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We don't even know if this is ARM technology or PA Semi technology. In fact there is so little info on the A7 out in the wild that I don't even know how the UW can even suggest that Apple has infringed here. Just because Apple has patented like technology doesn't even mean that they are using it in the A7. It will be interesting to find out how the UW has determined that Apple has infringed.
Give me a break here.If they truly invented the technology it is ultimately up to them how they will benefit from it. This idea that you have to manufacture what you invent yourself is just asinine.For one thing many inventors simply don't have the resources to build a business around. Using your logic an inventor should loose any potential profits if he is to poor to proceed with product development and launch. I hope you really don't believe that.Second; the more...
Research done with public funds by all means should be public. This is perhaps one of the most idiotic examples of our government basically screwing over the very people they are suppose to represent. It is what it is because we really have lost control of our government which no longer is engaged in working in the best interest of its people. That can be changed though.However that is not to say that privately funded research should be open to to the public. There...
You must have watched the Super Bowl yesterday. 😱
And that is bad how? Lets face it if your product doesn't sell then you should be out of business. as for the watchers, why should they underwrite shows that nobody is interested in?
That not to mention is a big point. Until there is bandwidth available nation wide I don't even see video streaming catching on as a cable replacement. Plus that bandwidth needs to be reasonably priced.Exactly!😳This also assumes that the local provider offers enough bandwidth to actually provide old performance for the streaming app.
Why would you hide the WWE. It may be low brow but it isn't porn.
Of course there is a chance. Just like there is a chance of snow today. That doesn't mean a lot though.
This is the likely issue. There is so little published about A7 that you have to wonder if the university is making an assumption here. Honestly how would they know without some published information about the chip. It isn't like Apple attends Hot Chips and brags about their latest accomplishments.This is another possibility, P.A. Semi was in the low power world for a very very long time before being acquired by Apple. Who knows this patent might be based on...
I was thinking more about the power and size comparisons. SRAM is indeed very fast but it also is demanding when it comes to die space and heat. A cache in a modern processor can be a hot place.In any event I could see the Mac Pro getting the first crack at the new memory technologies. Or maybe iPad. The interesting thing with iPad is that it is the ideal place for 3D technology as it save space.
New Posts  All Forums: