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What's fascinating to me is how some case makers gamble on dimensions and start producing cases before these drawings are available (or even before a product is officially announced).
Nailed? What do you mean?
What does workstation mean these days?
I honestly don't see how Apple would do a processor speed bump and a connector replacement as a hedge against Surface, which has no proven record at all. Any proof that people are lining up to buy the Surface because it is proven to be faster than iPad 3? That line of reasoning is not reasonable at all. I'd like to say this was a matter of streamlining manufacturing, but the A6X ≠ A6. And don't forget they are calling this a new generation iPad. There is more to this...
  Interesting. Usually, when a product update is upcoming, someone would notice slower shipment delays and diminishing inventory. This time, nada. Did they time this to perfection or are they saving up lots of them for repairs and replacements?
You can all argue whether Apple priced this to perfection or not vis-a-vis the competition. But Apple's strategy has always been to look inward. In that respect, the price of the iPad Mini makes perfect sense as it sits between the iPod Touch and iPad. Even though the $299 iPod Touch has 32 GB. I'd think it's natural for Apple to set escalating entry price points for iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad.
You enjoy writing fiction, don't you?
The market is too small. Standards are ... non-standard.
Well, the 16:9 aspect ratio is compatible with HD format. But, what else? Not great for books. Meh for web browsing. Changing the current aspect ratio screws up current apps. Answer is pretty obvious?
There is still the Mac Pro. It's a matter of time before they upgrade the Cinema Display to to same thickness, or thinness of the new iMac.   As for the TV thing, Michael Gartenberg mentioned something smart the other day: The entire TV market, at $30B, isn't quite large enough to interest Apple. That's amazing thing about Apple - whatever market they go after needs to have a potential grow really, really, really ginormous.
New Posts  All Forums: