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I am a bit surprised by this ... Surely they will have a fair inventory of 30-pin iPads to unload? Will the price drop for those?   What's the rationale for rushing this "upgrade"? Is it because they want to stop stocking 30-pin cables asap?     .....   Upon further thinking, it's really damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. There are win-lose arguments regardless of upgrading now or later. So might as well bite the bullet now.
But is it proven that they leaked a higher price to a trusted blogger?
"Classic" misdirection? So they've done this before?
You mean component, right? Well, not to beat a dead horse, but Retina Display could account for the price. But, before you treat me like Obama's chair again, I have said all along it was a possibility but not a probability.   As for iPad Light (and the clever Tab pun), it is possible but, as mentioned above, Apple tends to be simple and even repetitively so when it comes to names. I do see them using Air or Mini again rather than Light.
I agree on iBook (i.e. the name not being that) because of confusion with the app, not to mention the fact that they used to have a product called iBook. To me, Air remains a possibility (even though some argue about Air being reserved for the MacBook line). Apple is not fanciful when it comes to names. It will be either iPad Mini or iPad Air. Air will emphasize what appears to be the key design feature - thinness and low weight.
This does sound high, particularly when it is supposed to go as high as $529. But Weintraub has been misled before.
Agree - the absence of iBooks on the Mac is glaring.
This makes more and more sense. It's unlike Apple to release a new product sub-category without its own identity. I doubt iPadAir or iPad will totally displace e-ink based readers. But for students, a device that can serve as more than a reader is rather compelling. In fact, iBooks and FaceTime together would make this attractive for my kids, if they didn't have iPad already. I wonder if, for reading, the distinction between iPad and iPadAir will be akin to a hardcover...
New Posts  All Forums: