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I try to avoid doing business with them. I find being open on Thankgiving to be especially objectionable. I'm not as bothered as some with many of WalMarts practices but I just find screwing over thousands of employees just to get a jump on Black Friday to be very objectionable.
We may be disappointed with Intels Haswell line up for Mac Books and Minis but Intel hasn't given up on researching new tech. Here is an article about research into new RAM tech: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archives/2014/11/19/2003604752. That tech would be very interesting in a cell phone On another note things aren't going to well for mobile at Intel. The division for mobile is apparently being merged into another group.
I would but my MBP refused to boot up yesterday. Talk about timing.
That happens a lot on these forums.I can see Apple getting there eventually, but "news releases" like this just smack of attempts at short term manipulation. Beyond that I see some markets taking far longer to firm up and become viable than some would like, Apple Watch comes to mind here. I'm not sure if Apple can move technology forward fast enough to make Apple watch a success for normal people. On the other hand I see Apple Pay as having huge potential and likely...
That is the first thing I thought.Don't get me wrong I see some really positive signs and expect things like Apple Oay to be bigger than some here want to belive. However I still see this as naked stock manipulation.
It makes the piece look authentic. If you pay an actor to do such a bit they do so with zero conviction. Besides one should expect that a person in a leadership position at a company would know his way around the products the company sells. All in all a nice idea on Cues part.Which gives you nothing but an uninformed whore on the screen.Huh? What does Beats have to do with this.
Well yeah that is what the road maps say. However AMD has a new management staff in place with a very strong engineering background. These people want to reestablish AMD as a viable processor supplier. I suspect that they will push very hard to get something out on 14 nm before the end of 2015. It might not be K12. It could be an ARM based chip or even something new in the brazos family.It would do AMD wonders to get something out the door before 2016 that is built...
I believe Qualcomm has 20 nm parts shipping too. I could be wrong as I don't follow them closely but there are a lot of chips shipping on 20 nm now. Chips running on the low power 20 nm processes aren't a problem, it is a different story with the performance optimized processes though.
Getting a handle on what Intel is actually going to do is a bit like pushing a worm - you can try but it will lead to frustration. In any event my understanding was that Skylake would have Intel refocusing on mainstream processors, that is laptop and desktop parts. Those where suppose to hit in mid 2015. That does not appear to be the case anymore.Rumor has it that Skylake is a finished design for the most part. It would be a management decision to go with it in mid...
There are actually more than one 20 nm processes out there. In the case of TSMC Apple is using their low power process that is actually shipping product. The high power process, that you might find GPU manufactures using for example, isn't up and ready to go. My impression is that TSMC does have other customers using the low power process.What is interesting here is that the entire industry has prioritized low power processes over the performance processes.This...
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