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The thing that bothers me is that I looks like the basic design has been nailed down for some time now. So the thought is what is the hold up? GPUs? CPUs? Hardware design issues? I really don't know but it just seems odd to draw this out like they are.
It sort of sounds like a reoackaging of regular DDR3-2133 chips in a multi chip module. Not a bad idea really, especially if the power savings are as good as indicated. Such a module would allow Apple to update iPads to 2GB with minimal battery life lose. The problem is they would have to compete with a single die solution.I think the important thing highlighted here is that this is a soldered on solution. I know many fret over this idea but it is the way the...
DDR3-2133 maxes out at around 17GB/s so this tech is in fact pretty slow relative to what the memory cube guys have in mind.
I was thinking this Friday! Even so it looks like another fouled up release is coming.
Did you notice that most of that post was about benchmarks that don't really matter? Apple has been making very significant progress with their DIY SoC. I have complete confidence that they can keep this up for at least a couple of years more. Even if thesis laptop/undefined device, doesn't exist there are solid rumors about a larger iPad floating around. Such a machine would require a more powerful version of the A7 so if these near term rumors are correct I...
Don't be taken in by the media.The fact remains that the A7 is cooler and running on an older generation process. That pretty much by definition makes it a lot better. Besides in mobile it isn't just about raw CPU compute power! it is what the whole SoC offers that is important.I suppose if geek bench was important to me I'd be a little concerned. On the other hand this just highlights that Bay Trail isn't really all that incredible. Atom has been around for awhile...
Gee maybe I should blame my employer for that really really nasty head cold I had a couple of weeks ago. Took forever to shake that off. At the rate we are going Apple will be blamed for the next huge Asian bird flue outbreak.
Are you really that dense?Find me a similar process in use or a patent that describes more or less the same process.
They have patented a process not the curved glass. Sometime the entire invention is in how you do it.
A7 is a lot better than bay trail and if you up the clock by 1GHZ it would deliver nice single core performance. The idea here is that you are saving significant power over the i86 solutions. Add more cores and you wouldn't notice the difference between this A8ish ARM and an Intel i3 maybe even an i5.It certainly is if you compare a 1.3 GHz chip to a 3GHz chip. The real question is this how much overhead does Apple have clock wise in their A7. Will it run at 2, 2.5...
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