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If you mean the nMP design, I could see something like that happening. It wouldn't be more modular though.Sure but does that mean Apple will do it? I can't really answer that question, however I have to think that they are up to something considering how the Mac Mini hasn't been updated yet and is taking a terrible hit in sales. it is highly doubtful that there will be a next Mini modeled on the current one in my opinion.Honestly that makes no sense. What we...
Not to be an ass but they probably had less than one hundred. Just enough to meet their launch deadline and not be completely embarrassed. I still suspect Intel is the hold up here.
The whole thing with TI could be an interesting discussion in its own right. They dropped out due to no design ins. The question is why? I'm thinking it is more involved than just a slow down in the market.That is certainly the case if you are expecting an direct challenge. I suspect that vendors using ARM SoC will try more indirect challenges to the likes of AMD and Intel in the data center. There are at least three possibly four companies (can't remember)...
Sadly I think it is the end of the line for the current Mini design. The question is; does Apple drop it completely or offer up something new.
I have to agree that the option for more internal storage should be there. I was really hoping that the second SSD port would be available on the "other" GPU card. if for nothing else other than a really fast scratch disk or buffer. I really believe that Apple got it right with respect to bulk storage, but bulk storage isn't the only type of storage users need.
It is Christmas time you could give her a new Mac Pro instead!It might take more than a year to get a substantial upgrade over the current Xeons. I haven't hear mention of any thing major coming and frankly Intel is under the same pressure to reduce thermal power in these chips as they are in their consumer lines.As for GPU's well I believe you are right in that 2014 should bring a new family of chips. Even then the question really is how much of an improvement is...
That low idle power draw could be a big selling point. People are far more aware of power usage when it comes to computing devices these days.
I've heard rumors that TSMC is indeed doing better with sub 20 micron than might be expected. That doesn't mean much of course.It is due to the manufacturing process and how the silicon is grown.
I highly doubt that Apple wants to rely upon one foundry any more. Such a situation made sense when just getting started with DIY SoC's but Apple is in a different league now. They literally have volumes that go beyond what a single factory can handle. Note the rumors that Samsung had to go to Global Foundries to handle excess demand.Rumors are rumors of course but Samsung has already had to expand the factory in Texas and Apples need for chips expands almost every...
Those numbers are so close they could be flipped just by altering the RAM speed or bumping the GPU clock. Beyond that, this is mobile, without thermal numbers the numbers don't mena much.
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