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This is a lot of BS, it would be easy for Apple to deliver a cheaper laptop and maintain quality. Quality gets engineered in.And how much did those Windows machines cost? Remember until iPad most tablets weren't worth buying.
On the contrary there is a sizable market for such machines. Apple may or may not give us an alternative in the new MacPro but that tune has yet to be played. The fact is people often need capabilities beyond what Apple builds into their all in one machines. Yes technology is changing and the Mac Pro might be a better solution but the Mac Pro isn't the right solution for everybody.
The problem with the iMac has nothing to do with price, they could sell the thing for a dollar and I wouldn't buy the machine. Apple apparently configured the machine for some idealized virtual customer that they feel is an idiot with limited needs and a compromised understanding of technology. Apple can try to spur sales with a lower cost model but if it is no more desirable than the current machines I don't think they will bag that many more gullible people than they...
Realistically it isn't a budget model.
I don't understand this mentality. Apple is the master at doing radical. Think about the Mac Pro, the Mini, the AIR, the iPad, the iPhone, the iMac and a bunch of other radical things they have come up with. Sure people take them for granted now but each was radical for the industry.It isn't that simple.They are vastly different machine though.I don't see a problem. Don't forget Intel has some very high integration chips coming. As for the screen nobody knows what...
Which history doesn't support.He has been completely wrong numerous times.Good possibility.
Was there ever any technical content here? I have to agree though that the quality of reporting has gone in the crapper. The lack of credible leaks of information from Apple kinda reveals how short the sight is on reporting skills.By the way I don't mind speculation but it shouldn't be passed off as official news or a certainty lie we are seeing here.
Don't let the past dictate what you believe will happen in the future. Apple has repeatedly told developers not to expect nice 2X multipliers.They are using the name Mac Book, which I take to mean the low end laptop. Apple might be shooting for a machine in the $6-800 dollar range to capture some of the low end market. This is especially important because it looks like the bottom fell out of the high end market. MBP haven't been selling well, if you haven't...
I like this idea but the R&D will be higher to come up with unique processes and material. This would be especially interesting if Apple could get a decent commercial printer on the market in the $500-$1000 range. No tiny parts either, the expectation would be the ability to print page size parts at least six inches thick.
The current Mac Pro was outdated 3 years ago.What was lame was the pricing or value you got which is or was perhaps the worst of any of Apples products. 256/8 doesn't mean squat if the pricing along with the rest of the machine grabs people's interests. That being said 256/16 would be very easy for Apple to do and would make a lot of sense for many users. I can see Apple wanting to address the perception that the desktop Macs have been ripoffs as far as installed...
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