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It certainly isn't bad at all, that is a lot of capability when you consider the chip is targetting hand held devices. I'm sitting here remembering the day when you actually had to pay extra for cache chips. It is surprising how far we have come.The thing here is everybody is expecting Apple to debut a quad core chip. That may happen but they could vastly improve A7 by tweaking this like cache size.Gotta run lunch is about over.
How did VLIW architectures get pulled into this?As for Apple I wouldn't be surprised to see them deviate from the norm and start to consider merging CPUs with neural networks, FPGA and the like.
No problem! Honestly I'd rather see a few screw ups from you then to not hear from you at all! You are greatly missed when you don't post at all.Way to go Relic!Oh and hang in there we are all pulling for you.
All APU style chips are hobbled by the memory interface. That is one reason why Intel gas added an in package fast cache chip. It is also why on chip caches are so important in these sorts of SoC.
I think you mis the point, this has little to do with Apple as Apples market is captive. What it is is strong competition for the part of the market Intel wants.
It isn't sloppy it is good engineering. Eventually you have to improve your optics to get substantially better cameras in cell phones. Goods optics require space.
IOS 8 helps a lot! Safari does have more than a few bugs in beta though.
Starting production right now would be good for a September launch. I'm a bit excited and are hoping that Apple upgrades the device properly to convince me to upgrade. As it is even my iPad 3 is running better with iOS 8.
Why? Nikon does it all the time, that is market cameras with different capabilities. Beyond that Apple has a lot of customers that are at best idiots and would get all bent out of shape if their precious iPhone sprouted a bump to support a better camera. Put a good quality camera in one model and people that understand the how's and whys will gravitate to it. Those that have an emotional problem over a bump on the back side can stick with the lesser platform.
Features = space. As such I would fully expect that the large phone would have more features.A faster processor and better camera is exactly what a larger phone could support.Degrade it? By definition the new phines would be an improvement over old phones. Honestly I'm hoping Apple comes out with an iPhone 4 sized phine with an A7 or A8 processor. I don't need a huge phone but an updated processor would be fantastic.
New Posts  All Forums: