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Sure as long as it doesn't create UI complexity that we don't need.On a cell phone? Honestly I'm not sure why anyone would want to carry around one of these massive cell phones constantly. I won't, when I need a big screen I can bring along an iPad. Even on the iPad the few times that I wanted two "apps" on screen at the same time was when I needed to reference a calculator and frankly I'd rather see drop down apps that drop down like the Today view. Generally I'm...
So bump both machines to 2GB.The answer is yes to all of the above! Web sites can mark themselves as volatile and as such web browsers are suppose to reload those pages every time they reference them. In a case like this Safari does what it is suppose to do.In a lot of other cases Safari is reloading apparently due to the lack of RAM.Web sites can become extremely complex so using the word average here is difficult at best. I suppose you could save a web page to get...
Memory bandwidth impacts every SoC style APU made. This is why Intel designed in the in package cache chip.
How do you know this? First off the complaints about Apple Maps are complete non sense and largely came from people expecting the same functionality as Google Maps. From day one Apples maps did everything I expected of it.As for this release, iOS 8 is very buggy even in the first release. That is not the fault of the QC manager if the release is forced by management to meet a shipment deadline. Honestly do you really believe this guy has the authority to say no...
I'm not sure what he was saying but the story is absolute crap! First off there was nothing wrong with Maps when it shipped. It didn't do the same thing Googles solution did and that unfortunately tripped out a lot of entitled people out there.Second no one on the outside knows what happened inside Apple. It is completely possible that the quality manager was overruled. IOS 8 shipped with a huge number of bugs and frankly that is the result of having to have a...
If true that would be good news. Well as long as they don't lower performance by going to a very low power Broadwell chip. If they go that route we would be better off with an ARM in the machine.
The BASH flaw isn't a problem unless you do a lot of network facing stuff via a web server or SSH. This particular bug has been blow way out of proportion to the way it could potentially impact Mac users.
It wouldn't be a shock at all. For some uses that the Mini is put to, an "A" series chip would be ideal. That isn't to say every user would be happy but Apple doesn't need to make every user happy. The big deal here would be a far cheaper Mini like platform that would deliver similar performance.
Which is a totally asinine statement. You can only believe that Apples cabling is high quality if you haven't experienced any alternatives.
I see the therapy you are on brings out the dirty side.
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