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Don't worry, when people realize that this phone is just too damn big they will become available used for cheap! I don't see the 6+ sustaining its selling price and volume for long.
No body here is saying the desire for more pixels is wrong. The problem is you have to balance a bunch of physical realities to deliver top notch photos. Go to higher sensor resolutions and you will loose capability elsewhere at the current state of the art. What Apple has delivered is a camera that is extremely balanced between pixel count and other valuable features such as low light capability and resolution.
Possible reasons:space? I'm not sure how much larger the camera is.battery power? Running servos takes power.product differentiation?costs?Each iPhone release crushes mainstream point and shoot cameras a little more.
More information is nice to have, but you need the technology to deliver it reliably. To put it simply the tech isn't there yet in cell phone sized sensors. As you note pixel size is very important element in delivering good quality.
Resolution really isn't a problem. Yes more pixels can be an advantage if they are able to deliver good quality but they seldom do in a cell phone. Personally I'd rather see a viable optical zoom before we see more pixels. Hell id be happy even if that caused a big bump in the phone.Actually no they couldn't. Remember the sensor needs to be able to deliver all the features Apple wants to offer, it is just a simple picture and video sensor.Are you sure that sensor is...
Whoa that has to suck!It might be too late but I was thinking that the iPhoto repository was like an app bundle which is like a disk image where you could open it and look around inside. Either that or it was a zip file. It has been a very long time since I've done anything with iPhotos so I'm pulling at straws here but I thought you could open that repository file and look at it with the same tools you use to look at *.DMGs. Please realize that I literally have...
the architecture is very interesting but I'm not sure it has worked its way into Xeon chips suitable for the Mac Pro yet. Yeah the clock rate bumps are minor in some cases but the performance of the cores is much better and internals of the chips vastly improved. The sense that I got was an overall big step forward for Xeon hardware.The five core island of cores is an interesting approach, I'm not sure why they went five cores thoughAI has pretty much given up on what...
I have to agree there are instances where there is no better option that a optical disk. At the same time I understand why Apple doesn't ship drives with their machines by default as most users couldn't care one way or the other.You make some good points here. I still receive a lot of documentation at work on CD's or DVDs, documents that often end up on servers. I still keep the optical disks though, you can stuff hundreds of them in one file cabinet drawer.
Some of the new Xeon designs are very interesting with CPUs allocated in groups of five. That is you can get chips in 5, 10 & 15 core variants. Possibly a 20 core too. It is actually a major overhaul and it would be very interesting to see the architecture move into Mac Pro class machines. There should be a very nice performance upgrade with just the single socket version of the MacPro.
That would be nice.I've lost all confidence in Apple doing the right thing with respect to the Mini. They need to deliver something relatively quickly though.Actually Intel released new hardware some time ago in the Xeon series. Actually the hardware has gone through a significant overhaul and it would be nice to see this design in the Pro. Either that or they go Xeon Phi which supposedly in the new version can support an operating system. Either way the next rev...
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