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A7 already appears to be a lower power device so just on that basis I can see it in the next Mini.
This is baloney. The concept of fat binaries must escape you and along with that Apples control over the App Store. It literally takes a fraction of a day for developers to target a new architecture. It is often referred to as a cross compile.Here is another fact for you, every iOS app gets compiled t run on i86 if the developer runs that App on the simulator.Only in your warped imagination. Nobody is even thinking about a surface like device.Again not even a...
Not really a problem considering how limited Apples lineup is right now. In fact one could make an argument that Apple could fill gaps in its line up that have been around for years.That is baloney. Apple could modify developer terms demanding a fat binary or alternative build for users of its App Store. Open source would build no problem. As always commercial apps not in the App Store would be on their own.Surface RT has absolutely nothing to do with OS/X on ARM. ...
Sometimes people have problems grasping this. Considering what we know about the current A7, Apple could easily hit the performance levels of a 2011 Mini or Mac Book AIR. However I could see Apple crafting an OS/X that allows iOS apps to run in a window.It most certainly would fill many niches. A box to do low power server duty would be one example. Vastly extended battery life's in a laptop would be another.
At least one model needs to be Haswell with Iris graphics. All the silence though has me suspecting that we will get something different from Apple. We only have a couple days to go and have yet to hear squat about the Mini. That is highly unusual to say the least.
What is interesting here is that PCI Express flash, Samsung has announced that it is now shipping 3D flash technology in volume. This could be very interesting in the Mac Pro and Mac Book Pro as it could put a lot of storage space on those little cards Apple uses. Possibly cheaper storage too, though bleeding edge comes with a premium in most cases.I think that is a matter of demand and supply. If production capacity is there everything will go retina in the Mac...
My curiosity about what is about to happen to the Mini continues to grow. I'm still expecting a new device of some sort. The lack of interest with respect to the Mini is saddening.
Sadly this is now true. There was a time in life where the Wall Street Journal was well respected, now it isn't any better that a rumors site.
Possibly but that is why I see such a machine as futile. People with minimal computing needs are gravitating towards cell phones and tablets. Demand for low end machines just isn't the. At least not in the context of the iMac. Now a low cost Mini that could do server duty or back office support that would sell.Intels problem is price doesn't make a difference. PCs are dirt cheap but not moving. Intel could do more harm to themselves by lowering prices too...
Yep, incentive enough to consider Apple products. To be honest though this is the first I've heard of this issue, so apparently its isn't wide spread.
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