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but steve jobs was annoyed first when adobe did not wanted to do consumer level software like iPhoto and iMovie. Steve said "beat it" and start develop them and buying companies to fill that gap in the software area, then, when adobe saw the success of iPhoto and iMovie, they [adobe] released their "elements" programs. besides new hardware, apple could release new software, maybe a pro photo editing software & media management platform. also, where is Apple Remote...
just think about the iPod dock... imaging something similar for the next gen Powerbook. just think about.... returning to the office from a meeting or a coffee shop, take out the powerbook from your its case and slice into the Powerbook Docking Station by apple. A 23" display, mighty mouse and keyboard connected to the Powerbook Docking Station... COOL!!
The Powerbook Duo and the DuoDock was an awesome idea from apple. It will be great that apple intoduce a port replicator like de DuoDock for the next revision of Powerbus, that will be the best solution for creative professionals that need mobility. It's a pain in the a** to hook all the cables (mouse, AC, network, DVI, iPods) to a laptop when returning to a Desk and would be nicer than having all the cables hanging arround.... The Powerbook duo and the duodock used...
just wondering about apple next product for the entreprise. Do you , guys, think apple will deliver a tape-based backup system that could work together with Apple Xserve, XServer Raid, ARD and Xsan. how about Apple Remote Desktop 3.0? I hope it includes a more entreprise driven backup application.!! how about New pro Desktops and Pro Laptops??
like 3 years ago, Ansys posted a survey at ansys.com about porting their software to Macos X, but still no ansys running in a mac , too bad. it would be cool to run ansys in a mac
I just wish that BackUp 3.0 was unlinked from .mac, or it was bundle with Apple Remote Desktop or with iWork. I think the new backup is a way cooler app than backup 2. The spotlight and the quickPick features are really cool.
thinksecret claims that apple will add document sharing to ichat, ... VNC or ARD could be used but they do not have the ease of use of apple ... let's see if it is true. ... http://www.thinksecret.com/news/0508briefly1043.html
Numbers will be added to the iWork suite in the MWSF'06 and Philip Schiller is going to do the demo by steve's request... I think the next apple events will be focus on applications, both iApps and ProApps, and in the iPod, but there always the change for ".... one more thing!" =) what new proApps do you think apple will introduce within a year? what iApps?
I think apple should just use the metal brush interphase por iApps, also, I love the new spotlight, preference panel or for example the dictornary, see image below: I think all server apps and ARD 3.0, as the finder, should use this new tiger GUI. i did not like ARD 2.X GUI, metal brush is so iApp. I also like very mush the Pages and keynote toolbar, simple but useful. maybe apple should use this GUI for ProApps and server tools, like Workgroup Manager, server...
MS channel 9 (channel9.msdn.com) is a great idea that I think developers love. It's interesting the concept of the video interviews with MS program managers. I just wish apple could do the same. I do not mean that apple talks about unreleased products, but interviews with developers and program manager about apple current products (software/hardware/services, like .mac or iTMS) or technologies. Cool!
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