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Atom is and has been seen in poor light compared to AMDs BRAZOS offerings. As such Intel has had to increase performance drastically to keep up. However realize that reviews by many online sources bias expectations when it comes to low end hardware. A good review doesn't imply that a laptop even remotely competes against mainstream laptop processors.Maybe not but they need something that fills the gap below the Mac Plus. The sad thing here is that the Mini with the...
What is less well known is that at the time they made this movie and plugged in this little reveal was that this technology was closely guarded military tech. It is or was a significant leak at the time. Variants of this material can produce extremely bullet resistant windows.
A 25% price difference would cause most manufactures to run away from current suppliers. So that is reason enough. Given that though I suspect this material is iWatch destined. This method of production doesn't produce the very large crystals that would allow for a large iPhone screen. At least it hasn't in the past, it would be nice to be wrong here.
And you base this on what information?I don't doubt it really but I do wonder what will replace it. A scaled down Mac Pro like machine, a souped up AppleTV or something different again. The Mini might be dead but dropping it leaves Apples desktop lineup unbalanced.
Well, I'd like to see what Apple does with A8 and have that plugged into a laptop machine, maybe even a desktop. However it needs to run today's Mac OS.However in the context of using Intel the reasoning below is somewhat bogus.Not really, Intel has high overhead, I can't see them competeing with silicon foundries that well. I doubt that they could even be price competitive with global foundries in Saratoga.That isn't the big deal many make it out to be.Samsungs...
Or you could just say WiFi doesn't work that well compared to wire Ethernet. Of course dozens will chime in telling you how well it works for them which may be true but if you are working with lots of data it is slow and unreliable.
Cheap no but much more competitive pricing. These machine could be a big draw for people looking at similar hardware from other manufactures.
The price is faily competitive considering a Sony with a much smaller SSD goes for around $700. Suspect that they will continue to drive sales upward with this price drop. It really looks like Apple is going after market share here.
I don't doubt those specs one bit, but gaming rigs are a different beast than a desktop machine. That is they are more likely to be sold though specialty retailers/builders and contain hardware not commonly found in a desktop PC.I would tend to agree that Steve's characterization is more or less correct. In the context of Apple though they have nothing that can realistically pass for a gaming rig. The Mini isn't even remotely capable, the iMac may have a limited...
They also have knocked $200 off the 2013 Airs so yeah the Mini looks pretty pathetic. If they don't have a replacement ready and debuted at WWDC I will be fully perplexed. Effectively the Airs have lapped the Mini technology wise.What is even more interesting is the total lack of rumors about the Mini. Not even a leak that is an obvious wild ass guess.
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