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Russell has spoken. The patents are "tentatively" valid again.
Inertia and acceleration/deceleration are highly related. Remember high school physics?
"Half of all patents are invalid" is not the same half of all re-examined patents being invalidated. Are you sure you know what you are saying?
Half? Is it that high? Do you have a credible reference for this?  Thanks.
  That's not completely true. The USPTO examiner may find prior art on his or her own. This is necessary because Joe Public can submit an application without researching any prior art, and there will be too many patents granted that will have to be invalidated when challenged. Having said that, the typical examiner may spend at most a few days in total, and cannot be relied on to find all possible related prior art. A good patent application will mention all relevant...
  That is completely off the mark. Patent invalidation ≠ changing the rules or the law
If this is true, it makes sense that the front-facing camera on a tablet should be a very good one because of teleconferencing applications.
If it is strictly an i-Event, then the rumors about 13" rMBP are premature too?
While customers may not be 100% satisfied with iCloud, Apple would not turn to VMWare for the type of cloud support that iWork needs. There is more (or less) to this.
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