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Yep. Huge potential there. I can see a Apple trying to completely out do the industry with an advanced camera design. Some of the patents and rumors point in that direction.
Why would you say that. Arm is a perfectly good applications processor for the needs of many. Not perfect mind you but no processor is.Except if the software you are using needs a keyboard, mouse or interfacing to hardware.
Apparently you haven't keep up with what Sharp was doing with IGZO. The only thing that would keep retina out of an Air would be cost right now. Even better is if the screen is combined with a Broadwell processor, they system could gain all around.
LTE is exactly what makes my iPad so useful that at times it is the only device I want with me.
Actually that isn't all that funny, too thin and the phones become difficult to handle. I don't see cell phones getting a lot thinner unless they are embedded into something else (or someone)
I like the idea of building the Mini replacement right into a keyboard. It would be a bit retro but with today's chips it wouldn't suffer to badly performance wise.Given that Apple still needs a desktop machine that can handle server type duties and professional use. Professional being that class of pros that don't really need the Mac Pro but could use something better than the current Mini.
That isn't a concern. Apple needs the right product line up high revenues or not.I could see them holding off until Broadwell to deliver a more radical machine update. They may or may not bump the machine between now and then.Apple needs something passable as a server. It isn't just for traditional customers, Apples developer tools work well with a server.Honestly I never saw the Mini as a machine that at tracks switchers. In any event you are right most people...
The dead silence, the lack of rumors and the radical decline in desktop sales seem to indicate something is up. Poor desktop sales isn't just an Apple problem, the whole industry is suffering in that regard. I suspect Mini sales have declined as badly as Mac Pro sales have in the previous years. Like the Pro a refresh would help sales short term but long term the Mini doesn't have the niche that the Pro has. I can see Apple trying to refactor the machine one...
One thing about this video, it has to be fun to be operating one of those machines tearing down these buildings. 😃😜. On the other hand those buildings are coming down awfully easy for being in an earthquake zone.
This is very true, but even so the raw materials in glass are so cheap that the incentive simply isn't there.I think you will be surprised where much of that consumer glass ends up.The big ugly here is the hazardous materials that might have been missed.The problem with rebar is that it is embedded in concrete. Concrete waste Is often used for land fill, landscaping and the like because it is basically a rock.
New Posts  All Forums: