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Actually the whole problem with the cable world is the excessive fees charged, $40 a month for an Internet connection is highway robbery. Taking on things like HBO just blows the bill out of proportion to the value it supposedly has. If Apple could attack how theses services are structured we might actually end up with something people would feel is worth the money. If you think about it you can go to a movie once a week and save a large chunk of change over the...
It also doesn't imply totally new devices. For example MBP's are in the pipeline as are iMacs and hopefully a Mini. Hell there is probably a Mac Pro in the pipeline.
Frustrating isn't it. Especially when Haswell is exactly what the Mini needs.
In the case of the Mini I can't understand their reluctance to update the machine even if something better is coming. Let's face it going a year and a half maybe two without an update is not consumer friendly.Well beyond the Mini what could they update. Let's face it the lack of real updates to the Macs is not Apples fault. Haswell refresh has been a joke.Maybe Apple thinks it is doing us a favor.
Let's wait and see! Mavericks has been excellent for me, however nothing is beyond improvement.
Yep broadening is what is happening.
Well I escaped the last few rounds so I'm probably good for a year or two! It is very frustrating to see hundreds let go due to a buy out and a lack of vision. Many of those where very good jobs too.
It is really hard to say what is up. Depending upon the industry there has been a rapid switch to 3D modeling apps, 2D & 3D apps like AutoCAD have become apps for details and component drawings. In many cases it is far faster to do design work in something like Solidworks. I can't imagine the AutoCAD market is a growth market.That was certainly the case a few years ago. I've seen many companies switch to solid modeling as their primary design tool.Actually that...
I'm not sure where you get your information from but you need to consider new sources.The funny thing here is that the Mini or a replacement for the Mini would be an ideal location for ARM based chips. You could leave it turned on and with it in sleep mode most of the time your electric bill does not get hammered. It isn't being green it is all about economics.As for the Mac Pro nobody is talking about an ARM based Mac Pro at the moment. A laptop however would be...
It is more about the OS sucking to me. Windows has a very negative image with the population at large. That opinion was just confirmed when the executives at MS couldn't even get through the introduction without the device crashing.The difference between iOS and OSX are large enough that more than a recompile is needed. However people mis how much is actually shared between the two platforms.That is unadulterated bull crap. Most software running on the Mac these...
New Posts  All Forums: