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16:10 would be good. You go to wide the height suffers. 16:9 screens need to be rather big to work well, I'd say almost 17"What complications? Anything Apple does will result in apps requiring updates. What would be neat would be the ability to run apps side by side on a wide screen device, The proble with that is that doubling any current screen does not produce a machine of the size described.
You know I was going to upgrade my iPad sometime early in 2014 but the idea of a larger iPad has me intrigued. I can see the possibilities that such a device would offer. I'd have to handle it first, it may be too big for comfort.
People just don't understand DigiTimes, you need to actually read the publication from time to time. As for iPen that will come along with iRobot, after all you need a pen to put them in!😅😅😅😅 as for iBelt that is all the old USB cables for the old style iOS connectors.
My biggest concern is that the Mini will even exist in 2014.As for integrated graphics I do believe Apple is behind the push to much higher performance out of integrated graphics. If you look at AMD, Intel or even Apples processors you notice one thing across the board, the GPUs take up far more space than the CPUs. CPUs are actually an after thought these days because for many users they are good enough. Beyond that GPU acceleration in many cases so out classes...
Why would you say that. Sure there are bad players in the industry but Apple wouldn't exist today if it wasn't for patents.
I suspect if Intel is to have success with Phi they will need a way to mass market it. Cost wise it isn't significantly worst than Xeon now. I think the key here is that this is an indication of the direction of technology. If they integrate RAM into the Haswell Iris packages and the Phi, it is possible for other chips focusing on performance. The trickle down theory of computer systems if you will. IMusic has never been a big part of my life, but I will listen to...
I can see FKK beaches in Relics future! After all we don't want to be seeing nasty tan lines.
Well you know Apple, it is hard to say what they will do. I'm imagining a Mac Pro with two GPUs as today with the new XEON Phi replacing the current XEON. GPUs still have significant advantages over anything Intel has to offer so I don't see the two GPUs going away. The interesting thing here is Intel making variants of Phi that can operate as system processors. Instead of struggling to go from 8-12 cores in a Pro, Apple could easily jump to 32, 64 or any number...
I caught an interesting announcement someplace in the last day or two from Intel. The have the intention of integrating RAM into some of their many core processors. In this case they specifically mentioned XEON Phi but it is applicable to other XEONs. The RAM can be used as cache of or fast system RAM. This is sorta like the RAM in the Iris +.The other interesting thing is that a Xeon Phi well be delivered that can act as a system processor. The interesting...
The iCloud versions got updated a couple of days ago. I really think we are seeing a new Apple here and have to agree that by this time next year the apps will be vastly improved.
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