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I would expect all stores to have a very large inventory for launch day just like they have in the past. Not all of the preproduction is allocated for early sales. Some of that production will be used to stock stores for launch day. However in the past the Apple stores got a big percentage of that inventory.As for the stores, in the past they had daily shipments coming in. In fact some stores got multiple shipments on a single day.
Nonsense! About half of Apples shipping product base doesn't even leverage the ultimate performance that Intel can deliver. It would take very little effort on Apples part to deliver an ARM based SoC that would perform as good or better than the Intel chips in the MBA or the Mini. Especially when with ARM Apple can easily throw more cores into the chip.Seriously pick up an iPad and experience what ARM can do in a power constrained environment. Then imagine what...
Thanks for the link!Unfortunately I feel asleep last night reading the article. So I can't comment in depth and will hopefully find time later to finish off the article. However I look at ARM this way, Apple has no long term choice.Why would I say this? It is pretty straightforward really, as I've stated before silicon, in the form OS System on Chips, is today what the printed circuit board was in the 80's. It is where one does the engineering and adds the...
[[SPOILER]]I still like the idea of a line up that goes 12, 14 and 16 inches. The only problem right now is that you loose to much performance with the MBA's. I don't see the 13" Pro going away anytime soon. In fact a quad core in the 13" MBP would be nice.
+++ for the word effulgent. As for the rest of your comment I will cut you some slack, in general though if you can't see anything due to the lack of light it is considered to be black.Yes but those stars are to far away to have a significant impact on what you can see.
My problem is wear resistance. Alternative finishes are great as long as they hold up well. As to gold, I suspect that they mean gold colored as opposed to a real gold plating. I'd like to see them use the TiN coatings used in the machine tool cutter industry as such a finish ought to hold up very well. Space gray would be nice too, as long as it is again durable. I'm actually shocked at the resistance to colors in this thread. Apple could choose a poor color...
You have got to be kidding!!!
Don't worry, when people realize that this phone is just too damn big they will become available used for cheap! I don't see the 6+ sustaining its selling price and volume for long.
No body here is saying the desire for more pixels is wrong. The problem is you have to balance a bunch of physical realities to deliver top notch photos. Go to higher sensor resolutions and you will loose capability elsewhere at the current state of the art. What Apple has delivered is a camera that is extremely balanced between pixel count and other valuable features such as low light capability and resolution.
Possible reasons:space? I'm not sure how much larger the camera is.battery power? Running servos takes power.product differentiation?costs?Each iPhone release crushes mainstream point and shoot cameras a little more.
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