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full screen mode would be a nice addition to Safari. Chrome and Firefox already have full screen mode
I miss the iWalk... do you remeber?
how I could learn to build UI like Apple Aperture? IB is a cool way to build simple app but how can I build a GUI like aperture's or like Photoshop UI?
search for macfuse
why novell can incorporate VBA support to openOffice novell edition but the MacBu can not add VBA support to mac version of Office? http://www.novell.com/products/desktop/screenshots.html " Linux Support for VBA Spreadsheet Macros The Novell edition of OpenOffice.org 2.0 provides support for spreadsheets that include Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macros, removing one of the largest barriers to enterprise...
I wish there will be the option for removing unused modules, like if I do not the quicktime streaming module, I could just remove that module but if I needed it later, i could reload the module by poppin' the dvd or for a network share
an update to Final Cut Studio is arround the corner. I think that update will rock the house! .... I hope for a new UI like Aperture
the only thing missing is the VBA support, I think the MacBU should make an extra effort and add the support for Visual Basic Macros. maybe the code for VBA is to old, but why they [Macbu] were never worry or assigned the resources to update that code to make it more modern? and avoid the "OOOpps, it's to complicated to create universal apps".
would be Great!
Apple does not need Autodesk... period
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