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new mac book pros with dockin' stations, with Two dual-link DVI outputs. new apple keyboards and mices (wired and wireless). apple could design better keyboards and mices. Blu-Ray & HD-DVD burners as a BTO in Mac Pro and Mac Book Pro. Top secret features preview. Leopard release date for March 24,2007 I do not wonder about iLife & iWork because their update is a sure thing, Hope iWork bring two or three new apps. I wonder about new proApps from apple. how about...
apple 1st hired Mike Matas... then, Tim O also was hired by apple. Do not think apple acquired DL
I would prefer to buy a external hard drive from my hardware vendor than some other brand. I would like the hard drive to match my system. Something like a xServe raid express. a cage that will accommodate two SAS or SATA drives that will connect to the workstation using firewire 800. ... but at the end of the day, this is just a wishful thinking. = D
also, the thing I have been asking for a long time: an apple docking solution for the mac book pro laptops, with support for connecting two 30" apple displays. SLI and CrossFire support in Macos X
the same was said about a hard drive based mp3 player called iPod.
how about new keyboards and mices (wired and wireless)? I think apple keyboards and mices are not the best in the market, even microsoft hardware is a lot better than apple's ..how about new I/O interfaces for FCP and other proApps like 3dconnexion? mac and iPod accesories will sell like hotcakes! New displays with iSight cameras? I also want apple external hard drives (SAS or SATA) with Firewire and USB 2.0 connexions. For TimeMachine or for the "Portable Home"...
- preview of secret feature in leopard. hopefully, the GUI of mail and preview does not stay with the bubble theme. I like more the unified ui. - leopard server demo ... (i wish) - with leopard, quicktime pro for everybody - new versions of iApps and iWork.. - preview of universal apps from adobe, microsoft and other mac developers - more GPU options for mac pros, adding SLI (nvidia) and CrossFire (ATI) techology, including this baby --> ...
Why apple does not sell servers like those bad a** HP ProLiant servers with up to four processors (not cores). the xserves seems so boring side by side with one DL500 box. Or even blades! imagine a rack full of mac blades rendering shake or making music with logic. http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en...41475-f80.html
.... i just wish that the wwdc videos on iTunes were open for all those users with an on-line account in ADC. I want to watch the state of the union videos.
I wonder why apple does not sell external hard drives (besides the iPod or xserve raid), it will be cool to have a apple branded external hardrive, apple should partner wih LeCie or Western Digital or other hard drive vendor and have them create an apple hard drive.
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