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how about using LaTeX? =D
SGI trying a come-back .... Silicon Graphics will start showing off the Altix 4000 Monday, the second generation of the company's technical computing machines based on the Linux operating system and Itanium processors. http://news.com.com/SGI+to+show+next...l?tag=nefd.top cool! SGI needs to sell also workstations, the deskside Linux/Itanuim2 Machines rock the house, maybe it is time to kill the IRIX based workstations and release someother Itanium bases...
they Shared Memory tech rocks, imagine a system with half of terabyte of RAM!!!!!, their SAN technology is the best of all, one OS image runs accros 128 itanuims processors, thier visualization systems are the best. SGI still rocks the house! it is too sad they are in pain, but who said life was fair! =D
One of the coolest computer companies is in PAIN: SGI. I think apple should take a risk and invest a couple of millons and get SGI, transform SGI into a company named Apple Entreprise and use that amazing techology from SGI to benefit apple. slowly migrate thier servers from Linux to Macos X server, and incorporate all SGI tech into macos X. High performance software vendors will start to port to macos X.
- xserve quads!!! the pro machines will be the last to switch to intel, apple will start with the mac mini and ibooks. this will give time to developers to port applications to intel. - ibooks with isight cameras built-in, loaded with photobooth, and higher res screens. - Keynote 2.5, Pages 2.0, and a speardsheet application: iwork '06. Apple needs to update pages to handle formulas and equations (for engineering or school reports), also, figues and object labes for...
there was the rumor that APple remote desktop 3 was arround the corner, I did think that it was going to be released on the NY special event, but noo.... any idea? post your wishlist for Remote Desktop 3.0!!!
apple does not mention nothing about Aperture working with a network filesystem like xsan, or Aperture is an app for a loner photographer? could aperture store RAW files in a xsan system and several users can access and collaborate with those RAW files?
will keynote work with the apple remote, flipping from slide to slide using the remote control in the imac maybe future versions of keynote and future hardware (Powerbooks) from apple will add this funtionallity
just wondering if apple will post a stream of NY Photo event? will be cool to see the into of Aperture, New Powerbook and the dual-core machines....
it might be added to all hardware in a near feature..... http://docs.info.apple.com/article.h...n/bth1000.html
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