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do you think that the switch to intel will make more apps ported to macos X (10.4 or 10.5)??, if so, provide a list of the apps you would like to see them ported to Macos X. I would like products from Ansys, PTC, Fluent and MSC.Software to run in a mac... that would be awesome!!! no more Windows or Linux boxes at work
I like more apple software than hardware. Apple Hardware is cool, but you can create with software.... I guess Apple Expo in Paris will be focus on Apple Software and iPods. there was the rumor about an Apple Phontoshop, the Apple Photo Pro, Apple Numbers (a spreadsheet), I think apple remote desktop 3.0 will be awsome with intergration of spotlight and, please, get rid of the metalbrush interphase and use the new spotligh GUI or the Apple Server tools GUI. also,...
Do you think that spotlight will replace the finder for 10.5?? I like a 1000 times better the spotlight GUI than the finder one... I wonder how apple will incorporate Indexing for network folders. I guess about future uses of Spotlight. will .mac backup will incorporate backuping features via spotlight. by the way, spotlight is a 1e9 cooler than the MS Vista explorer
apple, as other any company, needs to find ways to get more revenue and expand it's market share. I guess apple will do something in the Pro-photo market, but I do not think this is for real, it would be down by now...
I wish apple use 64 bit-dual-core & dual xeons on their pro desktops and servers... but it would be great if apple uses the bad-a@@ intel processor: the itanium. =) MS said that they won't support the itanium for next releaes of their OS.
pretty cool keyboard!!! I want one.... really cool!! I wish apple or logitech get in IP or the patent of that keyboard.... deliver a SDK to software developers so any give app could be compatible with that keyboard... I use CAD/CAE tools a that keyboard could be very useful
I do not have a copy of Pages, but I have been reading that it sucks, it is true? if so, what would you do to improve for Pages 1.5 or 2.0? I'm think in getting a copy of iWork
Here is my list 1. Apple to use Spotlight GUI in the finder, it a lot elegant than the metallic brush UI. 2. Apple to do some icon work on the mail.app, the current icons are not so "Apple", they should fix mail.app 3. A desktop sharing application integrated with Apple ichat and to collaboration services in macos Server. A sharing desktop is a must in the entreprise... 4. more SDKs =) 5. Not part of macos 10.5, but I would like that the next release of ARD (3.0)...
do you think that more apps will be posted to macos X when Apple starts shipping Intel based machines?
here is my list - Webobjects upgrade - xsan 1.1 - ARD 3.0? - Quad-processor xserve - bigger harddrives in xserve raids - upgrade in Powerbooks - new Ipods - sneek preview of new technologies from apple...
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