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  No offense, but you can. Design by committee happens all the time, both in software and hardware. There is even software developed to facilitate it. Even decisions can be made by committee, although there are those firmly opposed to this approach. A single arbiter of design is in fact the rarer occurrence. Arguably, it does not happen except in one-person jobs. Despite many stories highlighting how Jobs picked winners and sent losers back to the drawing board, design by...
  This is just so wrong (and presumptuous) on so many levels that I don't know yet where to begin to set you straight. Just so wrong.
Indeed. As it stands, when you are using GameCenter, you don't really see any "skeuomorphic" motifs (man, are people overusing this word or what). You see the pooltable-green background with the wood borders. But is it really a big deal cleaner to change it to another color or tone? I expect Ive's influence will be more meaningful, yet fundamental. He is not a frivolous man.
  Indeed, as if Apple makes a habit of allowing us to customize.   Having said that, the Game Center cannot just be all silver and no motif. Perhaps they'd allow some "skin", which is the extent of iOS freedom you get anyway.
Sounds like you talk to Scott often?
It reminds me of pitchers getting $20M/yr contracts. Every pitch is worth $5k. I can see someone chitchatting with Mansfield as Tim Cook walks by, looks at his watch and says "nice to know your kids are doing well but that update just cost the company $10k".   On a slightly different note, wouldn't this be the business story of all time if Apple slides and needs Forstall to return to right it? (Not that I expect or wish it. But think about that as a sequel to the Jobs...
I don't think it is productive to compare R&D expenditures at different companies. What each company defines as R&D varies dramatically. The definition is dictated by the nature of a business as well as by accounting practices. For sure, R&D is not just about a bunch of people in lab coats inventing brand new technology. Nor does it include only a bunch coders writing the next version of the OS.
Ummm, don't all smartphones have built-in ads?
So clever.
I think we have been had. Surely no one still thinks that way.
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