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The extra cores would do wonders for iPad even if the resolution remains the same. Performance is iPads weakest point and anything Apple can do to improve it would be welcomed. However we also need balance between GPU and CPUS performance.For CPUS performance I'm not sure which is the best avenue for Apple to follow. Quad cores would be nice and the ARM cores are so small it probably is a snap for Apple to do. However single core performance is very very important...
I'm more concerned about the performance of apps once they are in RAM. An upgrade to two GB should improve iPad significantly due to the fact that apps only get a portion of the current 1GB of RAM. More that 2GB would be nice too but I doubt we will get that.
If you are running iOS 8 blame the operating system. It gets a bit better in iOS 8.1 but I'm left with the imroession Apple has lost all sense of quality control with its software. Faster hardware will mask that somewhat but then you have to consider what happens if all of those pixels arrive.
So will I. IPad need significantly better performance, more than it needs a lot of extra pixels I can't see.
Sadly I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling here. I wold have expected a leak or two by now.
Thereis a limit to what you can do with a few millimeters of thickness.That is pure baloney. For one you have the freedom to use a Bluetooth keyboard. More importantly you assume that every form of productivity requires a keyboard.Using a keyboard with an iPad is not a tapped together solution.First off the so called hybrid iPad has been discussed for years. Second you make a dangerous assumption that Apple can't innovate here. There are unlimited opportunities...
So does anybody think the Mini gets revved this week.
I think the trick is finding the right balance. There is good reason to stress math, English and science in schools but it needs to be balanced with contemporary arts and traditional creativity. I consider technology including computers to be a contemporary art.What has been missing in many schools is the hands on with the physical. Here things like shop class, art and crafts are important.One thing I'm always thankful for is a father that made sure I got lots of...
GTAT will likely end up in the same position they where in before contracting with Apple. So take a look at their stock value before the deal with Apple was realized and then discount the price a bit.I'm not sure Apple has much of a need for the plant.You never know! I do believe this puts an end to GTATs manufacturing aspirations.Had to say. GTAT had a viable business before Apple, they may be able to rebuild that business. As far as that rebuilding goes it can't...
Where did you get that idea from?
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