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Indeed. Apple should tailor their business plan to your needs, and not to what they want to. It's all about your vision, your needs, not those of Jobs, Cook, Schiller or Ive.
With due respect, neither is true, particularly the second part.
The root issue, I guess, is whether the license fee should be an absolute amount or a percentage. There are arguments for both. Although I am not familiar with history of FRAND patents and whether their license fees are percentage based or not, I am guessing it is not so clear out that either Motorola or Apple could convince the courts by simply citing all precedents.
Meh ...
    The interesting thing now is both Apple and Google have a "line-up" - 4-5" smartphones, 7-8" mini tablets and ~10" tablets. So, in principle, Google fans are going to enjoy the choices they can make within their brand of choice. Likewise, Apple fans are going to walk into an Apple store choosing from the Apple lineup. In places like BestBuy, Apple may retain the advantage because iPads/iPhones will have their exclusive display, where the Nexus devices will share...
That continues to puzzle. I don't believe that all the "other" tablets or smartphones are going to landfill. And I certainly see enough Samsung Galaxy's out there (but not Tab). So what are these devices doing off the web? For that matter, why are they equally poorly represented on Flickr?
Agree.   Not long ago, there was this debate about what activation means and whether there were more iPhone or Android activations per day. Even Steve Jobs and Apple played that game for a while until Android moved clearly ahead. Yet, is the iPhone suffering at all? Its sales number keeps growing and it remains the premium yet popular phone.
Yeah, the Chinese government really likes it the other way around.
  Some reviewers are going further. It sounds like some of them prefer the Mini over the iPad as their primary tablet, even if they had to get used to the lower screen resolution. That's a pretty compelling compliment. But it also makes you wonder how, after allegedly extensive research, Apple decided 9.7" was the optimal size. Regardless, these reviews prove Apple right, once again.
Is it me or are we learning about the names of Apple spokespeople more often than in the past?
New Posts  All Forums: