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You're right. On its own, it ain't much of a put-down. Guess I am just conditioned by his pattern.   As for lazy, it is not more work to call it an 8" iPad. It's more a case of following someone's lead.
To justify your existence, which seems to be all about looking for opportunities to put down people, whether justified or not.
Tim Cook and Phil Schiller thank you for giving them fair warning. They are so grateful to have your advice, given your vastly superior experience over theirs.
Um no. You should go back to read that article more closely. In fact, just reading the headline carefully will set you straight.
Machines do not talk to machines via Siri. People talk to machines (like Wolfram Alpha) via Siri. You would have been closer to the mark by saying that Siri the machine talks to Wolfram alpha the machine. But Siri is most certainly not a conduit between two machines.
    Maybe they do, maybe not. Reality is that sometimes, those with big ambitions achieve big things.
Any mention anywhere about SSD drive? I imagine that would be consistent but am curious how it might be differentiated from MacBook Air (unless the plan is not to introduce RD for MBA in the future).
    For tablet, I believe that the front-facing camera should have higher resolution. That would make teleconferencing or simple FaceTime more compelling.
I didn't mean to criticize you. Just wanted to say I was skeptical about this tidbit from Cringely.
  Color me skeptical. How likely is it that Apple staff would tell the hotel staff they were canceling because of the upcoming tablet release?
New Posts  All Forums: