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Why would you say this if the operation of the iPAd isn't materially different than it is today. Side by side apps may not be for everyone, I know I seldom have a need, but that shouldn't be a usability negative for most. Of course we would have to see what sort of interface Apple comes up with to deliver side by side appsAs for Mac OS, iOS is for the most part Mac OS. As such I wouldn't mind seeing a few concepts brought over that would allow more control of the...
Well it is more than six months. Even so I would not expect the A8 or A8x to be that much more than what is currently in the Mini. Pricing is largely based on die size and with the process shrink the dies aren't that much different in size.
Personally I think Apple would be nuts to try to push MBA to fanless. Broadwell in the ten to 15 watt range would be a massive improvement to MBA. In fact it is exactly what AIR needs to get me interested.That doesn't mean a fanless machine wouldn't be nice, it is just that I don't see it as a replacement for AIR.
The problem I have with these lists and the guys that create then is that it assumes that Apple has no intent of improving iOS or the hardware that it runs on. The fact is there is much that can be improved both operating system wise and hardware wise. As such ebveryone has their personal interests.
Certainly! 14 nm risk production. 2.5 GHz, 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage.
Something tells me that the current Apple TV won't be around long. There just seems to be a lot of AppleTV promotions going on at the moment.
In a better world this is exactly what would happen. If you want to spend your life as a welfare momma you should be required to undergo permanent sterilization. One of our countries biggest problems right now is allowing woman on welfare to have babies, more and more babies that end up becoming nothing but criminals. All you need to do is to look at Ferguson to see what harm families that aren't capable of raising their children do to this country.
Literally!There where alternatives. Leaving the world without twinkles is pretty sad.It would have been better to reopen the factory someplace else without the union. The sad thing here is that I'm certain many of those union members think they did the right thing. The destruction of a company like this however can never be considered the right thing, it is just too bad the union and its members couldn't have addressed the issues before them honestly. This is...
The vast majority of those jobs require far more skill than a security guard needs to sit on his ass at an entry point. I'm not sure where the attitude comes from that every job out there needs to offer a living wage, it is nonsense really. The fact is this wage rate average is way beyond the minimal wage seen for guards in other locations.It depends upon whole the survey was made for. Corporations often use surveys designed to bias wage rates to the low end. ...
The problem is this, why should I have to work to support both the company I wok for and a (second) bunch of crooks?This is going back many years, but a year or so after leaving high school I went to the state fair. One pavilion was set up with a bunch of different unions recruiting new members. Being open minded and having an interest in at least one industry represented I decided to have a look around. What impressed me the most wasn't the Union members recruiting...
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