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Possibly for a year or so. However I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Apple is already working with banks outside the USA. They seem to want to set this up as a world wide standard so I don't see the lack of support in Japan being a long term issue.
Actually I could see Apple being forced to open up the API's to support competition, especially with the current anti business sentiment in Washington. Beyond that Apple has joined a consortium of banks and vendors to push standards for electronic payments. You really can't have a standard if it isn't open.In a nut shell it looks like Apple has a different plan of attack here that involves more flexibility than they have exhibited with some programs in the past. ...
Honestly you need to learn to read for content! There have been multiple explanations from many individuals that should clear this up for you.Special execution units are great for apps that use them. Nobody would argue otherwise. Hiwever they don't have a significant impact on the need for RAM.As far as I know, no body here is in the loop when it comes to Apples decision making. There are all sorts of possibilities here many of which have nothing to do with making...
I've noticed that much of this discussion has highlighted the needs of future iOS releases. That is a very real concern but I need to point out that iOS 8 beta actually feels better all around on my iPad 3. Maybe iOS 9 will undo all of that goodness, hard to tell really, but I just wanted to point out that not every OS transition goes backwards.For some users I think you grossly underestimate the importance of the ecosystem. That is a different issue than RAM though.
When you post like this all you are doing is displaying to the entire world your ignorance about computer systems.Sure it can be because RAM's impact remains the same. As long as RAM remains the same size the issues will remain the same. Oh by the way yes some of us are on iOS 8 betas and know very well what works well in those betas and what has been improved. Safari has been improved in many ways actually but still suffers from RAM problems.If you had any...
Why are you so defensive of Apples designs?It isn't unreasonable to expect better performance out of the hardware we buy from Apple year after year.
Nor should the majority care! The problem isn't RAM the number, but how it impacts usage and performance of the ipHones. These things all of those people care about.
If true it is a good thing for those that want to carry a brick around with them in their pocket. The same site though says that the 6 has only 1GB. If so that is prett discussing. But hey at least this is an indication that Apple at least understands the importance of RAM.
Oh please can we not be rational here? It is well known what RAM does for a system be it an RaspberryPI, some big iron Linux system, or a Mac running Mac OS/X. It is no different with iOSIt isn't about specs it is about functionality. Honestly I'm not impressed with somebody that would post here and so try to dismiss the importance of RAM in a modern computer.
If you follow my posts on this matter you will know I'm a big proponent of more RAM, especially in the larger iOS devices. This would however not solve all of Safaris problems though, I just need to point that out because more RAM doesn't fix bugs or intended behavior. That said Sadari is better in the iOS betas, but better is a long ways from not frustrating.Honestly I'm not even sure why people still argue more RAM wouldn't help. It is as if they don't have a clue...
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