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Framemaker does not directly compete with Word or Pages. Arguably, it is more of a publishing tool than a word processor.   References, or rather citations, are doable in Word but plug-ins are far superior.       While you can write equations "natively" in Word, it is not that great. This is one of the things that Framemaker is better at.
  Easy to say. Impossible to do. Do you tell Foxconn that another leak from their factory and you'll go to someone else for manufacturing? Two problems - first, you have to prove the leak is from a Foxconn employee. Second, who do you turn to as an alternative manufacturer? Get real. It may be possible to improve but impossible to prevent.
Or perhaps, it wasn't in mass production yet. For sure, it wasn't being produced at nearly the same scale.
There are folks here who have criticized Tim Cook for running a looser ship than Steve Jobs. This article (or rather the one at Ars) clearly shows what any intelligent person would have discerned - it is difficult to keep the lid completely closed when you are ramping up to build millions of units of any products and when there is more interest in your products than just about any other company in the world. This challenge increases every year because the number of...
$41B? It's not quite that high.
To both sides ... It's not convincingly clear that other companies have the capacity right now to fill the void if Samsung no longer manufactures screens for them. It is also not clear that Samsung can replace the revenue by selling "internally".
Retina Display itself is not an invention per se. It's the manufacturing method. Apple and Samsung co-developed it, and the rights are owned by Apple. But there are alternatives methods of production as the IP pertains to specific steps rather than manufacturing high PPI LCDs in general.
Why do you and others comment as if Tim Cook is an idiot? Recent events clearly show that Apple couldn't have cut them off if they wanted to. Other companies are either struggling to or finally getting up to the capability to produce what Apple needs. This is what Samsung is counting on - that other suppliers cannot fill their void. That risk clearly remains.
  By today's standard, they are doing a good job. It seems the norm now for every company to leave annoying bugs or problems in major releases. I cannot imagine that they don't have a proper test plan. So surely they are aware of some of these issues. But, as I said, it seems the norm now for every company to release everything in "beta" form. I kind of blame the proliferation of web-based apps for this, because users have come to expect these to be buggy.
I actually didn't notice it with iOS5. But it is quite noticeable this time in multiple ways:   - Sometimes, I would keep tapping or swiping and nothing would happen. Then suddenly, the delayed reaction screws up whatever I am doing. - Sometimes, I would tap a button and it reacts as if another has been tapped. - Sometimes, I have to refresh the screen (this is in Safari) or restart an app.   I can't say the occurrences are frequent or persistent.
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