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You would be an exceptional person not to have some of Macbeth in you.It is a little bit of everybody, each and every man lives with some guilt in his life, or at times feels trapped or manipulated. In fact I can't see how a man could live a normal life and not have a bit of Macbeth in him. Maybe a true sociopath could live with out acknowledging his short comings.In a way I don't think you understand the passage.Like the neocons had a lock on wanting to go into Iraq. ...
In the strictest sense no.Yes. R&D is not manufacturing. However it can get fuzzy, for example R&D could build a pilot line that eventually gets transferred to manufacturing!Research could also be for new phone designs? Think about the development of A8 and other chips here. Also think about the development of new case and screen technologies. Again you have R&D developing the initial production lines, often referred to as pilot line or Development hardware. ...
That is very hard to answer but inmthe case of Broadwell we are suppose to get 20% better or more GPU performance increase. If the CPU gets faster that will most likely be due to clock rate increases allowed by 14nm. SkyLake is more of mystery. Broadwell was focused on low power devices, SkyLake is new architectures to increase performance.By the way Intel might have something out with Broadwell/14nm this year. At this point it looks like it will be a tablet chip...
That does seem to be Apples attitude. I will go out on a limb and say yeah it is bad practice. Why? The uniqueness of Apples hardware means those with needs not meant have no choice but to leave the family altogether.
It is a beta with all the Apple supplied warnings, how difficult is that?I was being nice. I'm on vacation this week so I'm a bit more relaxed and was taking it easy. I don't have a high tolerance for stupidity.Your advice isn't needed and frankly if anything I went too easy on the guy.In the end I think Tallest and the others are right. The Apple community doesn't have the chops to handle a beta.
No!It is a beta by definition it isn't ready for a main machine. Further Apple specifically tells you it isn't to be used that way.If you can live with potential data loss then it might be useful to you. That and you are willing to file bug reports.This sort of questioning is why I agree 100% with Tallest first post. People just don't understand betas.
I actually sent Apple a bug report related to server issues with each iOS beta I've installed. The last time I spent more than an hour trying to get a downloaded beta to validate so it could install itself. Honestly they need to do better here.In fact it was a few days later when I filled the report because most of developer.Apple.com wasn't even available.I understand the strain of the mad rush but they really need to do better.
You aren't the only one agreeing with Tallest here. Just the issue with iCloud upgrade will cause the web to fill with years tomorrow.Frankly it is all I can do to handle one Apple beta at a time! I'm finding iOS 8 to be very buggy on iPad.
This has been the case for years. That however doesn't justify dropping the Mini just as it doesn't justify dropping the Mac Pro. The Mini like the Mac Pro was never meant to be a high volume machine as it was introduced way back in time when it wasn't even possible to get decent performance out of a box that size. Effectively it was a powerful SFF machine back in the day when SFF meant a highly compromised machine.Today the Mini, thanks to modern chips, is a viable...
Even this part about supplying electronic parts means little. I'm not sure but I thought Swatch owned a crystal manufacture. Crystals as in components of oscillators or clock generators. Even if I'm wrong it is conceivable that they have been supplying Apple for ages with parts.
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