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It is a conference for professionals and is rather cheap. For example check out: http://www.cleoconference.org/home/registration/registration-types-and-fees/. In the end by the time you pay all the fees for CLEO you would pay even more. Further the benefit to developers is massive. On top of all of that it is probably a tax deduction.Beyond all of that, without a stiff entry fee Apple would have to contend with many developers that simply aren't serious.
I'm not too sure about that. There are advantages to having a language that is maintained by a standards organization. It is one reason why C/C++ have maintained their status for so long, it gives developers some confidence that their code will be supported in some manner well into the future.As for library support, Apple could easily partition Swift into a core language and the supporting library. However I would imagine that they would want to standardize at least...
The funny thing here is that professionals have returned to the app after realizing that some of the concerns where over blown.
Interesting!I'm not sure why people are so perplexed by the idea that a computer can have more than one port type. There is very little overlap in the technology sets that compose TB and USB-C. They will exist side by side for years. USB-C is still a low performance interface and is not suitable for the uses that TB is put to. More interesting is this, will TB see a new connector or maybe even go all optical.
From a software development stand point what Apple does makes a lot of sense. They get rid of old dodgy code bases and release new software built upon new technologies. This allows them to maintain high quality and performance with their software.All the people that had emotional melt downs over these Pro packages seem to not understand that the alternative to not updating code bases is to have the app die. In the case of FCPX they now have a new code base that will...
The big problem is that initial demand is hard to estimate, especially with many different models available. Further you need to build your production capacity for long term demand estimates. Some have estimated that Apple sold a million of these watches already, that is a pretty impressive launch for a watch.
Early adopters are not a measure of a devices success. I would imagine that success would be demonstrated by the end of the year.The only reason I could see for buying an Apple watch is if it could handle blood sugar monitoring. In general I hate wearing anything on my wrists. As such I won't be a customer anytime soon.
So how do you know that Quanta was to blame here? Seems to me that Apple was the one responsible for the design of these machines.
You may be taking things the wrong way. For many buying this machine would be a huge step backwards performance wise. Not everyone needs that sort of performance of course but there are real technical concerns that come with buying this machine.The difference I see here is that you understand the machine whereas many posting here don't.Many of us though are addicted to the ports. At the very least I'm using one USB port constantly, often I need the second and see a...
Marginal if you don't get other features with that 0.1 GHz. The. Other way to look at this is that it would offer you less than ten percent everything being equal.[/Quote]Also, wasn't sure if this is fanless, if one doesn't get maxed out on processor in a few minutes no matter what. I have first and third gen MacBook Air and first gen would get crippled and slow down to basic uselessness (I'd actually put in on an airconditioning vent to get it to work...
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