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I like your thinking here!!It may not be special but the various manufactures have the ability to exceed others quality wise honestly if Microns RAM draws a few micro amps less than the competition it is a big advantage in mobile. Beyond that Micron has had a long relationship with Apple.Hybrid Memory Cube would be a wonderful turn of events! The speed of this stuff is pretty incredible but you need the right interface on your processor. This is where Apples DIY...
Not to quote you twice but are you thinking about the so called Braswell chip Intel is talking up? If so that would have to be an extremely low end MBA. Apples A7 would perform about the same.
A little more information wouldn't hurt! Links? Is this Broadwell / 14 nm tech or a rehashed Haswell?
True there would be costs but there are also benefits to doing such things in Vegas. For one the strip isn't a city like San Francisco, it is a far more enjoyable place to visit and yes I've been in both cities. The big advantage for Apple though is easy accommodations for a very large crowd of people. Apple could open up WWDC to 10,000 people and they wouldn't even be noticed in Las Vegas.
Interesting thought. Makes me wonder which surfing beach they will choose next for a product name. I'm thinking something either from Hawaii or Australia.
For many if they don't understand something they don't see it as new or a feather in Apples cap. This is why the great accomplishment of the A series processors gets ignored, especially the A7. A7 is a significant confirmation of Apples design skills, the more information that leaks out the more it becomes obvious that A7 demonstrates a significant advancement for Apple and is in fact a very new product.On the other hand I do expect much more this year than last so...
It wouldn't be WWDC then. Instead you would have AWDC, EWDC and AWDC, for Americas, Europe and Asia. Due to the usual technology roll outs that wouldn't work at all
I really hope not! Much depends upon Intel and the hope that they have worthwhile hardware in the next few weeks. There are indications that Intel might have DDR4 RAM interfaces on some of the Haswell refresh chips. If so that could have considerable impact on performance, they won't be Broadwell chips but bandwidth is a big issue on all chips with integrated GPUs.This is a thing I don't understand either. Maybe Apple isn't selling enough to see an upgrade as...
Baloney! If a significant technology advance required it the iPhone would have required it. You seem to forget that one of Steve's personal goals was to remake the photography would.Again you don't know what you are talking about here. If the gains are worth it Steve would jump on such a design. Why? Because one of his goals with iPhone was and apparently still is Apples aim, to revolutionize the photography world. A phone with even a modest 2X optical zoom is...
Bingo!, Powerful enough to replace the Mini as a desktop computer.
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