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The new Mac Book is tablet "like" in its engineering. I'm not sure why people have issues with such statements, it is simply trying to ground the conversation with a reference to things people are familiar with. It doesn't mean that the Mac Book is a tablet at all. Clearly the customization of the batteries and the mother board derive from Apples experiences with tablets and phones.There is zero need to dual boot, an ARM based Mac could run IOS apps in a Window with...
This isn't an Atom processor, it is a Broadwell processor. As for performance. I'm expecting it to be very good considering it is a fanless design.
I'd loved to see ARM based Macs from Apple myself. As long as it is full Mac OS with all the power user access that Mac OS currently has.Certainly one should no confuse hardware for the operating system that runs on the hardware. We see this all the time with people that can't grasp that an ARM processor can power Mac OS, LINUX or whatever. Still with this discussion I think what people are getting at is that the hardware is tablet like in its size and customization.
It depends upon what parts you look at. The tight integration of the batteries and the tiny motherboard with SoC technology are tablet like. Further they are tablet like only because that is where consumers first started to see the technology.
I can't read minds but I read that post as a comment on the hardware engineering and in that regard the statements are not unreasonable. Further there is nothing to keep someone from running windowed apps on a tablet in some form or another.That seems to be excessive.
I'm certian this product will find its niche. I considered it for a moment but I have a real need for USB ports. Well that and more performance than Core M can deliver. That is why I bought one of the new13" MBP's, I get retina along with ports. Plus I get enough of a performance boost to put a smile on my face.I'm not sure Half Baked is the best description. I liken this product to the first Mac BOok Airs, pushing the envelop and sitting back to see what sticks....
That was my take.For most cases this may be true. It certainly isn't the computer to buy if you need to carry adapters on a daily basis. However this is almost perfect for people who understand their needs well and expect to only use the laptop docked with other hardware in one location, an office for example.What I don't understand here is why Apple blew it with regards to the charger. The charger should have had a break out for a video port and at least two USB...
This is the problem, many of us do use those ports. Often multiple ports at the same time. So yeah how many make a difference and frankly one is a no go for some of us.That is a strange way to count ports but you could be right in broad terms but here we are concerned about USB ports.
Not in the least. The point is we are talking about deviant behavior here. That is sexual drives that are not the norm. So you must ask yourself how far are you willing to go with your demand that business should be required to serve all comers?Im still right because the point here is the freedom to do business with those that you are willing to associate with.Look at it this way, say you own a hotel and a motor cycle gang comes into town and wants to stay at you...
Exactly! It gives businesses the freedom to do business with those they have no objection to. That is far better than being forced to do business with people you find objectionable.
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