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A massive amount of work, I can't even imagine an AI capable of navigating the roads I'm driving today. You have low visibility, roads literally covered with snow and at times white outs. So how would current AI handle this compared to the stage events we have seen so far.This will be a huge problem, humans would still on average take the route that does the least damage to other humans.AI tech will have to move far more rapidly than in the past. Current self...
The safety benefits are largely over blown, much like antilock brakes. The level of AI required to actually improve safety on the highway isn't going to be realized anytime soon.What I'd love to see is a hybrid car or preferrably in my case pickup that doesn't suck. A hybrid in this concept would have the internal combustion engine driving a generator only, running only when directed by the driver. I really like the idea of electric cars as I've worked large scale...
Nope make the ring more functional. It would be nice to see it turn into a magnetic mount for filters and the like. Old school I know but using a filters gives you results in real time.
Code:High resolution makes all the sense in the world for professional work or even an advanced amature. It is no different than in the days of film and the move up to medium format.In the case of Canon I do wonder though if they have gone to far for a 35 mm frame size sensor. Time will tell. A pro will choose the best tool for the job
Most likely not but that depends upon the chips Intel actually has shipping at the time. Supposedly SkyLake is right on track which is another factor.
The problem is people interested in a desktop really have sphere need for a laptop.I don't know if it is Apples plans or Intels stupidity that left us with the current Mini configuration. I still believe Apple did the right thing with the last rev focusing on GPU performance. It is too bad that the Quad core went missing though.
What would you use such a large display for? Just curious as I have a hard time imagining a display that big being useful on a desk. Well maybe constantly in the way is a better description.
You do realize that this is a complete bogus piece to be referencing. Apple has never designed its own chips for PC's. Macs started out with Motorola 68000 series processors and the jumped to PowerPC which came from IBM but resulted in a partnership with what ended up as FreeScale. Apple didn't design much of anything here though I do believe they had a big hand in the vector processor.So quoting this article isn't doing much for you.
Well we all know where PCCARD slots went! The latest laptops seen to have eliminated most plug in ports either internally or externally. Now we have rumors that the SD card slots are going. Basically I think we are screwed unless Apple designs in the capability.Sad really because I honestly think I would buy a MBA or even a MBP instead of an iPad the next time around instead of an iPad if the laptop had this feature. Tethering just has too many negatives for me.
Frankly I don't even care about an upgradeable GPU. The industry is at a point right now where upgradeable hardware is of limited value, the technology is changing fast leading us to entirely new generations of hardware.Fusion drive is an interesting concept but it is quickly coming to the point where you can have enough flash for you main disk at a reasonable price.I really like the idea of simply using the Mac Pro chassis with consumer hardware in place of the XEON and...
New Posts  All Forums: