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Who is on a high horse here?It is a terrible waste of money that goes to subsidize people that can afford the cars in the first place. Tesla has zero sales to middle class America because the car isn't useful to people that have more limited living arrangements. It frankly is a disgusting waste of money and serves as a way to rob for the poor to enrich the already wealthy.since when is cable or TV free?Notice the word all there? Mediocre does not exist to underwrite...
So you advocate snob appeal!This can often be compared to high end audio marketing, where psychology is used to sell products that the vast majority of people can't identify a real difference in.Yep snob appeal.
Could it be paranoia? If this tie up is real I see considerable advantage for Apple over the long run. However our president is a fool with total disrespect for the constitution. Big difference there guy and honestly pointing out the dangers of the current presidency is not right wing at all, it is called being honest.Nothing really.
What good is a poll?As to the value of this purchase, it probably has a long tern strategy most here complaining can't see. Probably a short term strategy too, as this gives Apple a strong foot hold in streaming and another avenue to market for hardware. I can see the Beats/Apple tie up leading to all sorts of new audio products.
It is entirely possible, Intel did release new XEONs late this winter into spring. The architecture has been significantly enhanced so it might lead to a nice bump in performance.
Well maybe not on the same day but it won't be far behind. Then we will have to listen to all the whining about Apple updating the Mac Pro too fast. Demands for refunds will follow and so forth.On the other hand you never know, Apple might wait for the next Xeon process shrink. What ever they do they can't let the machine lag for years like they find the last Mac Pro. They need to work with Intel to make sure the evolution of Xeon is right for this platform.Hey maybe...
That was funny. What isn't so funny is the computational power the Mc Pro puts on ones desk today. For a guy who's first computer was a Vic 20 we have come a very very long way indeed.Given that I could see batman using an array of Mac Pros. The machine is already black so it fits in with the common motif.Yes the CPUs classified as desktop which frankly is becoming a very blurry distinction these days. Intel now has 35 and 45 watt desktop chips. With a little...
When I first wrote that I was thinking about AMDs new Puma based cores for low end hardware. It is a good core that does better than Atom and comes close to i3 in some cases.As for ARM based devices that landscape is changing so fast that it is hard to know where we stand. In Apples case though I think they have a lot of unlocked potential in A7. The hardware already has near Haswell quality features in the CPUs, improve the caches and memory interfaces and I really...
Not really when you consider what the majority of users buy the machines for.
Interesting! I have to wonder if this keyboard is universal, that is will it act as a keyboard for any Bluetooth compliant device? That would require a work around for the power switch arrangement.
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