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The assumption here is that there is a market large enough to justify the hardware to support a stylus. I don't see it unless they can deliver a refined hand writing recognition system that would appeal to a wider audience. The reality is Apple probably would sell more Xserves than styluses and we all know what happened to the Xserve.
Note also that Steve only killed it because the company only had a couple of months before it went bankrupt. I was always left with the impression that he really had to do a lot of things he didn't like around that time. If Steve really hated the Newton he would have sold off the technology to generate cash for the company, he didn't do that apparently seeing value in the device.
people are useless without the training to do the job and the capital inlace to allow them to do the job. If you manufacture a production line to make X number of items per year hiring more people will not allow that line to make more product. You have to build an entirely new production line and possibly new production lines at component suppliers.In the end having your production line maxed out is not really a good thing for a company. it means they are leaving...
There are so many possibilities that it doesn't even pay to guess. As for taking advantage of the larger screen, of course software will have to be updated to do that, just like it has been for every other new iOS device. As for pen support I'm still not convinced that Apple would want to bother with that extra capability. The interested market is too small.
That is a big "if". We don't even know if the screens are the same technology. I have a hard time imagining that large screens are produced on the same production lines as the smaller lines. Especially when you are talking cell phone screens where it would pay to have customized production lines.
The guy in right in the sense that Apple is undervalued if you consider future potential. One big factor is Apple Pay which I think many are discounting too much. However I don't think it is smart at all to muddle with current management practices.
Maybe maybe not you don't know the whole story.Careful, you can end up liable here. As to what they are doing with Apple do you really know or are you just trowing crap at the wall? As for the judges they will likely work with the facts in the case.So I'm guessing you have never worked for a small company that has been jerked around by a larger company. I know of few executives anywhere that would want to willingly go into Chapter 11, & or whatever.
You are displaying some rather disturbing ignorance here. GTAT built a massive plant for Apple on a very tight schedule. To imply they did nothing is the height of stupidity.Not at all.To be perfectly honest you are the type of investor most companies wish would die off and never raise their heads again. You have over run this thread with more nonsense and unjustified statements than I've seen in years. Simply put you don't deserve answers and frankly the lack of...
Please can we have a little rational thought here. This is peanuts, I've seen far smaller companies burn proportionately more money on projects that never yielded anything. Apparently you have never ran a business or been materially involved in one.Why would they get their money back, they got what they paid for. The plant GTAT built for Apple didn't evaproate as a result of a Chpater 11 filing.To put it bluntly a mad man deserves nothing.Apple didn't give anybody...
This is nonsense.That money went into the plant that they now have in Arizona. The furnaces and other production hardware in that plant doesn't go away with Chapter 11.I really don't understand this nonsense about Cook. Apple has lost nothing here. As for the chapter 11 that might be the result of Apples contract with GTAT or it might not. We don't know but likely will shortly once all the filing material is reviewed. The other way to figure out what might...
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