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How often do people compare Apple products and competitors side by side before choosing? This doesn't happen at the Apple Store. You go in and choose from iPad, iPad2 and iPad Mini.   It doesn't happen much at carriers because we have heard often that staff there undersell the iPhone. Yet it represents 70% of AT&T sales.   Does it happen often at Best Buy, etc.? To a degree but I imagine Apple winning most of the time because Apple products just feel...
    Yet, analysts are calling for numbers greater than Apple's own recording breaking projections. Their modus operandi is clear - look at a company's history to see how conservative it is and then multiply its projections by an appropriate factor to create their own estimates. Then pocket a few 100ks.
It does not have to be more expensive than iPad2 to make for the margin to be lower. Assume the manufacturing cost of iPad Mini to be $20 lower and the margin will still be lower than what you get for iPad2, not to mention iPad3/4.
Goes to show how pundits are often wrong. There are two things that might be cheaper on the iPad Mini than on the iPad - the display and the case. Otherwise, the internals are highly similar. In facg, 1024 x 768 at 7.9" may well be more expensive than 1024 x 768 at 9.7". The difference in cost of the aluminum back is tiny. Therefore, the cost of making iPad Mini may be in fact the same as or higher than iPad 2. But they are forced to sell it at a lower price due to...
Let's see - Mac sales held steady y/y (best ever September quarter sales), when most PC companies lost sales. They are entering Christmas season with new 13" rMBP, new iMac that is paper thin at the edge and relatively new 15" rMBP. How exactly did they drop the ball? Can you explain a better way of timing their releases?
This is so idiotic - analysts who have scant inside information make guesses on profits and revenues. If a company matches these estimates or beat it by a penny, a stock ascends wildly. In this case, Apple is under the top estimates by < 1% and it's considered a disappointment?
Then you add the fact that iPhones are used to surf the web far more often. It's the new math all over again.
  You are not quite on the mark. Release is rarely at the beginning of a quarter. So it's questionable that Apple consistently outsells the competition during the release quarter.
"Maybe" winning?
Wrong! All 3 carriers AND the small/regional carriers. I hear that Steve Wozniak has 15 iPhones (and 6 Androids).
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