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Lots of good questions here.If it didn't the feature wouldn't be very useful.Probably never. At least not anythign that wasn't agreed to before hand.Good question. As it works today on an iPhone it isn't especially useful. If the AI's powering these things can evolve even part way to what we see in science fiction then yeah it could be useful. Very useful in fact.You need to learn to walk before you can run. I suspect it will take decades to get these sorts of...
An AI would have smarter responses even today.How many people actually hook a Mini up to an Apple display? It can't be a lot considering all the unconventional uses for a Mini. Given that your thought might have some possibility, Intel's slippage on the Broadwell line has to really piss Apple off. The Broadwell GPU is what you would want to drive a retina large screen monitor. I probably ought to say high resolution here as I'm not sure they will move to monitors...
Learn to read for content, that was not a Foxconn plant. The Foxconn plant is only shut down due to mandatory inspections required after this incident.
I think people missed a bit in the parsing of this article. It referenced the two iPhone sizes AND a new form factor. Could this mean that iWatch is a new cell phone, or does Apple have something else up its sleeves? Maybe a folder?
In case you're out of touch Samsung is on the ropes their large phones have not been well received at all. The reason is simple they are simply too big to carry around for most people. phablets are a phab Ask around and see how many of those Notes actually left the stores.
Please do and leave this forum. As one with developer access to the operating system and having tracked it development since day one I can honestly say you are full of crap! IOS has been expanding at a considerable rate challenging developers to keep up.
It is noon on a Tuesday here and no indications of a silent Apple launch yet. I was kinda hoping that the Mini would have launched by now. My old MBP is really becoming difficult.
My theory is Marvfox is a robot. A robot that can't manage more than a sentence!Marvfox might also be a robot controlled by Apple. I have this suspicion that the Mini was indeed dead waiting for the launch of a new Broadwell based machine. We all know what happened to Intel here, so maybe Apple had a crash program to pump out one last variant of the current Mini design.That is guessing of course but if true it highlights a significant management problem at Apple. ...
No one seems to consider that maybe Apple NEEDs to spread production across two plants / suppliers to meet demand. Think about it folks people it has been rumored that the Samsung plant has been maxed out several times, even after expansion.For the most part AI publishes nothing more than rumors, we can only guess what will actually happen here.
I didn't read it that way. They will be limiting a customer's speed. His data will reman unlimited.Speaking of which what exactly does unlimited mean because data rates have always been variable depending upon a number of factors.Or the users could grow up and learn to use other resources for their data needs. For example WiFi.
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