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I have to agree, the nMP is a huge step forward in workstation design. I actually think Apple will have issues keeping up. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a mid 2014 refresh that offers up more flash storage and other possible improvements.As to those "pros", there are still people whining about their ability to run software for their original 68000 based Mac. This machine is a very shrewder move for Apple.
It would be very useful in a convertible.There is a lot of hate in the forums with respect to convertibles but there are also infinite ways in which Apple could realize a decent solution. Remember most convertibles have failed for the same reason tablets did before Apple delivered iPad. It is all about implementation.
I see it as a winning platform. It is certainly about the future not the past.Overbuilt probably isn't the right word. In the high end model the machine runs right at its capacity limit.This machine is probably just a start. Depending upon where they go in the next couple of years the machine could end up rather radical!!!!
That is the first time I've seen that video. An interesting way to get a point across. My first thought was that must have cost a lot to build.
I don't think you read that right.
How long was the Mac Pro a big box? Part of the reason the Mini has stayed around so long in two basic forms is that Apple never really had the resources to dedicate to it. Frankly it looks like Mac Hardware is finally getting some attention so I don't see the idea of a New Mini as an impossibility. By new I mean a new box and a break from the traditional design.A break from traditional design would be similar to the change from Mac Book to MacBook AIR. That is new...
The Internet of things is certainly overblown. This coming from a guy that like to work on embedded things.Really who wears a watch these days? I just don't see this as a mass appeal device. The iPhone is useful to the entire population not just the nerds. For the most part I've never worn a watch, there is really no good reason to do so today.The part about Steve Jobs is baloney. If you read the history of the company you will realize that in many cases...
I'm having trouble finding documentation but I believe that Mavericks brought OpenCL support to older Intel chips. At least Ivy Bridge. Frankly Apple hasn't been real good with documentation of late. Intel hardware has been OpenCL capable for some time even if that feature was never brought to Mac OS.As for current owners that makes little sense, they already have a machine. We are talking about a new machine here. The idea is a that Apple needs a far more...
That is a tuff one. I honestly think that Apples sees the Mini as a machine for third party sellers to market. I left with the impression that they don't even want to bother with it in their stores.
You did quote ""Non-proprietary""!😜😜😜😜Exactly; people whine about screws like they are something sacred or untouchable, they are screws nothing more involved than that. By the way, I can remember people whining about Torx screws in the day. The tune is almost exactly the same. In the end it is non sense because you can simply buy the hardware (tools) you need to do whatever. In the case of screwdrivers it is no big deal any ways as they get replaced often due to...
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