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I'm not sure what you are whining about here, that is an awfully nice chunk of change for each $100 item. It is far far better than the almost non existent amount of good done with other programs. This is hardly a scam! Beyond that you need to consider the visibility that the NFL brings to the problem which is extremely valuable.Breast cancer is a horrible illness that strikes far to early, as such helping research is important. If the NFL can help with that...
I see 4K tablets as being hard to justify right now. What would make such chips interesting though is to place them in set top boxes or home theater PC's. One of the things that bugs me about Apple is that they pass up the opportunity to get away from Intel by producing an Apple TV that is so locked down.Just imagine a Apple TV sized box with one of these chips in it. You would get performance better that a desktop from not to far back in history, all at...
Interesting article but I'm not sure it means much in the context of Apples devices. Apple uses the ARM instruction set but there are real questions as to how much of the hardware architecture is actually ARM's and how much is Apple. The cores could be fully custom Apple cores and considering how quickly Apples 64 bit chips came to market there is a good possibility that Apple was working on the architecture concurrently with ARM designing its first hardware...
Kinda funny when you think about it.
All technology plateaus.The iPhone will plateau when it is possible to do everything on something like an Apple Watch. Or maybe a lapel pin like on Star Trek. iPhone won't go no forever as a bleeding edge device.
What am I suggesting/The GPU's get more powerful every year. This go around you are getting 24% better performance, by many measures, out of the GPU. could Apple have gotten more? Possibly but lets remember the horror stories of the Nvidia and AMD chip in that past that failed miserably in Apples machines. Being conservative means you don't have to handle a lot of warranty repairs.As far as Adobe CC and Final cut, I don't use them so can't comment directly. ...
Generally I don't pay much attention to this sort of thing but the facility seems to be jinxed.
I'm not sure which way to go on this one. There are benefits both ways, the problem with Touch to wake on an iPhone and maybe an iPad is that the screen is always being Touched as it moves around in your pocket. Doesn't seem like a battery friendly way to do things.
Well management did say that they had no intention of letting this market get away from them!As far as the next devices I hope for a lot but expect little. Less disappointment that way. I'm due for updates so I hoping for excellent new hardware.
I'd be very interested in seeing A write up. Does this indicate that Windows is now less dependent upon BIOS?
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