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A new product is a new product, just because you personally don't have a need for it doesn't lessen the fact that Apple launched it. It being whatever you are trying to discount.The Mac Pro is a perfect example here, there is no way one can reasonably say it is not a new product. In many ways a market changing product.No you are trying to deny reality in the face of an Apple that has effectively delivered many new products and features over the last couple of...
I will ask again when hasn't Apple had hardware at WWDC? The fact is software is useless without hardware.
Getting involved in politics has killed way to many companies. Besides the whole company is ran by a minority now.
One big store is all you need, one can drive clear across the country in no time at all.
Honestly if they can't leverage the cores then they didn't need a Mac Pro in the first place.
I really doubt that you will ever see a dual socket machine. I fully expect that the next round or two of XEONs will keep people happy for a long while. A 20 core chip shouldn't be far away.
I would hope so but they won't come any faster than Intel and AMD can deliver the updates. At best you will get a major update about every two years. It is a simple fact of life that this caliber of hardware does not get revved the way consumer grade components do.Actually the newest Intel XEONs come with processor complexes grouped in units of five cores so I would imagine next years Macs would have 5, 10, 15 & possibly 20 cores.You have no idea what demand is, Apple...
The first thing she needs to do is bring back the check out line. It is unbelievably inefficient to drop by an Apple store for simple purchases. For example try stopping by an Apple store to buy a new iPhone USB cable. Frankly I avoid Apples stores unless I really really need something and don't want to go online for it.
Even if they have a new form factor coming, it really doesn't justify putting the buying community on hold for 8 months now. I'm not sure about the engineering effort required to slap Haswell on the motherboard but I can't imagine it was a huge foot print change from the previous solution. I really just don't get it, the Mini attracts a lot of people, geeks if you will, that do understand the differences in the processor families and will put off purchases until the...
If Apple where to do something like that I'd probably go back to Linux. I can tolerate a bit of "Apple Tax" for ease of use and reliability but that implies hardware I'm willing to buy in the price range that I see as reasonable.Don't get me wrong if I won the lottery tomorrow I would buy a Mac Pro that day. However these days I'm in a position where hardware purchases must be justifiable and frankly I don't need a Mac Pro. I certainly would like one but that is far...
New Posts  All Forums: