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do you think that SGI will regain some of its market share amd be profitable again?
I think the macos x server will go universal when apple releases the intel-based Powermac or intel-based xserve. If you noticed, shake is going universal until its next release (when the powermacs are released) have fun
1. virtualization 2. resolution independent displays 3. tabbed ichat with desktop sharing, ala netmeeting 4. new finder
my guess, Apple will introduce a new version of Shake and Final Cut Express. Why do I say that? All other Apple proApps will have cross-upgrase before April but Shake and FCE. I also think that apple will upgrade ARD, maybe version 2.5 or just skip it to 3.0. But I do not think new machines will appear at NAB whay do you think?
I think it would be a better move to get SGI, apple wants also to gain market share in the entreprise and high-computeing area. SGI has been in financial problems lately. SGI has great visulization, san, cluster techology and more important, they have really good engineers that apple could use. http://slashdot.org/articles/06/02/09/2311219.shtml
I think FTP support is not a required feature for the finder. there are excellent FTP solutions for macos X in the market. Fetch, Transmit, Capitan FTP and the list go on .... if you do not want to pay for those solutions, use the terminal.app by the way, my brother still use pico for editing his text files. the is the ultimate NO-GUI fan! regards!
they have to said it as the deal is ink, they can't keep it as a secret
... webkit has HTML editing, I think it was developed from zero at apple. by law, any company has to make an anuncement if the company aquires another one.
He said that DL 2.0 will use CoreData and he is trying to Use QTKit for the bar code scanning. Wil seems like a cool guy... have fun
New Posts  All Forums: