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The unfortunate reality here is that too many so called public good works are really activities designed to promote a special interest. Sadly a good part of the USA is highly gullible in this regard.
Nobody here is denying that a greater good exists. That isn't the problem. They problem is well meaning charity making the situation worst for the homeless and frankly the greater good. Sometimes you need to put a foot down and say enough is enough!Baloney! Much of early technology was directed at filling ones stomach.So when are you going to start thinking logically. The fact of the matter is that the areas of this country with the most liberal approaches to...
I'm glad somebody from the SF area posted and recognizes the problems policy creates in the city.It has been demonstrated again and again that liberal attitudes to the homeless results in more homeless people. This is why many communities are coming down hard on groups that support the homeless.You got something, more homeless that you know what to do with. High taxes that drain money from the economy in non productive ways. Further you have policy that says there is...
Your definition is fine but please do explain to us how charity will help these people. Certainly handing out freebies won't fix the problem.
Does it really matter.Never even remotely said anything like that, I just pointed out that most charitable giving ends up wasted.However it has been demonstrated clearly that giving stuff, money or whatever, to the poor keeps them poor.Being poor is a state of mind. Charity does not enhance the state of mind of the poor.
You really don't know what you are talking about.
Just what did he say wrong. Have you had contact with any of these people? The fact is there is nothing you can do to improve the lives of many of these people. Mental illness is a tough problem to deal with and currently the only way to achieve forced treatment is for that individual to demonstrate a danger to society.Fine - put your head in the sand and deny the truth. Part of that truth is that a great deal of charitable giving goes to waste.
If it wasn't for the investment community Apple wouldn't even exist.
This in a nut shell is the problem "if" it improves things all is good. The vast majority of charitable giving does not do all that much good.Because education is one of the most important things that a company like Apple can be involved in. If Apple as a company wants to improve the Bay Area living conditions, education should be high on the list.No, it is more a question of wasting money on people that you will never get results from.I have to agree with you, but...
Dead wrong! Apple is a publicly owned company, as such the money it earns belongs to investors. As such the investors should have input with respect to Apples charitable giving.?? Apple is a public company which is the whole point. Apple earns money to pay the owners, that is the investors. The concept is pretty damn simple really.It is highly debatable if it is a good cause. Even if it is a good cause we really don't know much about this specific charity...
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