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I was under the impression that laptops where above 80% for a few years now. Part of that is due to Apples pathetic desktop line up that has been stagnate for year and partly due to the market in general dying.I can see the potential for desktop sales to be good for years forward. However that won't happen with Apples current desktop line. The entry point on the Mac Pro just sucks and the Mini isn't the machine to inspire those that really need a desktop machine. ...
I was in the Apple store yesterday to swap out a broken iPad, nothing has changed, desktops are hidden away out of sight.By the way they gave me an iPad that doesn't take a charge. 😁😁😁😁😁. Not happy I have to make another run to the Apple store today.No talking about low end desktops such as the Mini or even the iMac. It is painfully obvious no matter if it is an Apple store or one oriented to selling PC's. Many laptops are on display but you are lucky to find more than...
Apple has never promoted its desktops. They are niche machines , apples desktops. Not a one of them is a mainstream machine.The bigger question is it even wise to promote a machine in a dying market.
Actually I suspect there is cause for concern. Mostly it has to do with the now almost nonexistent market for low end desktop machines. Walk into a computer store, office supply shop or any other common source of computers and you find laptops and tablet all over the place, 20 laptops might be on display to one desktop machine. In a nut shell demand isn't there and it is reflected in Mini sales.Since we know full well how spastic Apple is when it comes to poor sales...
We'll one we have to wait and see what Apple does. Second Lonovo makes a nice box similar to the Mini.I'm really surprised that Apple hasn't updated the Mini for the Christmas shopping season.
I've been wondering about an iPad that size also. No designing on the iPad for me just old eyes.
16:10 would be good. You go to wide the height suffers. 16:9 screens need to be rather big to work well, I'd say almost 17"What complications? Anything Apple does will result in apps requiring updates. What would be neat would be the ability to run apps side by side on a wide screen device, The proble with that is that doubling any current screen does not produce a machine of the size described.
You know I was going to upgrade my iPad sometime early in 2014 but the idea of a larger iPad has me intrigued. I can see the possibilities that such a device would offer. I'd have to handle it first, it may be too big for comfort.
People just don't understand DigiTimes, you need to actually read the publication from time to time. As for iPen that will come along with iRobot, after all you need a pen to put them in!😅😅😅😅 as for iBelt that is all the old USB cables for the old style iOS connectors.
My biggest concern is that the Mini will even exist in 2014.As for integrated graphics I do believe Apple is behind the push to much higher performance out of integrated graphics. If you look at AMD, Intel or even Apples processors you notice one thing across the board, the GPUs take up far more space than the CPUs. CPUs are actually an after thought these days because for many users they are good enough. Beyond that GPU acceleration in many cases so out classes...
New Posts  All Forums: