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It is an option that is entirely up to the employee.Well ok you got me!😂😂😉😉😃😃But seriously you really don't know what your are talking about. I work in a very large plant and seldom see people carrying bags in and out. Being a highly regulated environment, with clean rooms, air locks and etcetera there is a lot of good reason to leave your junk at home. Even then some employees do exercise the option to bring in junk and store it in their lockers.Hardly. Hell I know...
Actually in New York it is an hour for lunch. There is no specific requirement for a break.
The option to take a bag or whatever along is totally up to the employee. Frankly any "bag" that takes more than a minute to search should be used to whack the employee over the head. Going to work is well work, not a tropical vacation.
Well all dreams that aren't nightmares are good experiences. Often dreams lead to little.
Very impressive! Mind you my biggest problem with the iMac is access to and upgradability of the RAM and the secondary storage. I'd be inclined to go with an iMac if Apple addressed these issues.PCIe SSDs have to ne in the future iMac simply die to the fact that they put so much performance into their low end laptop. In fact the iMac would look rather pathetic running a conventional drive next to an aIR.With SSDs on PC Cards, if they had any sense they would make...
Exactly, just like we do in the good ole US of A when we need a few bucks for that new roof, car down payment or Christmas gifts.
It is very possible that they want to field a replacement for iPod classic. Since most iPod sales have been replaced with Touch or iPhone sales it would make sense to offer something with the capacity to replace the iPod classic with a phone thrown in. A 128 GB of flash would be nice.
Talk about a total waste of bits and bandwidth. The most likely reason was covered early in the piece, Android just adds to much overhead for an extremely low cost device.
Not today but maybe after September 1st. See this page:http://www.cpu-world.com/Releases/Mobile_CPU_releases_(2013).html and this:http://www.cpu-world.com/Releases/Desktop_CPU_releases_(2013).htmlThe reality is September is when the vast majority of the Haswell line launches. There is atleast one mobile chip in the line up that is dual core with Intel 5100 graphics. That is good but apple might even be able to manage a quad core keeping power draw...
I can see a few positives with respect to the AirPort chassis. One is likely better cooling at a lower cost. Another is the ability to split components of the machine between front and rear boards, a power supply and a connector board. Use the new blade SSDs for storage and you end up with one compact but high performance (relative) machine. Considering how far intel intends to go with integration at 14 nm, we cold have one hell of a machine in that little box...
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