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I don't think all Android phones looked like iPhones. On the other hand, how different can you make a candy bar design with touchscreen? The Samsung design was over the board similar to the iPhone 3G. This is why Apple went after Samsung and not others, methinks.
Racism is a strong characeterization, isn't it? But I don't disagree it is wrong to point fingers at a whole nation.
How does Steve Jobs control Google's destiny?
It's an auction. Does the reality distortion field work there too?
I don't understand - if the iPhone is the most popular camera already, why would it "likely pass up (sic) other cameras"? Isn't that a given?
The tower of Pisa will finally be straightened.
Personally, I'd continue to buy the iphone, but I have invested in the ecosystem. It's not clear from this survey what would reverse the trend - i.e. what's compelling European customers to favoring more iPhones when they have been buying more Androids for a while now. If the reason for favoring Androids is pricing, then nothing is changing. If it is anticipation for iPhone 5, then that initial excitement will wane and Europe will settle back into the current...
Thanks but ... Sorry, I don't see anything in #64 about iphone profits being posted. Can you quote it for me? Thanks!
I agree - stop being a jerk, Stelligent. As you can see, good comments are always welcome but there's no need to insult people. But Stelligent makes a good point - Just because AAPL makes a big chunk of the profit does not mean others are not making respectable profits. He seems to be quoting real references and not analyst estimates. I do find that credible. Still, being informed does not give you the right to be arrogant. I'd be sad, however, if an Android phone...
New Posts  All Forums: