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Once again, please try and understand how anodizing works before making silly comments. Are there lots of complaints out there about iPad scratches?
Just received notice that my iPad Mini's SmartCover is being shipped. A shame that they ship the cover separately from the iPad Mini itself. Apple is not the only computer company that does this. But it sure got me excited over nothing when I received text notification that my "order" was en route, and it turned out to be the cover only.
Now you sound like Tim Cook ;)
I have put my kids through high school and now college. Only twice have I had to buy CDs for them, and that was a few years ago. The scenario you describe is a shrinking minority. Apple does not give 2 seconds of thinking to such a market sector.
Too confusing? It's one of the simplest apps around.
That looks like computer graphics from the age of 2001: A Space Odyssey
While it's one-upmanship to call iPad (Mini or not) recreational, if Office on Windows RT works seamlessly, it can trump most other apps all by itself.     I'm afraid you're either being disingenuous or are simply ignorant.
Me too. I survive on it
  Can't say that matches my observations. I see predominantly black iPhones, be it of 4S or 5.   Furthermore, iPad Mini is not made the same way as iPhone 5. But I get that few customers (or bloggers or analysts) understand these issues.   Regardless, I am thankful 'cause I just ordered a black unit and it will be arriving earlier than white ones.
Unusual for white and silver to sell out before black?! Could be that they made many more black units this time?
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