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Some hardware is better than others but that doesn't really matter to me. I just don't want to screw around with such crap on what wield be my primary machine. From my perspective Hackintoshes fly in the face of why I buy a Mac in the first place.If I really need to run Windows I'd create a VM for that. However I've gone for years now without Windows in any form for my personal needs.
yes and there is a lot of disagreement over the idea.not at all. An A8 powered Mac would need the same sort of I/O as is seen on a Mac.At this moment in time all we have see is an A8 version optimized for the portable world. Currently Apples processors out perform Intel Atom at a modest clock rate. We don't even know where A8 tops out clock wise but there are plenty of 64 bit ARM examples running at much higher clock rates. It is doubtful we would see A8...
IPads are just the nuts for somethings. If it wasn't for iPad I Wouldnt be able to check into the various forums as easily as I do. I'm actually being pulled in multiple directions with all these releases so close together. In any event iPads are far from worthless and can really fit well into certain lifestyles.
That is the whole point, it isn't a decent value anymore and frankly hasn't been for a year now.I actually have a need for a low end Linux machine so maybe a Dell is in my future. However I don't much care for the Hackintosh approach, especially if the machine is to be my primary computer. I prefer Mac OS for my daily driver so to speak. Then there is the issue of the coming iPad which might divert cash from a PC upgrade. 😁😁😁😁😟😟😟
It goes with the occupation.
Hey is your mother single? You are right there aren't many like that anymore.
There are many good reasons. The health of everyone involved being a big one.Woman would be better off getting breeding done before or while in college. Then they can ignore their children and devote every minute of their life to work.
Never been to MacWorld the show so can't say much about that. Unfortunately the Magazine, all Mac oriented magazines really, has gone down hill in the extreme. I'm actually surprised that anybody would buy the magazine. The writing style did not appeal to me at all and there was very little meaty content. Plus there seemed to be an intent to stress design in the publication at the expense of readability. As for meaty content I can pick up several "Linux"...
I suspect Apple has a lot of clock rate head room in these designs. I can see the iPad going to 2.1 GHz and that would be in tablet operating territory. Give Apple the ability to manage more heat and it is hard to tell just how fast a current A8(X) will be able to run. Apple may not be able to meet Intels instruction rate but performance won't be that bad. add more cores and you end up with a viable machine.Beyond that four cores have a big impact on Mac OS in...
There might be a few like that but Laptops are hardly the best way to be productive at a desk. Beyond that monitor choice is very important.
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