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Windows is what drove me to Linux after issues with 95 and then NT. The day that Apple described what would become the new mac OS I was overjoyed that it would be Unix at its roots. Having multiple Windows machines at work I can honestly say the platform really hasn't improved much over the years.Beta applications are no problem, just uninstall them if they don't do it for you.Exactly and frankly this is what Apple advises.If your computer is making money for you...
You wouldn't install it if the computer is used for work outside of development that is for certain and frankly Apple strongly suggests not installing it on production hardware. However beyond that El Capitan has been wonderful and is already a strong upgrade over Yosemite. I'm running it on a new MBP 13" and I have to say it will be well received when it goes stable and is released. iOS 9 on the other hand has a long long ways to go.
Unfortunately that is like painting a bulls eye on the side of a building. Attractions that bring large numbers of innocent civilians are like candy to a three year old, just what the suicide bombing culture would love to see.
That is because it is snappy! I'm actually shocked at how good Mac OS is in this beta, feels snappy compared to Yosemite on relatively new hardware.IOS (on an iPad 3) is a different story though. To many crashes and restarts right now, I'm hoping this beta firms up significantly. On the iPad it is a mixed bag with things often far faster and then areas of regression. It really looks like iOS has a greater distance to go that Mac OS for release.
I know this is a wicked thought but imagine the day before Apple moves in a massive quake hits the building and leaves it flattened.
Now that is going to be affordable. 😉
We are on the verge of a world wide depression. China and the EU are very likely to pull the entire world under.It really is a good time to stuff the mattress with cash, the pantry with food and the gun cabinet with ammo! Lots of ammo. Seriously the situation in China, Greece and the EU is pretty bad, we will be lucky if 2016 goes smoothly for the USA.In Apples case the exposure they have to China is huge. It is a big market but frankly they have too much...
Great minds think alike here.
Apple would need a compelling reason to switch. One reason that I can think of is to get full control of the SOC. This is where all modern computer design is taking place these days.With ARM based hardware Apple would be free to add any sort of logic they require. This could give them significant advantages as the could put what they want on the chip. Need logic to support an AI, no problem just allocate the chip space.
Take a look at some of Apples developer videos out this year. They are doing interesting things with App Store and the developer tools. App Store, with iOS 9, will download processor specific executable code based on the characteristics of the device requesting the app. Well if everything goes to plan it will. So in iOS land if you need a 64 bit executable the store downloads that and leaves 32 bit specific code off the device. This applys to other parts of the...
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