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Not at all, for the most part iOS is Mac OS with a slightly different GUI and a more restricted execution environment. That being said I'd love to see a Mac OS device that uses A7/A8. Even better if the machine supports easily booting other operating systems.
One would be good enough. The biggest hurdle to SoC performance these days is bandwidth to RAM. If Apple solves that an A8 would be fine.
To that question your only recourse is the benchmarking sights! Even then you have to take numbers with a grain of salt. The problem with benchmarking is that the benchmarks don't often reflect real world use but rather raw performance. This is especially a problem with hardware supporting integrated graphics because of bandwidth limitations.
Somewhat slower but a considerable step forward from previous years.The smart move would be to wait for Intel chips that support DDR 4 RAM. If Haswell refresh brings us DDR4 RAM that would make for a nice Mini. The sad reality of all of these chips with integrated GPUs is that they are bandwidth limited, significantly faster RAM makes for better utilization of the hardware in the processor SoC.I suspect they where tired of customers complaining about the Minis high...
How do you feel about an ARM based Mini? It is becoming fairly clear that Apples ARM chips are highly capable and that Cyclone has far more potential than can be demonstrated in a cell phone. Given that Apple will likely have an A8 out this year with even better performance, it makes the idea plausible.
Actually payments are in fact why I see it as possible that an update to the iOS line will come with or before WWDC. If nothing else that finger print sensor needs to be rolled out to the rest of the iOS device line up.Current sales have nothing to do with releasing new products.If a payments solution comes out at WWDC to be delivered months later, Apple would still need rev hardware at the time of the announcement. If they didn't sales of non comforting devices would...
Impossible to tell really as Apple has so completely clamped down on leaks that we don't even get a hint. Given that all the rumors about production ramp ups would indicate a release before September. In general it isn't a good idea for a company to carry stock for a long time so if some of these things are in production (A8, Sapphire, new cameras & ect) then I would have to guess that release would be 3-4 months from now. The gotchas here is that a new processor...
The fact that an update to Haswell would have been simple kinda indicates to me that Apple has something else in the works It is certainly well past time for a normal update.
Storage has been a huge issue for me on my old MBP. As such I obviously can't buy an AIR with less storage than I have now internally. More so I know I need more that 200 GB of space. So the base AIRs are a bit useless. After the base price though you then have to seriously consider other Apple laptops.Well I'm not sure what to say here. My impression is that tags are seldom used by the operators of the machines. I really don't see how tags can be less...
Especially if they can address the storage shortage issue. My old MBP is on its last legs. I know people often wonder what that phrase means but in my case it means a bad keyboard, an old hard drive and a video screen going bad. I'm just glad that the old Mac, along with Mavericks, can so easily drive an external screen.The obvious thing is that I will need a new machine of some sort soon. An AIR might just be the ticket.
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