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Maybe they call it something besides "Mac".I think people underestimate just how important this can be for Apple.It may take a few more years but I do see a future where you can get MAC Pro like performance out of a fanless laptop. It is just a matter of some new concepts making it out of the labs.Maybe. Generally Macs are pretty good, however there was an unacceptable number of missteps with the last Mac OS release. If there is a real difference it probably has more...
That is rather old and unrelated to the discussions at hand. The fact of the matter is that these modern Intel cores do operate well above 3GHz approaching 4GHz all the while running on a far more performanc core. The only problem Intel has is that they speed step to those high frequencies and can only do so as long as the thermals remain in spec.In any event you missed the idea that new technologies are on the horizon that could displace silicon and lead to higher...
Modern C++ really isn't that bad. Neither C++ or Swift are excessively complicated if used with restraint. The way I look at it is that C is the complicated solution due to the lack of a good standards conforming library to the extent seen in C++ + STL. In my mind STL makes C++ less complicated in the long run. Sure there is a learning curve but you at least know that conforming solutions support the same functionality everywhere.
Sad isn't it! At one time I was really hopeful that Ada would take off, some of my first programming exposure was to Modual 2 ( in college ) and Pascal on a really old Mac. Ada seem like the perfect professional solution to supplant those languages. These days Ada seems to be relegated to Avionics and a few die hard fans that appreciate it's better features and abilities.
[[SPOILER]]I'm sitting here with a sad face laughing my a$$ off. Why? Because finding the spare time to do Mac / IOS development is beyond me. So im sad that finding time to reflect on some ideas I've had isn't there but more so im laughing my butt off because now I know I'm not the only one in this boat.The other problem is that programming isn't what does it for me when I need to destress or unwind.
Do you know that a good portion of the code that the climate scientists use in their climate models is Fortran based? That right there is enough to make me question their theories about the causes of global warming.
There is a lot of embedded stuff out there. For some of the common micro controllers Assemly is pretty easy to deal with, with either an entire project written in it or a a few files/routines. I kinda doubt there is a massive amount of i86 assembly being written.In any event its is surprising how far Swift has come. The problem as I see it is that Swift only corrects part of Apple development tools problems. I've never really liked the way the SDK and interface...
Hey I'm not the only one!I find iBooks to be a pretty good place to store tech manuals and the like, most of which come as PDFs. It could use improvements of course as management of the various manuals can be a pain as can be attaching proper file names to the documents. None the less it is a pretty good solution for being free.
EPubs work fine on iOS devices.By the way I really wish Apple would become more consistent with the way iBooks behaves across platforms. I like it as a place to hold technical documentation often in PDF format. Yes it needs improvements here but for some reason it doesn't sync these documents to iBooks on Mac OS devices. Strange really.
So does this means that Apple is going to up real effort into improving iBooks Author? I realize iBooks Author is free but that doesn't that it should stagnate. IBooks Author needs to be turned into a full blown Authoring system, that allows the majority of the authorship to be done within iBooks Author. Last I knew they recommended text creation in another editor and frankly that is hilarious.
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