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Just about a 2GB download! And people wonder why I see 256 GB as the minimal SSD size these days.
Opinions are fine but experience is a ruthless teacher. Anybody that has used touch screens on other desktop systems knows that they leave much to be desired. Operating system convergence, if you want to call it that, will come via AI and other advance technologies. Putting a touch interface on the Mac is looking towards the past not the future.
I can see them adding TB2. Mainly because it can drive a monitor. In the long run I expect the cell phone to replace the PC. However large screens are wonderful so TB2 is the rational way to offer that facility. Of course iOS improvements are needed, but in the long term this is where we are heading.
It would be nice if this was the truth. The lack of a Mini update last year was a big disappointment especially considering how good the Haswell GPUs are.
No the idea of charging for a service that effectively benefits the city is stupid. As for benefitting the people, the people need to be willing to work. San Francisco simply has too many free loaders, frankly many of them in Government, which explains why San Francisco has been one of Americas failed cities for so long.
Incredibly stupid and frankly fully expected from a city like San Francisco. Just another reason for decent people to avoid California and its poorly managed cities.
Nobody completely obsessed with benchmarks will be happy with Kaveri. If you take a more balanced view the processor really isn't that bad.Which is baloney. Sure Intels best CPU does better in some tests but lets face it Haswell does much better than Sandy Bridge. As for your obsession with the GPU as a gaming feature that is baloney also. GPU's are very important in all modern operating systems.It beats Kaveri if you hand pick the benchmarks to prove your...
Going on a spending spree! The next thing you will do is go all out and buy a pair of shoes.
All OS evolve over time. However row and columns of app icons isn't a high priority for retro fit in my mind. Many things need to be overhauled in IOS. I would put the interface very low on any list Apple might have.Well that is where file system access comes into play. I'm not sure we will ever see a "Finder" like interface in iOS though I'd love to see at least a limited capability.Actually I like my IPad user interface just the way it is. Simple and to the...
Personally I have no desire to buy the current iMac. Part of that is due to serviceability which is related to any thermal issues the units may have. However I'm not hearing about thermal issues on the new iMacs.The difficulty in servicing the IMac means that I will not have to worry about that problem if it ever crops up.The problem I see is that you are trying to hang this issue on Apple and really it is an AMD / NVidia issue. I include NVidia because they have...
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