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I have a feeling it will be selling in that price range fairly quickly.
Well you do get slightly better construction, but yeah in the end ripoff machines.
Most likely it is a preference for reliability.
Unless of course you are type A and then nothing is fast enough.As to office even those apps can get bogged down. Speaking of money, I'm expecting heavy discounts this holiday season, for the most part this machine is over priced. That may be intentional to give them room to run promotions and the like.
Somebody with $1100 in their pocket but not $1300.
That is a two edge sword. 8GB isn't that bad at all. However it does mean value will drop faster than on some other Macs.All in all I'm not impressed. I hope they don't expect this to replace the Mini.
It is a machine hooked to a TV, how would anything suggested impact the sales of other iOS devices. If anything it would increase sales.I'm certain Apple would charge more for a machine as described. However the flip side here is that every component in an Apple TV is cheeper today than when it was first introduced.There is certainly a different business model here but as I said it isn't hugely different than what is happening right now with AppleTV. That is my...
I hear this all the time and frankly each time I hear it all I think is that this is bull shit. Seriously I have zero desire right now for an iMac.
We will have to see how valid that research is. As it is right now I just don't see huge demand for all in ones. If it was that hot of a product i'd be seeing them in stores and regularly promoted in sales fliers and such.I have no doubt Tower sales are on the way down, that has been the trend in industry for years now.In the case of Apples products you have all of the margins going to one vendor. The consumer doesn't always win here. Further all in ones simply...
That is the first thing I thought. Recessing those buttons would be a huge improvement over current designs on both iPads.
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