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  Me three.
They are speculated to be real. But note that there are "descriptions" and no "specs". Any specs are .... speculative.
Isn't it more like 41%? You have mis-compared them. If you can't do basic math yet, you shouldn't toss out mathematical sarcasm. Your mom is calling. Your milk and cookies are ready, junior.
That's how lions (and tigers) mark their territories.
Perhaps, Apple has lined up some publishers to announce a library worth of iBooks created (or re-created) using iBooks Author - many more than previously announced. Perhaps, it will be the contents that will make this launch compelling and justify the price (to the customer).  
I agree. But I am saying that's the root of the guesses. But, speaking of guesses, we'll never know.
I'm not sure about all the "layers" of the display, but I can tell you categorically that the cost of neither the battery nor the case scales up linearly with size as you described. That might seem to be the intuitive relationship if you consider only raw components. But there is a process cost as well. For example, 4 iPhone back plates will cost more than an iPad back plate, assuming the latter is indeed 4 times the size of the former (which it isn't).   More generally,...
We did? I had assumed all along it would be Lightning or nothing for the iPad Air.
I'm struggling to think of a precedent myself.
I think the guesstimate of $999 was based on the thinking that the iPad was much larger than the iPhone and therefore must be commensurately more expensive.
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