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he said he is re-working the isight scanning for the new imacs, which does not have auto-focus. He is talking some time of DL 2.0 to fix that issue. also, he said that now he is using QTkit for the isight scanning. pretty cool He is a non-apple, so he could not have information about the intel releases. Every developer is tring to have universal binaries as soon as possible
my wishlist:the graphic system will be resolution independent. fix mail.app by removing those ugly bubble-icons. the developers at the "evening at alder" agreed that the text system must be improved. fix all those GUI problems. Sometimes, in the dialog boxes apple asks for "OK" and someother times for "acept". Also, in Aperture, the is a horizontal line above the icons, this is cool, maybe it could be spread accross the OS. improve the way iTunes displays the music....
apple has been very quiet in the acquisitions area lately .. so, do you think apple is planning to get technology or assets from another company? software? hardware? patents? what do you think? which will be Apple next acquisition? any comments?
typing ">console" in the login window and work in Macos X without a GUI.
In Aperture, apple introduced full screen mode for editing Images, do you guys and gals think that we will see this full screen mode in FCP, DVDStudioPro, Shake and other apple proApps. have fun!
I think Photo Booth needs a couple of extra features, 1. taking photos in sequence like regular photobooths and create a jpg (tiff, pdf or png) file with the sequence of photos and adding the "film" edges to the resulting image like in the app icon 2. be able to create (and print) a layout with a series of the same photo, in case you need photo for a library card or an employment application. 3. be able to print a "polaroid", like picasa! =P
I like the iWork GUI, it's simple but get the work done!
Do you think the next generation of Apple proApps (Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro,Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Logic Pro & Shake) will have the same GUI than Aperture? I really like the new aperture GUI and how it manage dual screens and the full screen mode; hopefuly all other proApps will get the same GUI
it does have an Waveform MP3 Editor, so you could cut, copy, paste and more.... check out audion, it's pretty cool! have fun!
how about audion? it's unsupported but free....
New Posts  All Forums: