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I didn't read it that way. They will be limiting a customer's speed. His data will reman unlimited.Speaking of which what exactly does unlimited mean because data rates have always been variable depending upon a number of factors.Or the users could grow up and learn to use other resources for their data needs. For example WiFi.
Exactly! Worse it is often the same people that whine about cell towers that expect perfection out of their cell service.It is certainly fair and more so throttling can be done dynamically when it is needed. If the cell is lightly loaded there shouldn't be any throttling. However if the cell location is over subscribed the most rational thing to do is to throttle the heavy user.
Have you been in a buffet lately. They effectively do throttle you via various methods one of which is tiny plates. Another is sizing portions smaller than rational.Certainly! Most people would look at this as the manager doing you a favor. Beyond that a resturant can only serve up so many plates an hour so it would be only fair to make sure some of the other customers get some bandwidth (ribs). Look at this way what would you think of a resturant that made you...
Do you own a car? As for driving people who do drive more than others, they do pay more it is called an excise tax on gas. If you drive commercially, trucking for example you pay more and have fundamental restrictions on where you can go.Get a grip here nobody would be forced to use less data. Rather they would have to make a decision on where to spend their dollar. The individual would determine the value of the service he wants to use against other expenses he is...
Actually it makes all the sense in the world. We don't let hogs compromise our transportation highways so why would we allow it on an electronic highway?Beyond all of that the carriers really should be forced to a pay by bit system so that these heavy users have some incentive to curtail usage. Think about it, Bell's telephone system work for decades paying by the minute. It made sense back then because paying for time on the system encourages people to moderate...
Neat post. Does that ion implanted say futuristic to you?Now the question is will Apple be doing a lamination or solid Sapphire? I'm going with a lamination withna gorilla glass.
Did you not read the article? From what I read it looks like they are right in time for full scale production.
Luke warm demand? Makes me wonder if people are still holding off for Haswell. That said my MBP is giving me fits, even though I'm not ready for it I may have to get something new.
The virtually all statement is crap. Not all USB devices can be reprogrammed over USB.
The best we can hope for is a release within a few weeks. I don't expect a spectacular update because I have to agree with another poster, Apple wanted to move to Broadwell and got screwed over by Intels delays. So any visions I had of a massive refactoring seem to have been squashed. This I'm expecting minor updates now in the same old box. It would be nice if I was wrong but hey you never know.As to an i5, Id buy the machine most likely to remain viable for a long...
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