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No one knows what happened, yet you know exactly what and why Cook has done. Uh huh ...
Absurd and ill-informed.
Because when you lose a power struggle, you lose your powers to your foe.
Scott Forstall has long been rumored to be Jobs's mini-me. Don't you get it? Being forced out is all part of playing out that role. He asked to be fired ... He will return in a decade to bring Apple back from ashes and restore the glories of skueomorphic design.
Disagree completely.   The answer, arguably, is in plain sight. The Maps fiasco and copious bugs in new iOS releases would be enough to get an executive fired at other companies too.
  It's indeed good that Browett is out. It shows that Tim doesn't tolerate deviation from the game plan. Didn't Mansfield become a special adviser not long ago? Now he has more responsibilities than ever. Wonder if Forstall will follow in those footsteps.   I disagree about the last part. It's rare that an individual truly gets mechanical/industrial design and UI design. Jobs was sort of talented that way but only at an experiential level. The head of mobile development...
But does it matter since it is unlocked? Google didn't need a launch partner for this unless they are interested in making it more than a reference model.
    MG Siegler has a better explanation: Carriers won't let Google push Android updates on regular Android phones. So Google releases an unlocked brand to showcase its latest Android software. But carriers only allow this on their terms (in this case, no LTE). Apple got their way because they "fought for the user. Google sold us out to sell some phones. Now the devil is collecting."
  Are you sure it is launched on TMobile alone? Isn't it unlocked? If so, does it matter what carrier it is launched on?
New Posts  All Forums: