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Hardly. In fact I'm not sure where this idea that iPad is overkill ever came from as you are not the only one I've heard it from. IPad simply doesn't have the performance to run one of its primary apps well which in case you are wondering is Safari.The problem is we are talking entirely different markets here. IPad Air owners for the most part don't want a massive iPad. For big I can grab my laptop.Knowing a few businessmen I highly doubt that.
I really don't think Apple is that stupid.
This is very very true. Companies these day would rather higher what are effectively slaves than to higher experienced and capable individuals. The trend is to higher people on work visa or engineers straight out of school and then lay them off after a project is finished. I've seen this personally and it wasn't in a traditional tech oriented company.You hit upon an important point here, too many professional manager have no idea what the people they manage do. ...
I would imagine you would love it if it fits your needs. My concern would be that a significantly larger iPad would be harder to handle in the very mobile space.It could easily be an iPad Pro. I wouldn't expect an iPad Pro to follow exactly in the foot print of the current iPad.A shield not really, thin composites aren't that resistant penetration.The battery probably won't be a problem. Batteries do improve every year even if slowly. More importantly recent news...
Why A7? Seriously if Apple wants to continue these long upgrade cycles they should put a 14 nm processor in there to keep the Touch relevant for a couple of years. If it wasn't for Apple ignoring the platform I would of had one years ago.
Here is was thinking graphics orient professionals, especial ones that already use tablet interfaces in their work flows.Nope, iOS comes up short in many ways when I comes to being suitable for professional use. No system wide scripting support is a big problem for example. Then you have the lack of a shared file system to allow easy moving of documents between various apps. Related to this is the lack of a "Finder" like app to help manage those files.IOS 9 does...
The only context I have here is my iPad 3 and my 13" MBP. In that regard the iPad is far more portable than the Mac and usable in far more places. One can use the iPad easily in a car, the plant floor and a host of other places. Using something as large as a MBP in these cases is just awkward.The awkwardness of these devices is why I suspect the focus will be on professionals that can leverage the larger device to their advantage.
That is an optimistic price though I have to admit the whole product line needs a price adjustment. If Apples goal is to focus on the professional market with this device I suspect that they will have problems because iOS 9 simply isn't a big enough step forward for professional use.
They are effectively a newspaper with a range of articles some with more research than others. DigiTimes certainly isn't the publication of an Analyst. I really wonder if the people complaining about DigiTimes have ever taken the time to actually read the publication as it has far more value that the crap we see from many analysts around here.
People would better understand context here if they would actually read DigiTimes. There is a lot of value in the publication and decent separation of rumor from more credible content.As for initial orders I could see Apple being very careful at this time. There is good reason behind many wanting a larger iPad but I don't think it is a universal desire on the part of all iPad users. One of iPads big pluses is its portability evefectively the same as a book, you don't...
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