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Makes you wonder what is taking so long. I have to wonder if Intel is to blame this time around? Well OK maybe not so much Intel as Apple pushing real hard to get TB2 out the door along with the new Xeon tech.This is going to be a very interesting machine and frankly I'm waiting to hear from all of the early adopters on this forum. Likewise I'm waiting for signs of life for the Mini.
I'm hoping she pulls through!
That would be pushing things pretty hard.I'm not sure why people continue to believe that anything will shake out with respect to USB and TB. The differences between the ports is stark, more so the markets they target are entirely different. I don't see Apple having any problems at all with supporting the newer USB standards to some degree.The other half of the equation is the continued implosion of the Windows PC market. The market isn't comparable to what it was...
It might be cheaper to make a larger panel if they are having problems achieving the high pitch densities. Just a thought.
Here is something to tweak your mind: http://store.apple.com/fi/product/HD971ZM/A/sharp-32-inch-pn-k321-4k-ultra-hd-led-monitor. Look at the LCD screen images especially the one on the right. They have the machine sitting next to something that looks like an Airport of some type. Maybe the new Mini?
Good catch! I've kinda been expecting a Mini rev and a small cube like that could produce an impressively compact computer. Out one of those PCI Express SSDs in there and the machine would rock. Well rock for normal usage, I'm not convinced that a Mini would ship with the GPU horse power to drive a 4K display.
What an inflammatory piece of yellow journalism. Being able to pose with an iPhone does not make you tech savvy. Obama has demonstrated a remarkable ability to not grasp technology nor the business world.
You guys are fools to think that Apple isn't already on board with this emerging standard. Frankly it looks like Apple had a hand in the design, you know smaller and reversible. Apple know damn well that TB and USB are largely playing in different fields.
What I find strange is that Google wants to make itself look petty and cheap. They could easily admit their errors and simply broadly license Java from Oracle and be done with it. Instead they seem to be hell bent on turning the Androud ecosystem upside down. Even if Oracle charged a billion dollars Google could easily handle the costs.
Frustrated are we?I just wish Apple would come clean and just announce what the hell is up with the Mini, its update or replacement. I'm really thinking something new is coming but the desktop market is so dead they could just kill it outright. I was also thinking a debut along with the Mac Pro was possible, sort of a refresh of the entire desktop line but I'm not even sure about that.Sadly I haven't heard, seen or otherwise noted any rumors at all about the machine. ...
New Posts  All Forums: