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No!It is a beta by definition it isn't ready for a main machine. Further Apple specifically tells you it isn't to be used that way.If you can live with potential data loss then it might be useful to you. That and you are willing to file bug reports.This sort of questioning is why I agree 100% with Tallest first post. People just don't understand betas.
I actually sent Apple a bug report related to server issues with each iOS beta I've installed. The last time I spent more than an hour trying to get a downloaded beta to validate so it could install itself. Honestly they need to do better here.In fact it was a few days later when I filled the report because most of developer.Apple.com wasn't even available.I understand the strain of the mad rush but they really need to do better.
You aren't the only one agreeing with Tallest here. Just the issue with iCloud upgrade will cause the web to fill with years tomorrow.Frankly it is all I can do to handle one Apple beta at a time! I'm finding iOS 8 to be very buggy on iPad.
This has been the case for years. That however doesn't justify dropping the Mini just as it doesn't justify dropping the Mac Pro. The Mini like the Mac Pro was never meant to be a high volume machine as it was introduced way back in time when it wasn't even possible to get decent performance out of a box that size. Effectively it was a powerful SFF machine back in the day when SFF meant a highly compromised machine.Today the Mini, thanks to modern chips, is a viable...
Even this part about supplying electronic parts means little. I'm not sure but I thought Swatch owned a crystal manufacture. Crystals as in components of oscillators or clock generators. Even if I'm wrong it is conceivable that they have been supplying Apple for ages with parts.
They are just doing the responsible thing as a publicly traded company! You can't let rumors like this hang if there is no basis what so ever for the rumor.
I hope not.Something new certainly wouldn't hurt. As you note though the current form factor is extremely handy in that it is easily placed anywhere.
DDR4 is exactly what the modern APUs need! Every APU made these days has bandwidth issues that limit the systems over all performance.
I like the idea of a new platform as long as it does not compromise performance. Actually Id prefer more performance via support for higher wattage processors. The gap between the Mini and the Mac Pro is just massive performance wise and continues to get wider. Many see the Mini as entry level and I suppose the bottom end machine can be seen that way, however I'd rather see it as a machine that is a serviceable desktop machine for people that need good performance...
I can't really dismiss any of your points but lie to point out that they do have options. Like I mentioned one option is to increase the wattage capacity of the platform which would allow for desktop chips. Another option is to go AMD. People laugh about AMD but the Mini has never been a high performance desktop machine. Combined with AMDs far better GPU you would get a very balanced machine for the targetted user base. AMDs latest chips have a very good GPU and...
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