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I've been running the betas for a long time and frankly the overall better performance of a Safari should be reason enough to upgrade.This is the other thing that the focus on Safari tab reloads did to the conversation, it undervalued what more RAM makes possible. 2GB is actually a lot for iPad apps because a good portion of the 1GB machines had ram allocated to other things. This extra RAM should spur the growth of a new generation of apps.
A good developer can program a page to reload when it receives focus. This is why I say sometimes Safari is doing exactly what it is suppose to do when reloading a page. It is the page reloads that happen randomly and without reason, that are the cause of so much frustration.I'm sometimes left with the impression that "forums" software isn't the most elaborate web site programming.
Probably the same people that will tell you they never have unjustified tab reloads in Safari.This iPad rev so blows the competition out of the water that I'd rather see this iPad put up against Mac Book Airs and other laptops. Especially in the context of Intels integrated GPU's.
Which doesn't matter considering the very low clock rate of the A8X. I see this as the big thing here, we really don't know what the ultimate speed (clock rate) of this design is.The fact that the chip does so well at such a slow clock rate is what makes this chip so exciting.Apple could do a passable laptop in 2015 with some simple modifications to this chip. No it wouldn't be a Mac Book Pro but it would certainly compete with Air and netbook type machines.
Two years? All they need to do is up the clock rate and bump up the cache/memory interface. This processor is going to make this rev a must have.
Funny nobody complains about it being soldered in! 😜😝😜
You can't be serious here. IPad got the most complete update to date and by far is the biggest overhaul of a prioduct that Apple has released to date.What we are seeing here is perfectly normal behavior for a hot product. You see a massive rush by everybody and their brother to get a new device then eventually the market cools off and you get sales to people that actually need the device.I'm not going to defend what happened in the keynote, from my standpoint it is...
I don't understand IPad Mini 3 either. At the very least they could have put an A8 in there. The only thing I can think of here is that sales are so bad they didn't think an update would be worth it.You can't be serious!!! IPad Air 2 is a massive update will little left untouched. What did you expect that Apple didn't do to Air?Just the vastly faster GPU in iPad Air 2 is well worth selecting it over the original iPad. Take into account all the other improvements...
once you are aware of what you shouldn't do, then you adapt your programming style. So this should really only be a temporary set back. In other words it may look bad now but shouldn't be a problem at all with new projects.
32 bit apps will continue to work for some time. Think fat binaries.As an aside, I'm actually a bit shocked that Apple hasn't moved all platforms to 64 bit yet. The sooner they can sweep away all 32 bit hardware the sooner we will see 64 bit only apps.
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