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Everything requires maintenance and frankly wind turbines are amazingly low impact in this regards. Ground level solar electric systems are not by any means maintenance free.They aren't any more of a danger than any other human built structure.This is the statement i most have problems with. First off land only covers 30% of the earth! Second; these solar farms are most often sited on land that would be ideal for farming or residential use. Third; population...
Maybe but why incorporate it into the town?
Nope. The cost of the panel's is only part of the problem, you need to buy the land and develop it. Development can be very expensive as you need to strip the land of vegetation and rework it so that the installations are fairly even and dont obstruct each other. In other words you need to remove hills and valleys or other wise create structures so that your panels are presented to the sun in a clear and regular manner. It would be a huge waste of money to allow...
Actually you can, many states are very liberal in this regards and in one case residence went all the way to the Supreme Court and lost. You really need to check up on your state laws as it is very different from one to another. In the end all the developer has to do is convince the local authority that it is a good thing. That can mean suggesting of increased tax revenue but the wiser person in me suspects that payoffs are a big part of these land grabs.
Possibly! That wording could as you point out be indicative of something sleazy going on - lets hope not. I do find it strange that the town had to extend its limits to cover this area. I just don't know why Apple would want to have another governmental entity to deal with. Maybe somebody local to the area can chime in.
By the time that comes out it will be a 2015 model!Seriously though wind energy is a much better use for all of that land. What Apple is doing here is very wasteful of a very limited resource.
The other possibility is that it is a planned Apple leak to spur interest. This is exactly what is required to spur interest without actually revealing anything about the iPhine that we don't already know.
Theft is a problem in factories all over the world. That is why many of them are fairly secure places. It is also why I have to laugh when people that have never held a job complain about security and strictness at factories. People have varying morals and often an attitude develops where they want to stick it to the man.Beyond all of that we don't even know if this was stolen, it could be a defective item picked out of the trash. Or it could be planned seeding of...
Seriously?If Apple is to deliver new iPhones in the late August -September time frame they have to get production debugged and ramped up! Even now they are cutting it close because they would need at least a full months production before release date simply to have suitable stock for the mad rush. Considering previous releases they likely would need close to three month production.I work in a different industry but launches can make or break a product so I'm not...
Everything flexes to some degree so that means nothing. It is a question of how and when it breaks.As to a composite structure that is entirely possible as a lamination of Gorila glass and Saphire would be an interesting combo. That is if there are no thermal problems with such a lamination.
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