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Well this is nonsense, iPad is very much a real computer! The implementation of file handling is just terrible however.
Please forward this to Tim Cook. If there is one thing I hate about iPad (something I generally love to use) is that file handling simply sucks. As such it can't even remotely replace a laptop.
Plus he is or was a marketing person, you don't sell hardware you don't have. People repeatedly forget what marketing is all about.
That is up to Apple! Even I'm a little surprised by the big jump in performance alluded to here. If A9X actually delivers the figures quoted this will be a very nice machine and probably outperform the Mac Book
The reports are that both Samsung and TSMC are both up and running around the 14nm node. We might even hear about a 14 nm processor from Apple tomorrow. That would mean that Intel has less than a years lead on the competition which would be the shortest in recent memory.The good thing for AMD is that they don't have a process of their own, they couldn't possible sustain the R&D right now. Being free of manufacturing allows them to select the best foundry...
We have a few things like this at work but frankly why would you want to use such things at work? I leave the building for lunch most days and would rather get my exercise outside (at least when it isn't raining). Sometimes the refreshing of the soul does more for productivity than staying in an office complex all night and day.
The problem is Intel isn't anymore reliable. From what I can see they still haven't mastered 14nm. The issues surrounding Broadwell and SkyLake have become a joke in the industry. In fact Intel has slipped more here than AMD as far as promised release dates.Apple uses AMD parts extensively. They are using AMD GPUs in both the laptops and the desktops.I haven't looked recently but a $100 delta wasn't unheard of in the past. In a cost sensitive machine like the Mini...
Interesting question to which I don't have an answer at the moment. My concern is that if the trend is for mobile devices to replace desktops and laptops (for many users) then you need a high speed, flexible I/O port. Even off well into the future there will be uses where a wired connection makes more sense than an RF connection.
I could see Apple solving the run time problem with new battery technology. That could be improved lithium solutions or something completely different.The thing here is that each time Apple has made a thinner iPhine the thing sells like hot cakes. No matter what we see in the forums thin sells. Bigger sells too which I find frustrating because I really don't want a bigger iPhone.Honestly folks I don't see Apple ever stopping with the thin focus. Eventually we will...
A big +++ on this one. Even more importantly do away with MiFi.
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