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Well put, I'm experiencing the same level of satisfaction. One thing I don't understand though is why does Appleinsider keep downplaying this update. It is very significant in my mind. Lots of good "new stuff" and silky smooth.
I would imagine as instrumentation is what got HP started. HP/Agilent/Keysight has made some excellent instrumentation over the years. However I'm not convinced Keysight is doing all that well at the moment. The instrumentation industry in the US has taken a beating from imports lately. Plus why change a companies name yet again, this always reduces trust that I may have in a company.
I really don't get the suing mentality these days. If your wife is unfaithful you really should be happy to get rid of her if you expected fidelity. Expecting fidelity these days does seem to be a bit much though.
Interesting! Id love to see a tear down and maybe info on processor performance. The other thing, does anybody know if these units work well not connected to the net. I have a use for one where all i want to do is broadcast over WiFi to a unit hooked to a TV. No need for internet connections.
Probably depends upon what Apple means by support. It only makes sense that some basic operations ge compatible with the remote. I highly doubt that Apple expects 100% functionality with the remote.
There is a nuclear war coming, so those buildings won't be a problem in the near future.There is a real world outside of the idiocy of New York City. Travel a bit and you might open your eyes to a better way of life.The thought process is that bulk electrical generation is far more efficient and it is far easier to manage pollutants. You can argue this one for hours as there are a massive number of factors involved.Contrary to popular myth the rich didn't get rich by...
The ugly thing here is government regulation, Apple isn't as free as you imagine to change the design of a car. They would have to overcome massive hurdles just to delete the steering wheel.I'm not disagreeing with your theme here as much could happen to leave behind old manufacturing approaches. The problem is they would have to deliver provably better technology that the regulators would accept as a replacement for existing approaches. Braking is a perfect example,...
Not every business needs to be high margin to be successful. The local grocery store is as low margin as any and yet the family that runs it are doing well and have enough money to donate millions regularly to the local catholic school system.It will be most interesting to see where they build their plant. It would be idiotic to build in California but also stupid to try to import the car. There best bet is the south where BMW already has a plant.As long as people...
Maps is great, I use it when traveling and frankly it always gets me to where I'm going. I've never understood the hate for Maps as it works fine for me.I use Weather even more frequently but here I could see Apple making many improvements. For one I'd like Weather to deliver severe weather notifications.
Why on earth would you want to do that? For me Notes is very useful just the way it is.Actually this one has had me confused for some time. Maybe they need to better explain what reminders is suppose to do. Personally I'd rather see more enhancements to the calendar app.No way! This is a seriously bad idea, especially when you look closely at those Mac apps that just suck. ITunes is a perfect example of an app that needs more splitting up. Pulling iBooks out...
New Posts  All Forums: