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From my perspective Apple really screwed up this year, A7 was a nice upgrade but unfortunately they failed to up grade RAM and flash at each price point. This put me off doing an upgrade this year. Let's face it the price of flash has dropped so far there is no rational explanation for the line up of iPads with the current memory sizes. That and iPad really needs more RAM to fully realize its potential.My hope is that A8 supports LPDDR 4 RAM to allow Apple to atleast...
You guys are missing the point here! Technology now allows Apple to build high quality hardware at a much lower cost. Since this reality also applies to the competition Apple has no choice but to lower prices over time. That doesn't mean that they compete dollar for dollar but rather the keep the perception in people's minds that an Apple device is worth a few hundred over the run of the mill hardware.
Done right it could be a desirable platform.Personally I'd rather see an ARM based device be built with real Mac OS but supporting iPad apps in a window. Obviously Apple is 99.9% of the way there with the XCode iOS emulation layer. What this does is gives the platform an immediate supply of good apps to work along with the greater world of Mac OS and UNIX apps.Please I'm in public, no wood producing suggestions please.Why is that; speed or software behavior!
Yet in the jailbreak community the mouse can work well. I'd go so far as to say a mouse could enhance certain types of iOS GUI operations with little if any changes to iOS.Not that I think Apple needs to go this route, what it really needs to do is go full throttle with Artificial Intelligence with the goal of putting much of the AI right in the computing device. Again a mouse is about looking towards the past, it wouldn't be a bad thing to have mouse support in iOS,...
Fortunately technology allows companies like Apple to ship good quality at a lower price every year. Just look at the evolution of the Air from a high priced under performing machine into a market leading platform. The simple fact that it is possible to ship high quality at a lower cost demands that Apple shift some of its business into the sub $1000 range. The reality is that there are high quality sub $1000 laptops already on the market.The other way to look at...
Well no, Surface and even Windows 8 suck hard.
Which doesn't rule out a non traditional approach. Nor does it eliminate other product categories.I can see Apple offering an expanded range of iOS devices such as a larger iPad, an Apple TV and the like. I can also see something somewhat laptop like. However there is little incentive for Apple to make iOS into another Mac OS.As for an ARM based laptop, I'm all for it if it runs real Mac OS and doesn't skimp on support hardware (RAM and flash storage). ARM,...
There is however a considerable difference between building a line suitable for that production number and actually producing that many ahead of time. Given the right type of automation they could have a production line capable of spitting out 65 million a quarter. Depending upon what this iWatch actually is and the methods used to manufacture it, fabrication may require a fair amount of automation just to make it possible.
I don't know about German, but isn't Sapphire a proper noun? That is the name of a specific material?
Not to be that guy but Sapphire is not glass.
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