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Apparently you don't drive a vehicle.The other way to look at this is that far to many don't understand the market and reflect that in their posts.
Mac sales are up 14% that is pretty damn good considering what has happened to the rest of the industry which frankly is still in recovery.
Actually that isn't clear at all. It looks like this machine might completely replace the 11" Air.They are useful anytime you need them. There great for thumb drives for keeping hot backups, I for example setup Eclipse to copy fresh files to a thumb drive. The interesting thing here is that that functionality could be replaced by an SD card but yet the rumor indicates that SD cards are also gone. Another use is a USB to whatever cable for interfacing to embedded...
Why? Even IBM sold off their chip business. Practically gave it away in fact.I see comments like this all the time and it really makes no sense. It is like a car manufacture needing a custom bearing, they don't build it themsleves they contract it out to a bearing manufacture. It is all about specialization and being able to follow technology trends. Here we are talking about the 14 nm node but who's to say which manufacture will have a handle on a 7 nm node or...
I've actually have been hearing that Samsungs semiconductor division is doing well even without huge orders from Apple. Also Apple still needs plenty of non A8 chips so it isn't like there is zero Apple production at Samsung. In any event I really doubt this reporter has inside information. Given that A9 should be very interesting as this should produce a very low power processor or a very high performance one in the same power range.
Either way the trend with laptops has been the same for decades more power in a lighter chassis.What is interesting here is that the declining market is mostly Windows hardware. Apples products are actually a growth area for the company.Except that wireless will never be widely accepted in the professional world.You might be missing my point here, I see a success here, my point is that it isn't the machine for me.There is no way that they can deliver a fanless MBP in the...
Err no a breakout box isn't OK. It blows the whole reason for having a compact laptop out of the water.I'm most perplexed by the deletion of the SD card reader as that does not have a thickness problem.If the leaks are correct we already know what will happen. That is why many are frustrated.Man can IPad auto correct be frustrating.
Waiting for a new generation of hardware would make sense
The big reason was or is to cool people's expectations. The speculation was simply getting out of hand, so you deal with that by giving people a peek.
Well not exactly. Admittedly the iPAds are sometimes the better machine for many users but there are good reasons to prefer Mac OS/X over IOS.The big IPad is coming if the rumors are true. However that doesn't make it a Mac OS machine. I think people often mis a big point here, Mac OS gives the users some significant advantages over IOS.I try to maintains a balanced view point here. A fanless machine could certianly serve the needs of some users. However the...
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