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First; you make an assumption here that the article or report is honest or the result of credible research. Second; they are only reporting the cost to manufacture which people have repeatedly pointed out is only a small part of the equation.Actually the indications are that you are referencing a trend that has never really existed. Most people are highly resistant to excessively large phones because they have to go into a pocket sooner or later.Baloney. The new iPads...
Simple really, they have nothing to do with what is being referenced. As a manufacture you need to know exactly what it costs component wise to get each item out of the factory door. The costs you reference have nothing to do with that.Now that doesn't me and the cost of R&D and other business expenses don't get rolled into the final selling price. It just means that the quotes are about the cost to build and don't address your concerns at all.As a side note I...
Non developers just don't understand the concept here. The fact that iOS apps run trouble free on Mac OS, as i86 binaries, should highlight to people how closely linked these two systems are. IOS and Mac OS have a lot more in common than many can grasp.You might be reading my mind here. I would expect the processor to only be an Apple AX processor though. OS/X would be retargeted to ARM 64. This would actually be great, as it would be the first full blown UNIX...
I think we will see an alternative product that doesn't immediately replace the current AI's with their Intel chip. Long term all bets are off, the Windows world is going down hill pretty fast.
That I'd agree with.This I disagree with. It is in the users best interest to have as much internal storage as possible. Latency makes some use cases impossible, beyond that not everybody has 24/7 access to the net. The lack of storage capacity bumps in the last round of iPads really bothers me as that is their greatest short coming.I don't see iPads ever replacing the laptops completely as long as iOS is so restricted. The only way iOS can completely displace...
It is extremely sad to see a respected publication like the WSJ dive so fast into the gutter. They went from a publication that went to great lengths to make sure they got the facts right, to a publication that doesn't seem to understand the concept of researching and article.
This reminds me about one of my loved iOS features. That is the ability to highlight a word and hit define! I mis that feature at work in a MS world.
I understand your sarcasm here but I was actually bummed out that Apple didn't give us a step increase in flash storage. It has been awhile as such Apple needs to realign the capacities of these machines to reflect cost realities.I'm impressed actually.
Amazing isn't it. Most of the machine is in the battery. Just imagine what 14 nm will do for the iPad in 2015.Speaking of the Mac Book Air, this performance is why I think a Mac OS running, A7 based laptop is very possible. Think about it the clock rate on the chip is only 1.4GHz, bump it to 2 -2.5GHz and you have an extremely competitive laptop. This especially the case when put up against low end hardware.
It could be for any number of reasons. Repair costs might be a significant factor.The advantages of lamination is likely reliability and thinness.
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