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what's missing from the new iChat? make your list .... my list is made from just one point a easy way to share screens between multiple users, like in a conference call, I know that there is ARD 2.2 and VNC, but not everybody is a unix savy for VNC or has a lic of ARD 2.2...
will be Tiger-only, powered by spotlight .... COOL!
not including updates, what will be the next pro app by apple? a photoshop kinda of killer app? apple have all the needed features with core image to do a photoshop killer app .... ... or what will be the next apple pro app?
ARD CLIENT 2.1 can be used with vnc ... http://www.apple.com/support/downloa...p21client.html
how much time do you think will pass before apple adds a Spreadsheet app into iWork? mmm, no before WWDC'05? any comments?
install Apple Remote Desktop client 2.1 and from the wintel just use any VNC viewer ... =) cool!
macminute claims that apple got or apply for a patent for iTunes Producer, more info here also, more info and screenshots here iTunes Producer icon ...
I would like apple posted more information about Tiger Server. apple since wwdc'04 created a Tiger Server Info page, but I think apple should update this site on regular basis... http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/tiger/
I would like to see this video, but I'm not a ADC Software Seed Key holder. Any one can paste a mirror to this video? Watch this exciting Dashboard development video. (Available to ADC Software Seed Key holders only.) http://developer.apple.com/macosx/ti...ard/index.html
New Posts  All Forums: