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Unless "Ming-Chi Kuo" means "inside" in Chinese, I don't see why he would be labeled an insider.       The surprise of yesterday's iPad update, to me, was that they called it a 4th generation iPad. There is another way to interpret "this", the 5th generation iPad (lighter or otherwise) isn't coming out until next October.   Any mention of what they will do with remaining inventory of 3rd G iPad once 4th gen iPads become available?
    Or maybe it's just a matter of completing the set of three and letting the customers choose: iPod Touch at 4", iPad Mini at 7.9" and iPad at 9.7", just like they had the iPod, iPod Nano and Shuffle.   I think Apple did this not so much to fill a market gap but rather a gap in their own product line, to let a customer find what they need when they enter the Apple Store. They tend to look more inward than outward. Perhaps that's the right direction when you're atop the...
Sorry but that's hot air in itself. Heat does not rise fast enough on its own to keep such a tight enclosure and fast running CPU cool. The stack effect, if that's what you're thinking of, does not work well here.
Guess it's a man machine ;)
  Well, not micro but there's quite a bit of work done for sure.     Someone gets it ... or at least part of it!
Just because you need gas economy more than aerodynamics does not mean you cannot appreciate a Porsche. I accept that this might not stir your loins. But I hope, for your sake, that you are able to recognize there is more innovation here than just aesthetics.
Awww ... show me what meanness you had in store for me; I can take it :)   Seriously, it's not a matter of thinness but rather the process getting there. There are two aspects to the process: First, Apple had to develop innovative manufacturing processes. Second, it's the process of introducing impossibly thin devices ALL ACROSS their product lineups!!
Anyone who thinks edge thinness is no big deal ... is really misunderstanding technology and should have free speech privilege revoked.
    Will you still support this if their gross margins suffer and the stock comes crashing down?
Thanks. To an extent, this makes sense when I think about it. Parties challenging the patents won't go to extensive trouble to do this unless they are well prepared.
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