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So the PC war has not started yet. The smartphone war has not quite started yet. The auto industry war has not started yet. Should I go on?   BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ....
Let's face it - If Apple can come in with its higher priced (likely) "small" tablet and sell many more times that Samsung or Google has done, they have this war won, whether you want to call it a war of tablets, ecosystems or post-PC computing.  
No desire to? Or no ability to? ;)
Reasonably well for both, but particularly well for a Nexus-branded product. Google has never sold many units of Nexus phones. They are closer to a reference model than a mass product. But, Nexus 7 is being sold at outlets where the Nexus phones (with exception of Galaxy Nexus?) were not distributed.     That's my guess too. Frankly, I am wishing this not just for Apple, but for the tech economy as a whole. Google, Microsoft and Intel are all dragging the market down in a...
I understand that it is conceptual. But I am assuming that, based on the quality, it was done by someone who is pretty good at his craft. It's a shame that it is "rendered" less effective by the distorted perspective.
The rendering looks weird. From what POV would the unit with its back facing the camera be noticeably shorter than the front-facing unit?
And you are still just a rat.
This will be fascinating to watch. The Nexus 7 is selling reasonably well and aggressively priced. The Google ecosystem is not bad. Arguably, there are not nearly as many tablet-specific apps for Android.   But Apple doesn't have a history of saying "here's a 7.85" tablet" and simply letting the customer choose. Their track record suggests that the iPad Air will come with a compelling appeal. Will this be the thinness alone? Can't wait to find out.  
No matter what one's feelings are about these two companies, this is not good news for investors in general.
Looks like he's blaming Panzarino and Yeung at TNW.
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