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You do realize that this is a complete bogus piece to be referencing. Apple has never designed its own chips for PC's. Macs started out with Motorola 68000 series processors and the jumped to PowerPC which came from IBM but resulted in a partnership with what ended up as FreeScale. Apple didn't design much of anything here though I do believe they had a big hand in the vector processor.So quoting this article isn't doing much for you.
Well we all know where PCCARD slots went! The latest laptops seen to have eliminated most plug in ports either internally or externally. Now we have rumors that the SD card slots are going. Basically I think we are screwed unless Apple designs in the capability.Sad really because I honestly think I would buy a MBA or even a MBP instead of an iPad the next time around instead of an iPad if the laptop had this feature. Tethering just has too many negatives for me.
Frankly I don't even care about an upgradeable GPU. The industry is at a point right now where upgradeable hardware is of limited value, the technology is changing fast leading us to entirely new generations of hardware.Fusion drive is an interesting concept but it is quickly coming to the point where you can have enough flash for you main disk at a reasonable price.I really like the idea of simply using the Mac Pro chassis with consumer hardware in place of the XEON and...
This is all true, but I don't think that they had an awareness of how users use their hardware that they do today. Also with the advent of LTE you now have data speeds that don't suck.Maybe. Apple is actually seeing a lot of success with the Mac line so hopefully this means more freedom to develop new products. Speaking of new products does anybody have a clue about the new Mac Pro and its sales rate?
The only way that Apple can judge one foundry against another would be to build the same chip at both foundries. The chips would be as functional equivalent as the processes allow.This only highlights that Apple has already received test samples from at least one foundry. 14/16nm chips are already being shipped to customers. So the idea that Samsung has already been selected as a partner for the next node isn't impossible.Apple is at a point right now that I really...
The odds are slim to none in the Mini format at this point. Why? Because Intels GPUs are good enough now for the markets served. The other reality is that to deliver dramatically better GPU performance you need a different chassis than the Mini.Maybe not today but Intel is still focused GPU performance thus we should see significant leaps with both Broadwell and SkyLake series chips.My hope is that Apple would see a niche to fill and offer a Mac Pro like machine with...
There is plenty of room, in various places for antenna. It is a matter of designing it in. With the advent of Broadwell and SkyLake not far off, there will be even more room.Even though I'm an iPhone user I still really like the LTE option of my iPad. It is very useful when WiFi sucks in the local area. It is one of the reasons I bought the iPad in the first place as it connects just about anywhere. Now maybe the latest iPhones do WiF better so maybe my opinion...
We still pay too much for the flash memory we get. This is one reason I'm still on an iPad 3. Apparently Apple has this vision for IPad that doesn't align with the vision customers,have. Part of that is a desire for lots of local flash storage at cost effective rates.Why would you do that? These are by no means powerful computers thus it pays to buy as much as possible.
It is more of a issue of market saturation and demand for the new iPhone. Being a form of computer I can't imagine slaes being grossly better than Apples Mac line. Especially with Apples attitude of locking it down.Nobody in their right mind sees Apple Watch as a replacement for an iPad.Give us a break with this Mac Pro whining, it will ship when the tech is ready.
While not one of his worst this is still an article full of wishful thinking and bending the truth. Like everything DED I'd take it with a grain of sand.On the flip side I have to wonder why People are surprised by this. Apple has always had a very strong Electircal engineering team and has designed chips for its machines for years.
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