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Just make the damn thing Apple! Seriously I'd be all over a new iPhone that is a seriously good photography tool. To that end I would hope that they don't miniaturize it to the point that any optical benefit goes out the window. Hopefully they can hit 12 mega pixels while upping light gathering effciency significantly. At is 12 mega pixels that are measurably of higher quality than what we get now.
Hey Winter glad to see the interest hasn't died yet!As for me my MBP died several weeks ago. Ended up waiting for the recent release of new Mac Books. In that regard I went with the new 13" MBP and frankly I'm pretty happy with it so far. I've had it about two weeks now. Frankly this was an unplanned purchase due to the old machine giving up the ghost, this will likely put any Mini purchase on hold.I can't say much about a machine I've never seen but at work they...
This is highly doubtful, any non trvial production line start up has initial yield and productivity problems. It is the nature of the beast. This sounds more like somebody hearing something and then blowing it out of proportion.As it is I've seen production lines where 40% yields have been considered good results.I suspect that is a stretch. For one if Apple delivers in a way to meet demand then the rumors is proven false and puts the credibility of the rumor...
Slow news day maybe?As it is, anybody that has been involved in manufacturing anything know that there is a ramp up period. This ramp up can be of considerable length. This has been my experience anyways with a number of different production line start ups.
Using that logic they should just get an Iphone.By the way I understand what you are saying, but people value their time differently and a machine that is seen as slow offends their sensibilities. I have an old LINUX machine down in the cellar right now that works fine and likely will become a CNC controller soon, but man is that machine slow!!! Given an iPad or my new MBP I'd grab them before using that old machine to send an E-mail.
That depends upon whom you believe. Some rumors indicate that SkyLake will delver the biggest jump over a previous proceeor than we have seen in a decade. This is actually hard to believe as the architecture is awful mature. However since we have been getting minor bumps for years now I could see 10-20% faster cores.
This is the biggest issue ive had with the machine. It is pretty useless without ports.Performance is a real concern also. I have no doubt at all that it will be suitable fir many users, but that isn't suitable for everything i do with my laptop. Given that the Mac Book might make a better solution when it come time to replace my iPad. In some ways it is an iPad with a Keyboard.
ARM can run Mac OS fine. All Apple has to be is willing to port the OS over. That likely is 99% done already. If you dont believe me take a look at all of the ARM based Linux distros
Thanks for wasting my bandwidth with that video!As noted modern design plays a big part in making a car safe. However on the smart car the driver is seated back pretty far. Also it doesn't diminish the value in a long nose being able to absorb more of that collision energy.The other thing is psychology here, I for one are more comfortable driving a vehicle with a bit of a nose on it. Maybe there is no justification for that feeling but it does exist.
This is an interesting article and I tend to agree with the authors conclusions. I can do that because I just purchased a new 13" MBP and frankly I'm very happy with the purchase. As such I can add some comments that people might be interested in. Keep in mind my previous Mac was a 2008 MBP. The battery life is really good. The first couple of days I spent a lot of time on battery and got good results working the machine hard. I'm not sure if I would have made...
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