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It's funny that every time someone loses their jaw, they need help picking it up. Your hands are still fine, no?
Assuming you're right - that Office RT will make Surface appealing, does this mean µSoft will not release Office for the iPad to maintain that advantage? Or will they release it at a later order in order to maximize revenue and hedge their platform bets?
To be precise, he said no one has made a product that everyone wants yet. If you parse the words very precisely, he is right. But then, 10s of millions of people have paid billions collectively for something they don't want!
  "Sickening"? Going a bit far. Every company highlights their best features and specs, and tries to make them sound superior. Apple is no different. They highlight size of their screen and quality of the device, Amazon highlights their lower price and higher screen resolution. Sickening? Really? Chill out. Marketing is not about being 100% open and honest. Everybody plays the game, and I do mean everyone.
    2-yr old history suggests Gizmodo might have a gripe against Apple and would publish nothing but hatchet jobs. But their reviews of iPad3 and particularly iPhone5 suggest this is not the case.
Don't think Amazon is doing this because they are scared. They are marketing to the non-Apple crowd - those who are predisposed to consider non-Apple options (e.g. Android) first and some of those on the fence.   We need to be fair here - there are features on Kindle that are superior to iPad Mini (screen resolution) and Amazon is smart to point them out. There are also features on iPad Mini that are superior. Amazon would be dumb to point them out.   This...
Are you sure?
This is a good point. There were a few months between the intro of iPhone and the actual release, allowing the public at large to learn about this. Jobs was also doing a press tour. For the iPad, there was a two-month period of similar buildup. This time, there was barely a few days of lag and no magazine cover. At the same time, it is not a truly new product either. All in all, selling out in 35 hrs is impressive.   BTW, the white one has sold out at ALL flash...
  With all due respect, you lose credibility whenever you cite Business Insider.
The part about everyone being the market. It reminded me of him saying at one point that Apple will not leave out any market.
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