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It isn't just about charging. Do people really believe around here that there are no other uses for USB ports?Even if that was true, you still only have one USB port - that is a big problem for many.Who cares? I mean really each iPhone comes with its own charger. It isn't a question of charging hut usability in the field or even at a desk.Absolutely wrong. The use case here is portability and with that comes a variety of uses. One of theses uses involves...
Which you can deal with by installing LINUX, BSD or some other operating system.
Yes and people should have problems with that. Sadly it is a detour on the way to the intelligent systems that we need in the future.
Specs are important, it is just that you have to focus on the right specs. This is perhaps Apples greatest failing with the Mac Book, they don't seem to realize that ports (a spec) are important to many. So are things like processor performance which in this case is totally unknown.
They aren't worthless at all. They give you an honest point of reference with respect to repairability.Not if your warranty or Apple Care has expired!Why would it impact Apple sales? The vast majority of Apples sales are to people that don't give a damn about the environment, sustainability or the cost to them of new hardware. Some of us, a minority to be sure, actually fixes things that break down around the house when it makes sense.A perfect example is my MBP which...
Oh come on here, they wouldn't add just a new track pad to an old model. This especially if that track pad requires frame modifications.
Well first the way people use their machines does change over time! Also the accumulated data tends to increase not decrease. In any event I learned my lesson here the hardware by buying a Mac with a 200 GB hard drive a few years ago. That drive simply wasn't big enough and thus I won't make that mistake again. So yeah large drive availability in lower end models makes sense because these days storage can become a problem before performance.It is far worst on the...
Actually the owner of the gold ones has to run faster to keep his machine. 😜😜😜😜This is a bummer but the question should be asked has Intel released a suitable chip? Also if I had a choice between quad cores and a vastly improved GPU I think I would go the GPU route for this round. It would be nice to have a quad core, don't get me wrong here, but the improved GPU makes it a more versatile machine attractive to a wider array of users.
I think it is pretty obvious that a MBP 15" isn't as far away as some think. As such im expecting a SkyLake bases machine in the July time frame. SkyLake affords Apple the opportunity to do a major overhaul of the machine.With the lackluster up date to the MBA you do have to wonder if Apple has a long term goal here. The only thing I can think here is that the new track pad is in a ramp up stage and thus expensive. That of course doesn't explian the lack of a boost...
I've been calling it a proof of concept machine much like the original IPad was a proof of concept. In both cases the machines work as advertised but like the IPad the Mac Book will become impressive once the chips catch up. In this regard SkyLake will likely be a major improvement but the real deal will likely be a 10 nm class chip.
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