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It really doesn't matter if he did a good job or not. The problem is being associated with the adminstration. By the way not because there are Democrates in the Whitehouse but rather because this bunch have such a total disregard for the Constitution and ethical behavior.Hitler had people working the press for him, should those people be rewarded for their short term successful?
Are you serious here?I can't speak for him but if you are the public face of a corrupt administration then you should be held accountable along with the rest of the gang.If you can't demonstrate ethical behavior in one occupation there is zero chance that you will suddenly develop a sense of ethics for the next job. It really has nothing to do with the political parties in Washington.You can be liberal and also ethical. Beyond that what we have seen recently in...
I wouldn't hire somebody like that to clean the toilets. Frankly anybody associated with the current administration should be tried for sedition and dealt with as a criminal.
And the "S" model won't have new parts nor another process shrink. In fact if the S model does go with a process shrink (14nm) then you should be highly concerned with that as it will be a major change in technology building that chip.Certainly possible but consider this, don't buy a new device the first day it comes out! Shocking I know but you don't have to buy on day one. You can wait a month or two for customer feedback.
This is most certainly true. Lay offs like this hit the useful as hard as the useless! In some cases the people laid off will never work in the cell phone industry again.
Sadly when things like this happens the good get let go along with the bad. I would imagine big cuts would happen in Brazil first due to the nature of the economy there. But that won't be the only operation wiped out.In the end this just demonstrates how stupid MS purchase of Nokia was. A total waste of money. It would have been better for Nokia to go tits up before the MS purchase.
True. However going to TSMC for one chips does not mean that Apple stops buying from Samsung. Unless Apple transitions more products than normal ( a possibility) they will still be using older Samsung chips in many products.People seem to forget about AMD when making such statements. AMD offers a real alternative to buying Intel chips and effectively is like going from Samsung to TSMC. The funny thing here is that at the rate Intel is going AMD might beat them to...
IOS has so much potential I don't think people grasp why more devices would be successful. Given that the biggest issue Apple has to address is included RAM in iOS devices, more RAM will make professional apps that much better and in some cases feasible. More flash wouldn't hurt either.
Battery tech is constantly in flux. It is hard to say if the amp hour capacity will go up or down due to the battery being thin. In the end it is all about tech and the combination that works together to give you better and better performance with each generation of iDevices.Who knows. The leak could be complete BS, or it could be a leak related to a new iPod Touch with the leaker not exactly sure what the information he has is. In the end it is shipping product...
Happens all the time! That is why you often see large firms stumble often due to "professional" manager's being decoupled from the technology they are managing. I don't even know if this is true however as a company working with the same vendor's all the time can lead to problems for both the seller and the buyer. I'm glad to see that Apple is agressive in searching out for the most capable suppliers.Doesnt matter really. Pick up a large phone book from any...
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