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Last year it was obvious that the designs where ready for Touch ID. The problem was production ramp up of the sensors.I'm not a Mini user but this certainly is a bit of stupidity on Apples part. They fall into a pattern here and then wonder why sales are tanking. Look what has happened to iPod Touch which is falling behind even as a gaming platform. It looks like the Mini is in an Apple death spiral already.Well this one I have to disagree with you on. The previous...
Good question, I suspect a new marketing name.This attitude that Apple displays at times is troubling. A device like the Mini exhibits poor sales so they do nothing significant upgrade wise. This leads to a self fulfilling prophecy were sales spiral downward due to the obvious dated nature of the device. Even an update to a simple A8 would have been more inspiring.
I'm surprised that Apple doesn't go after the NFC reader market with iPad. For the guy running a small business that is constantly moving from customer to customer such an iPad would make business life much better.
Well A8 now would need some enhancements but I'm pretty much convinced that a decent laptop as portable or more so than the AIR can be made. That machine would have decent performance too.Actually I suspect that they could save even more money. A8 is extremely integrated as far as SoC go. With a bit of beefing up there would be very little in the way of support chips required.They could do that or beef up A8 with more cores, a larger cache and so forth. Remember...
I would think that any new Apple portable would be retina of some sort. They have to keep an eye on the competition.I'm addicted to the Apple keyboard and track pad combo. Touch might have some benefit in a laptop but it isn't a show stopper for me.
It is a start.There are dozens of web sites that do that. Somethings are really the domain of specialist.This is a on going problem with Apple. Sadly you won't see real graphics muscle in an iMac because the platform can't handle it thermally. This is why I've supported the XMac concept for so long, which is basically a box with a decent desktop GPU. As the resolution goes up, the pathetic GPUs in an iMac will just look more rediculous.Really if you don't...
I'm not a big iMac fan but wouldn't that negatively impact the speakers, speakers that people already complain about. Of course Apple could unbundle the speakers but then people would complain about that.I don't know. I would imagine that there are more than a few people at Apple pissed off with Intel as I suspect Apple really wanted Broadwell this year. Broadwell would make for a nice Mini not to mention the rumored but delayed 12" MacBook like machine.
Some hardware is better than others but that doesn't really matter to me. I just don't want to screw around with such crap on what wield be my primary machine. From my perspective Hackintoshes fly in the face of why I buy a Mac in the first place.If I really need to run Windows I'd create a VM for that. However I've gone for years now without Windows in any form for my personal needs.
yes and there is a lot of disagreement over the idea.not at all. An A8 powered Mac would need the same sort of I/O as is seen on a Mac.At this moment in time all we have see is an A8 version optimized for the portable world. Currently Apples processors out perform Intel Atom at a modest clock rate. We don't even know where A8 tops out clock wise but there are plenty of 64 bit ARM examples running at much higher clock rates. It is doubtful we would see A8...
IPads are just the nuts for somethings. If it wasn't for iPad I Wouldnt be able to check into the various forums as easily as I do. I'm actually being pulled in multiple directions with all these releases so close together. In any event iPads are far from worthless and can really fit well into certain lifestyles.
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