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I don't know about you guys but the embedding of the M9 into this A9 SoC has me wondering what else got embedded and frankly if this is a 14/16nm chip. 14nm technology would certainly explain part of the huge performance boost while apparently actually reducing power requirements. I would imagine there are some micro architecture updates to the CPU and GPU's too. Honestly I'm more amazed by this A9 than anything else about the 6S.
What strikes me is that this "S" series of iPhones is the rather massive update and this is just one feature that makes that obvious. Makes you wonder about iPhone 7.
This is a different phone with vastly different electronics, you can't compare the two based on battery size.Maybe, we don't know if the new features added significantly to a size reduction in the battery.
Because it is a royal pain in the ass. Further the loss of data that sometimes happens is a massive productivity killer.The reloads are often coming from locally stored data and might be more accurate described as redrawing the image of the web page. The bandwidth of the Internet connection has little impact here.Obviously you don't use your machine on demanding web pages. By the way iOS is getting much better with respect to reloads and app data loss. This is a...
No mention of RAM. The updates are however impressive. It looks like the camera alone might be good reason to update, the processor performance however is nothing to sneeze at either.
A better update than many expected!Well no. I'm not a big fan of renting anything.It might actually be slightly better. One thing that was glossed over is that the M9 "chip" was integrated into the A9 SoC. By the looks of it possibly other hardware, this in itself can lead to better power profiles. More importantly it really does sound like this is a 14/16nm chip. If so that can go a very very long ways to lowering power in the SoC.In any event the new A9 chips...
Well this is nonsense, iPad is very much a real computer! The implementation of file handling is just terrible however.
Please forward this to Tim Cook. If there is one thing I hate about iPad (something I generally love to use) is that file handling simply sucks. As such it can't even remotely replace a laptop.
Plus he is or was a marketing person, you don't sell hardware you don't have. People repeatedly forget what marketing is all about.
That is up to Apple! Even I'm a little surprised by the big jump in performance alluded to here. If A9X actually delivers the figures quoted this will be a very nice machine and probably outperform the Mac Book
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