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At $3000 it is a rip off! I really see no other way to look at it. I really though Apple wanted to rescue the model from the dumpster, they had a new design that certainly could have done that. Instead they price the entry level model so high it will never have the volume to justify keeping the machine around.
This update is looking real good on my iPad 3. Well at least for the last 20 minutes it has.
In a way I have to agree, it is about time a real flash storage bump happens. I'm not sure what Apples problem is here, but they do need to become a bit more aggressive and deliver real value for the incremental flash upgrades. Further they need to do something about RAM.Maybe a write in scheme is needed to prod Apple in the direction of real flash upgrades for the next machine. You never know, it never hurts for the consumer to make his needs known.
Eventually they will have to switch to a stiffer material, but yeah not a lot of sense in going much thinner.On this account I have to say baloney. Really there is always room for more RAM, processor cores, and other technical improvements. One of he big problems with iPad is simply horse power to drive the next generation of apps.They wil ride the process shrinks as far as they will go. You will one day have the functionality of a Mac Pro in an iPad along with...
I see you are another 7 post wonder. If you have a rational opinion (doubtful) why don't you tell us why you are so disappointed? Each of the iPads got one hell of an update if you ask me.
Nobody can really say right now. Apple could have boosted the clock rate of the GPU, the CPU or both. Beyond that iPads have enjoyed far better memory bandwidth than the iPhones which always helps GPU performance in an iPad.Actually the A7 GPU has its strong points along with a few weak areas. The net result is that most apps perform much better. It will be interesting to see the hardware in the wild.
YES!I went from an original iPad to an ipad3 and the jump in resolution was very noticeable. The enhanced resolution impacts every iPad app you use on the platform. Web browsing is just one example of where retina is leveraged.I'm not sure what you are comparing here but the differences are dramatic. Maybe you need to put glasses on. I'm not trying to be an ass here as I'm well past 50, but even with out my glasses there is a very noticeable improvement in screen...
Amazon has an interesting engineering department, they certainly have a management team capable of squeezing interesting things out of that department.Beyond that the idea that Apples HARDWARE is universally better than everybody else's is bogus. Apple takes good hardware and makes it wonderful via the OS.Even then, that is IGZO comes tomorrow, Apple would not launch unless they had their ducks in a row. Every using I've seen over the last year indicates a steady...
What is nice here is that iPad defined that for me in a moment and thus I actually learnt something on AI. Not that I will every squeeze that word into daily conversation.
This is what is so asinine. I'm not sure why AI continues to damage their reputation by printing this stuff. In all likely hood they have 5 million of whatever already packaged for delivery, probably more if it is a 64 bit solution.Beyond that there is never any explanation as to why there would be a limit on screen supply. If new technology is expected say so, but it is pretty obvious from what the rest of the industry delivers that screens for the most part aren't...
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