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Nothing disgusting about it but it doesn't fit with the thread.
Well we do know what Apples own executives have said on and off this year. So based on the various comments at the quarterly status reports I'm fairly sure Mini sales are hurting right along with the rest of the desktop line up. The real issue is what can Apple do about this.
That may be true but we don't know if it even applies here. By the way the irrational move to lead free solders is one of the stupidest things to come out of the European union since it was formed. Lead in electronics is nothing like lead in gasoline, at least not in the sense that it is spewed into the environment in a random manner from a gasoline engine.
Batteries are someplace between 90 and $140A power supply is $79.Cooling fans are unknown to me at this time but lets face it if you take them out of the equation you spend $350 for maybe $160 worth of parts.I don't deny the environment is harsh but that varies with user. I still maintain that Apple is the only one that makes out well with Apple Care on Macs. Your questionable success above doesn't mean that everybody gets that sort of value out of Apple Care on a...
The problem with GPU's, be they from NVidia, Intel, AMD or somebody else, is that they are ran very hard in modern systems. Even in Haswell the GPU is often the hottest part of the chip by a large measure. Discrete GPU's can often be a significant portion of the entire power used in a laptop.Running hot is a problem for all electronics. Along with that the chips often run on bleeding edge silicon processes that don't have the reliability history and production...
Interesting that you should ask considering how many AMD engineers Apple has hired lately. However how much these guys can help out depends entirely on why the GPU's are failing. For all we know people could be over clocking them.
Funny isn't it?It will be interesting to see if they can come up with a common failure mode like the NVidia chips had. Frankly I don't think at this point they really know, however this seems to cover a wider array of chips so mostly likely there is more than one thing going on here.
Actually NVidia had a huge problems in MBPs a few years ago. I wouldn't be surprised to find that the move to AMD was the result of that issue. In NVidias case it was a solder joint failure problem. We don't know what is up with the AMD failures but at this point they don't appear to be even close to what owners of those NVidia powered machine experienced.It will be interesting to see what the root cause is with this stuff. it could be an assembly problem, an AMD...
AppleCare for a MBP is $349, it still isn't a good deal. In fact it is a terrible deal considering it only provide 3 years of warranty protection.
Which is a huge point if you had to ever run the latest versions of Windows. Linux isn't that bad if you GUI expectations are low and you can deal with the limited app environment
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