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There is a lot more to management than that. A lot more.     Jony Ive is not known for his "people skills". Though not abrasive, he is reputedly reserved and prefers to work in small groups. The iOS team is rather large. But lest we forget, he is not taking charge of the iOS team. This sounds like a matrix org in the making.
There is no denying that Steve Ballmer is a high volume person - in body mass and vocally.
  If the WiFi/ZigBee bridge is not restricted to these bulbs, then I think this can open up many other applications. This may be the foray to home appliance control via iOS. I do believe, however, that these bulbs can be controlled via Android as well (ZigBee is an open standard). If so, it would be ironic that Apple Stores would sell Android-compatible ware.
Philips did not develop ZigBee.
  There are quite a few former Apple engineers out there who have worked on iOS. But no question Forstall knows the future of iOS better than anyone. This is why he will remain as an "adviser" for a period of time. Mansfield is developing technology that will deprogram Forstall's memory. But seriously, the adviser role is euphemism for "shut up and let us change all the keys, or the blueprint".
  Sigh ...   What is better is subjective. But people have been reading about skeumorphism lately and are jumping on the bandwagon of trashing it, without truly understanding UI design. It is not as simple as less is more vs. skeumorphism.
I am afraid it is your remark that is ignorant.     I am afraid you're making your ignorant statements based on reading blogs and associated comments.
    How is that relevant?     Could be a combination of both. But I believe the firing is more than about being a jerk or about messing up on maps. Look at the heading of their press release: "Apple Announces Changes to Increase Collaboration Across Hardware, Software & Services"   It is about being able to integrate software and hardware. They can't do that effectively when Ive and Forstall cannot work together. I can work with jerks, but I cannot work with intransigent...
The last person who was made an advisor, aka Bob Mansfield, now has more responsibilities than ever. Ergo, Forstall will follow this script and soon take over the whole company.
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