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It depends upon your expectations. For years I wouldn't even consider an Air due to the rather pathetic performance. Airs have gotten much better no doubt there. I'd be very tempted by a Broadwell powered machine, that is if Broadwell actually delivers on the hype. Beyond that I'm still wanting a quad core which I doubt will make it into Air with the next rev.The thing is this, I keep my machines for a very long time compared to some. Buying too low on the...
DigiTimes doesn't guess at anything. Read the publication a bit and you will find that this is just information that comes their way that they publish. Usually reserved for column space that might be seen as a rumor or gossip column. It is American publications like Appleinsider that try to elevate some of these articles to the status of researched news.
You hit the bullseye there. Any computer with a power profile to be fanless won't be a Mac with the expected performance profile. Essentially yo end up with a single tasking machine. This is why I often wonder if these rumors are really about an IOS based device.My experience with iPad tells me that iOS and the associated hardware can deliver a nice "laptop" experience if the expectations are low. Low in this case meaning single tasking interface for the most part....
Learn to read!With the several delays for Broadwell there is no certainty that Intel can deliver what they thought they could. Is that so hard to understand? Depending upon the severity of the production problems they may have to revisit Broadwells design. Or we may get stuck with lower clock rates than expected. The point is what we thought we would get a year ago might not be what we get if Broadwell ever ships.
All bets are off as to what Broadwell may or may not do. the fact that Intel has delayed so many times ma indicate issues with the Process or the Design. Possibly both. If they have to hack up Broadwell to get it to run on the new process who knows what performance will be like. As for You, either avenue you are free to follow. However if you don't need it don' buy it.
If we where lucky the move to Samsung would be for low power DDR4 RAM. It would be something to see next generation RAM technology in Apples IOS devices. Even if it is used just in iPad AIR.
Write an app to interface to a device to put that device on the net. Write an app to run RepRap or other small CNC machines. Shove the iPhone into some stereo equipment as an iPod replacement. I could go on an on but there are a multitude of potential uses for iPhone if one could easily interface it to the outside world free of the MiFi nonsense.What is very sad here is that Apple plays up to the green flakes out there but doesn't seem to realize that the best thing...
So? Really going too thin can be just as troublesome as being too thick. It is like sizing a handle on a power tool, gun, saw or any manually operated device. If the grip ends up too small it impacts usability for all users. An iphone would be too thin when it imoacts durability and the users ability to handle the phone.Well on the good side there are far worst things to be mental about.Even with a laptop there is a point at which getting thinner will negatively...
I suspect that this is all about getting ready for Yosemite with no intention of delivering new features.
If that was true Samsungs massive phones would be selling like hot cakes. They don't. Even Samsung has admitted to this.
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