environment, but who wants a locked down LINUX environment? I'd rather have a machine that I can cleanly install the LINUX version of my choice.The fact that it is AppleInsider might have something to do with it. The problem compounds when you have a bunch of 13 year olds in the forum.
While no i86 this piece shows why Intel will be having competition for some time in tablet space: http://m.electronicdesign.com/microprocessors/multicore-64-bit-arm-based-soc-aims-mobile-market?NL=ED-07&Issue=ED-07_20141202_ED-07_861&sfvc4enews=42&cl=article_1&YM_RID=CPG05000002064437&YM_MID=578. In a nut shell everybody And there brother is getting into the ARM mobile processor business. This will keep Intel in a difficult position for sometime!
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