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Who knows honestly! With Touch ID they implemented quickly after buying the company. We could see Apple target only the 7?+ with such technology. The reality is that the dual lens camera might save space thickness wise but it does spread the camera hardware out. In the end this might pull too much area out of the smaller phone.I really like the track pad on my new MBP but I honestly seldom use the force touch to get an alternative Touch input. For normal...
the problem with that is that an iMac isn't suitable hardware for many installations. This is one of the reasons Apple has had little success with desktop hardware in industry.Baloney. People looking for a desktop machine are doing so to allow themselves that ability to configure what they need. It is a critical concept. Even with an iMac there are better alternative keyboards. The idea that you only get a good experience with Apple hardware has no basis in reality.
It is late in the evening and only ten posts to this thread. Makes me wonder what the real interest in iPad Pro is.
When I see such silly posts I have to ask what is the missing feature they have to add? The usual response is silence.Are you on welfare or the dole as they call it in someplace? I have to ask because you would have to be a slow person to state that iPad 3 is fast. It is anything but fast. In fact when I do upgrade mine it will be due to being driven in that direction by its pokey behavior. Frankly the upgrades Apple has realized so far sumo,y aren't good enough...
You do realize that a lot of good can come from killing people. The reluctance of the left to do so is why things like ISIL can grow into such a menace that it is at the moment.The problem here is that corporations do pay and frankly pay big time.Actually on this point I have to agree to some extent. The current abysmal state of the economy would be greatly improved if wages simply increased to match the inflation rate. What is really asinine here is that many...
Tipping is a social reality more than anything and predates modern tax law. It supposedly rewards good service. Notably it comes from a time when restaurants or pubs where often family business. In the end tipping wasn't about the survival of waiters. Rather it is a rather old custom and reflects upon a time when such people did not earn a wage at all. If anything the minimum wages waiters earn today, are more about the cheapskate population that refuses to tip.
These people are looked down upon in Ireland.
Switzerland is one of those places I'd love to visit but that would be excessively expensive for me right now. My few visits to Europe & Ireland, have all been work related and frankly traveling for work just plain sucks. Often the only stuff you see is the view when you fly in and the look out the limos window if you can stay awake.It is good to hear that you are doing better. As I've said before we have your back here and want nothing more that for you to get...
That is possibly so, but from a business management stand point it doesn't make sense.I find Mini's turning up in all sorts of places that are far removed from consumer uses. The problem is the platform is often running Windows. The commercial world just can't seem to wean itself from the world of Windows even if something like the Mini is an idea fit for their needs.
The problem is RAM directly impacts the ability of iOS devices to work properly. You can stick your head in the sand and pretend it doesn't matter but that is hardly an adult approach to technology.
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