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The lack of imagination sometimes is stunning. However it is even more perplexing that facts like the advantage seen by the 2GB of RAM in the new IPAds is so completely ignored. Just adding more RAM to an iPhine would be reason enough to want the next rev. It isn't just imagination here there are real features iPhone needs.Funny thing here is that my LTE service, on my iPad, is often faster than many of the so called WiFi hot spots around town.
Exactly! They are infact actually shipping product. Most interesting is that 2GB could also ship with a nice performance improvement if Apple wanted.
Lacking imagination are we?Actually that is unadulterated baloney. Right off the bat I can say without reservation that iPhone needs more RAM! This is hardly debatable and frankly when it happens you will see old phones quickly becoming hopelessly outdated.RAM is just one area where improvements could do a lot for iPhone. There are all sorts of possibilities for the camera for example. Apple has a long ways to go sensor wise too.Honestly I don't understand the...
I think it is more of a question of Samsung being in a leadership position with respect to DDR 4 and LPDDR 4 DRAMs. Let's face it the bottle neck to RAM never went away with the SoC, it in fact got worst due to both the GPU and CPU using the bandwidth. A faster RAM subsystem would allow Apple to deliver increased performance with minimal changes to the rest of the chip.Package on package could be phased out with stacked chip technology. IBM seems to be the leader in...
I'm about due, running an iPhone 4 here that I don't want to give up! That doesn't mean that I loose interest in what Apple is shipping though.I can. Seriously I see the concept of what a cell phone is, is in its infancy. There is potential to complete replace the computing needs of many people with more advanced cell phones. Performance will continue to go up remarkably so.
I'd hardly say stale. Apple has dropped the ball here getting updates out though. Broadwell would be one nice update to the Airs.
Probably an odometer of some sort. What comes with the average car isn't that accurate and frankly many have poor resolution. Such an attachment would likely deal with both of those issues.
Poaching makes for a very tasty Samsung employee! 😝😝😝On a more serious note this may very well be true if Apple was in the process of setting up its own fab. It is hard to imagine another need for a Samsung employee.
Which is why you hire people. Beyond that there are no real secrets when it comes to mechanical design.You do realize that if you drop a car from 3-4 feet you will often break a window and probably do other damage.Only an ambulance chasing lawyer would believe that a device can be 100% safe. In fact if you follow some of the recalls you will find that often very unexpected things happen in the field.This is true to an extent! However I could see Apple making a vehicle...
I think Apple has given up on iPod and the Touch. It is a shame really. It is one of those things where their. Actions assure projections. By that I mean sales tank while hardware starts to age badly. Touch should have went 64 bit last year with enough flash to solve anybodies music storage needs.Well one thing is certain, nobody with any sense would buy today's iPod Touch. As I said Apple believes the MP3 music player industry is done and by not updating any of...
New Posts  All Forums: