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I heard early 2015 which I suppose could be the end of 2014. I would imagine Apple would be getting samples soon after. Beyond that shipping can mean many things, it could mean engineering samples or full production.The other way to look at this is that TSMC has had 20 nm going for some time now. There is generally a considerable delay between a process being production ready and customers having a stable product.
The ability to do a process shrink depends upon how fast they can push the foundries along. Rumor has it that TSMC is very far along with 14 mm and then you have the Global Foundries and Samsung tie up. Much of the demand is driven by Apple and the mobile crowd. All three of these players expects to have 14 nam running in early 2015. If this pans out they gave effectively caught up with Intel.As for A9 even Apple can't be sure that they will hit 14nm. As such they...
A new design would target a new process, it really isn't t a big deal.
What people don't seem to grasp is that the majority of Samsungs phones ship with chips from Qualcomm. The gulf between the two divisions at Samsung is pretty massive.
Delusional are we?Probably because there is some truth to it! By the way you can't expect such stories to spill all the beans, contracts with companies like Apple require a certain amount of confidentiality.Actually I would suspec that the tear down folks would at best tear down one or two machines and call it a day. The fact that they have not see a Samsung chip means nothing. Im certain however that Samsung is still producing chips for Apple.Of course not, nobody at...
Hi Relic;People should keep an eye on ARM TechCon and the new chips rolling out. Some of these ARM 64 bit implementations are pretty impressive. It gives me hope of a lot of upside performance potential in Apples A8 implemented in an iPad.People need to understand that the current A8 is optimized for low power. We could see vastly better performance simply by allowing for more wattage.
I've learned to never say never.As to Phi in a Mac, that would only work if Phi is upgraded to fully support an OS such a Mac OS. There are indications that the next phi may very well be able to do that. In effect Phi would replace the run of the mill XEON processor in the Mac Pro. For some work loads this would be a fantastic upgrade for others it might be more ho hum.You could probably build one with an external TB connected chassis assuming you could find a...
So!What type of person get worked up over useless design treatments to an iPad. IPad is effectively a piece of glass thatis touch sensitive, as such there isn't much design wise that makes a big difference.Your selfishness here is unmatched by any recent post to AI. We need better performance, all around from Apple.
Why would you even hope for that? If anything Apple has been too slow to make the sort of dramatic improvements that iPad needs. Contrary to your position I'm really hoping that the AIR 2 update is dramatically improved over the current iPad. The whole reason I'm still on an iPad 3 is that I don't want piss away hard earned money on an iPad that doesn't have enough RAM nor flash at the price point I'm willing to pay for.
Well with Apple never buy rev one is a common cry. In this case though I'd take a wait and see to determine just how bad the screen impacts performance. In other words don't knock it until it ships.The thing here is that we don't know the exact configuration yet. Since success or failure will be tied tot the GPU we really would need to know just what is being offered up as a GPU. If the go with a next gen GPU with a very fast RAM interface for that GPU the new...
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