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Think of it as a centering ring!
That is so true. Many great ideas never realize their potential due to the lack of capital.Well this is debatable, there are very complex sensors out there. One the other hand a display is a regular array of output devices. Once you master printing those micro LED's, displays should be easy.
Why not? It is my understanding that Apple was a significant contributor to the new USB-C standard so it isn't like the technology is unknown to them. Further the idea of a highly flexible Port is in line with Apples recent approach to Engineering new hardware. I would think that it is highly likely that Apple will move to a full USB-C implementation, that is TB included, in the next hardware revs.
Well yeah but that doesn't dismiss the fact that everything SkyLake related has been reworked on the chip set. Everything from RAM to the various I/O interfaces are improved often supporting a new generation of technology. This will result in vastly improved laptop behavior In a wide array of settings.If it wasn't for my old Mac breaking down I would have waited for SkyLake and all that new technology. As it is moving from a early 2008 machine to a 2015 era machine...
Seriously?These are not incremental changes, many of the improvements coming in SkyLake are, are new technologies that much of the industry will be moving to in the next few months.Nope you missed the point completely.All that is required is to be able to read the slides and digest the information. In this case the hype is well worth considering as these chips off considerable advantage to any number of users.Sure it is "safe", that doesn't mean it is wise!Waiting is the...
It is the fact that this is a major generational improvement that makes SkyLake so important. A significant number of subsystems have been improved to make this chipset well worth waiting for.
Certainly those sorts of people exist, but there is really a third category, that is forward looking but frugal people. Interestingly they can exist as consumers and as pro users.This comment is just as asinine as the people looking for a status symbol machine. SkyLake represents a new generation of chip technology.Hard to say here. You must have at one time or another ran into people that apparently have tried to save every penny they have made. They could...
Waiting on specs can be very wise if it will leave you with a new generation of hardware. Here I'm talking USB-C, TB, and the new SkyLake GPUs. Sure it can be frustrating when Apple performs a major boo boo like it did with Mac Book, but I kinda doubt they will leave the PRO line up with one port.
While all of the above is true the company I work for has hired many people from the now defunct Kodak. That doesn't mean we will be making film.😬I don't dismiss the possibility that Apple is working on a car project, or maybe better said a transportation project. To get any real traction in the marketplace it needs to be something very unique and hopefully advanced enough to impress people. That will be hard to do at the price points a car needs to be marketed at. ...
If they want to sell to me it will need to be called iPickup. Oh it needs to be reasonably priced too, survive the winters in the fridge north and have some sort of range extending capability.
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