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Especially if they can address the storage shortage issue. My old MBP is on its last legs. I know people often wonder what that phrase means but in my case it means a bad keyboard, an old hard drive and a video screen going bad. I'm just glad that the old Mac, along with Mavericks, can so easily drive an external screen.The obvious thing is that I will need a new machine of some sort soon. An AIR might just be the ticket.
LTE would be nice in a light weight laptop. One of the things I love about my iPad is its always connected nature with the LTE option.Any laptop, that is a clam shell like device, without a keyboard and track pad wouldn't be very useful would it?
You guys have an interesting discussion going on here as to how Apple could possibly implant this in a cell phone. The common approach of beam splitters, prisms and the like, would be an extremely tight fit in a cell phone. The issue of parallax is a real problem but the question then becomes how close do you have to be to for that problem not to be correctible with a little electronic processing. Mind you Apple could potentially have the lenses only a few...
I have no love for the over sized cell phones either. Most people, guys especially want a phone that can fit into their pocket. Woman on the other hand are more variable, some of them can carry a 27" iMac in their hand bags! 😳  I will likely hurl if I start to see people carrying their cell phones on their belts via big leather sacks. It would be a like a throw back to the days of the HP calculator in many engineering offices.
YepI really hope that this stupidity flops for Microsoft. It wouldn't take much more than a couple of years to waste a lot of money with this garbage. In a nut shell $99 a year is a ripoff for software.
The GPU world gets more interesting everyday. In fact it is the only mainstream computing element epseeing innovation anymore. The thing that kills me with these video cards is that they now come with more RAM than I have ever owned.I'm really hurting for a new computer, I just built OpenCascade on my machine and it took like 170 minutes to compile.On the other hand, we can see here a rational upgrade path for next years Mac Pro rev. Both NVidia and AMD are putting...
Yep. Huge potential there. I can see a Apple trying to completely out do the industry with an advanced camera design. Some of the patents and rumors point in that direction.
Why would you say that. Arm is a perfectly good applications processor for the needs of many. Not perfect mind you but no processor is.Except if the software you are using needs a keyboard, mouse or interfacing to hardware.
Apparently you haven't keep up with what Sharp was doing with IGZO. The only thing that would keep retina out of an Air would be cost right now. Even better is if the screen is combined with a Broadwell processor, they system could gain all around.
LTE is exactly what makes my iPad so useful that at times it is the only device I want with me.
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