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I just don't wear watches however like you I have a strong interest in the technical side of the watch.Battery life will be an issue. It will be very interesting to see how it holds up in real use.It is generation one! If they ever get blood sugar monitoring done I might be interested.It is the ecosystem. Until MS pulls head from ass I don't see a competitive ecosystem happening.An interesting product for sure I can't wait for tear downs and reviews.
Nice try newbie. You are either being paid by Samsung or just aren't capable of being objective.Seriously; I haven't worn a watch in 55 years but must say I'm impressed with the features and technology in this device. I'm not convinced that I will ever be interested to the point in buying but I will be reading up on the technology as it filters out.
It was kinda expected to happen sooner or later. What I want to know is what is happening with iPod Touch?
Sure if you can get the downloads from Apple.
Until we know the clock rate it is hard to be impressed with the 25% figure.Don't we all.I haven't seen any of the keynote yet so this is wild guessing but I suspect the GPU and cache got a boost. Even so a billion extra transistors have to go some place and an enlarged cache and an extra GPU execution unit wouldn't likely use them all. I wouldn't be surprised to find enhanced special execution units for example video decode / encode. Maybe even a communications...
One phrase: Corporate Sales!At times corporations are seriously whacked when buying technology buying just enough to get what is currently needed done.As for the other two models I don't think they had any choice really, the cost of flash has dropped so much that the iPhone line up was looking like a big ripoff. The line up is much more reasonable now.
It is certianly possible but the important thing here is that a small fan gives Apple significant wattage capability. At best a fanless design would be limited to about ten watts from the CPU and even that is a lot heat in one place. A tiny laptop fan would allow them ten to fifteen watts of CPU SoC power.There are all sorts of considerations but in my mind I see an aluminum keyboard housing that is designed to be a heat sink also. With Apples ARM solutions this...
Maybe, actually a good possibility. However people are missing one thing here. Big pictures make zooming in viable. If you want to see detail you can.
Not reallyActually I scrolled past most of the article because in the regard AI has no credibility.I don't like 9to5mac at all. They don't support Apple hardware well at all. Here I mean content viewable on the iPad. I wrote them a letter a couple of years ago about proper HTML 5 support and got back one of the most assinine response I every go from a company representative.I usually spend time on Mac Rumors, Phoronix and The Register. That is followed by a...
Do realize that my MBP is a 2008 in need of major repair. Not everybody in the USA can or is willing to feed Apple cash every two years.I wondered where that came from. The reality is you could do that sort of thing with an iPad.Yiu sure your right arm didn't get tired?Sadly many of us are disappointed with Intels failure to deliver Broadwell. As such the rMBP are current machines and frankly very good machines. If this was the spring of the year before all the...
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