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While there are some anti-Apple sentiments growing in media, it is equally sensationalistic to suggest that the trend is "sensational Apple hate" and that media is pushing the Mini is failing agenda across the board. The reviews are mixed but most are saying it is the tablet in its size, with the display being the main gripe. That is fair, isn't it?   The trend here and other pro-Apple site is to pretend the whole rest of the world is anti-Apple. That boat has sailed.
I'll just assume you're kidding.
BTW, vertical scrolling does not work on my ibooks. Is it working for others?
Mostly agree. But those textboxes are a bit on the small side, don't you think? Maybe they can enlarge them for both iPad and iPad Mini.
Ok. You had me looking back in my box wondering if I had left the earbuds inside!
Just feeling sorry for you. That's pretty meaningful.
Quote:     I personally don't think it's a big deal. But you can whine all you want; it's a free country. Anyone who tells you to stop must have an empty life that they need to lash out at people to give themselves some meaning.
No kidding. Using a microscope to confirm that the pixel size of iPad Mini is between of that iPad2 and iPad4 is akin to using GPS to confirm that you are in a different country after a flight.
Wait a second. What do you mean by head phones? The iPad (or MIni) does not come with head phones.
I kind of agree. For me, it is not so much a case of the bezel on the iPad being large. It's a case of, for many tasks, the iPad Mini seems large enough. You get used to the lower resolution display after a while.  One thing, however, shows that Steve Jobs wasn't wrong. There are certain cases when text enough is awkward because, the same text field (in terms of pixels) the iPad is just a bit small here. Selecting text requires a bit of trial and error. I find myself...
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