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ARM has had a significant impact on both companies. They may not be a direct challenger, but the move to very portable devices has impacted the sale of desktop and laptop chipsets. The industry slowdown isn't due to ARM completely but it would be a mistake to not see ARM as having a significant impact.
Anybody get the feeling that retail will have a sad Christmas season. The malls and shopping centers around here are quiet.
Marvin hit upon some of the technical realities but you need to realize that Intel has publically stated recently that desktop processor are basically on the back burner. This does do much for Xeon. Apple may have something up it sleeve if they are working with Intel and Xeon Phi. Sometime in 2014 a variant of Phi suitable as a system processors is suppose to arrive. That would give the Mac a lot more cores. The reality is though that Apple has few options, it is...
This is a terribly sad situation. Way too young. Hopefully we do see a new post from her soon
Boggles the mind doesn't it!
If they did that and the update ships that way, I'd be disappointed also as I rather like that keyboard.
I'm running an iPhone 4 and have to agree the crashes are a real black mark upon Apples QC department. It should embarrass Apple significantly that core apps like ITunes and music are crap on iOS 7.In the case of the phone app it doesn't make a lot of sense. However the lacking of real improvements to the apps is a big disappointment.Why? That should be up to the developer and his users.This I agree with with respect to FaceTime. However a cell call switch is...
That isn't the point. The fact is more RAM would expand the iPads capability and would support more advanced apps.
Something that needs to be addressed in the next iPad revision. Don't underestimate how much 1 more GB would help iOS apps.
Yes it looks like it uses a conventional memory interface. Possibly anyways, good info requires logging in.
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